Union Grove Schoolhouse Photograph, 1897.  More on the Family of Cornelia Davie Smith & George Washington Smith -- not really kin to me, except that Geo. MUNCIE Smith m. my mother's aunt Gladys Headden (Smith) and produced my mother's first cousins Maxine Smith Stanfield; "Baby Boy" Wilmer Headden Smith; and George Scott Smith.

Three of my grandparents are in the 1897 photograph, viz., Ira Mitchell Cope, 1879-1949 (number four in photograph); Notie Headden (Cope), 1886-1984 (number 37 in photograph); and Sophie King McCorkle (Huie) (number 15 in photograph).

Charley Garner, maternal grandfather of Jennifer Catherine Huie Tucker, Joseph Headden Huie, and John Ewing Huie,  is number 24.


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Original belonged to Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle (the 2nd Mrs. John Edwin McCorkle)

1. John Flatt
2. E. B. Wiley
3. Geo. Holder
4. Ira Mitchell Cope,
father of Joyce Rebecca Cope Huie (my grandfather)
5. Lee Garner
6. Arthur Van Eaton  -- 
son of LaMyra Huie & B. Lafayette Van Eaton
7. Ewing McCorkle  --s
on of John Edwin McCorkle & 2nd wife née Mary Elizabeth Cotton
8. John McCormick
9. Dorsey Hendricks
10. Ina (Ira?) Flatt
11. Johnnie Grills
12. Kitty Franklin
13. Ola Allen
14. Tommie Henley
15. Sophie McCorkle (Huie),
grandmother of Sophie Joyce Huie Cashdollar & Marsha Cope Huie

16. Minnie Green
17. Cattie Morrow (Flatt),
mother of Marion Moore & Charles Flatt & Carl Flatt (father of Dr. Jimmy Flatt & Dr. Billy Flatt) & Kathryn Flatt last of Iowa & [the mother of Linda Jo Tackett Miller & Joyce Ann Tackett Whitfield] ... ... ...
18. Jennie Wright
19. Mary Trout
20. Myrtle Hendricks
21. Minnie Flatt
22. Jennie McCorkle (Mrs. E. E. Carter)
dau. of Finis A. McCorkle  --she died in Hot Springs, Ark.
23. Allie Dickey
24. Charlie Garner,
father of Drucilla Huie and 8 more daughters
25. Lou Allen
26. Avie Trout
27. Muncie Smith, actually GEORGE Muncie Smith,
father of Maxine Stanfield & "Baby Boy" Wilmere Headden Smith & George Scott Smith. 

Uncle Muncie married Gladys Headden, a daughter of Ada Taylor Headden & Winfield Scott Headden.  Muncie's daughter, Edna MAXINE Smith Stanfield died June 25, 2007, aged 84, and is buried in Newbern Fairview Cemetery.  Maxine's husband who predeceased her was John Louis Stanfield.  Maxine Stanfield's two sons are:  John Louis Stanfield II of the Denver, Colorado, area; and George Chester Stanfield of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Above Munsey was Onis Franklin (blurred beyond recognition)--Onis Franklin became a medical doctor and ended up in Oklahoma.

28. __________ Charles
29. Rosa Charles
30. May Lancaster,
sister of Nettie Jackson
31. Maud Yates
32. Lula Morrow (?), Mrs. Elmer Headden  --
mother of Imogene Headden Whiteside, who died in Gary, Indiana, as Mrs. "Mike" Marion Whiteside and who had three children:  "Jim" James Whiteside; John Ray Whiteside; and Gina or Jeana Whiteside.
33. Connie Green
34. Mollie Flatt
35. Bessie Brady (Boady?)
36. Emma Grills
37. Zula Smith, Mrs. Rice  -- 
a sister to George Muncie Smith above--each of the numerous Smith brothers said, There were [ten?] of us brothers and each had a sister [Zula]
37. Lula Townes [Stevenson or Stephenson]
39. Notie Headden (Cope),
mother of Joyce Huie. My maternal grandmother.
40. Warner Spence
41. Reuben Mayo
42. Albert Jackson
43. Clifford Litton
44. Newt Hendricks 
-- he was kin to Narcissus Elizabeth Hendricks Cope, mother of Ira Mitchell Cope.
45. Myrtle Hood
46. ____________ Charles
47. Clyde Grills
48. Walter Grills
49. Irl Hendricks (?)  --
he married Lillie Burkett Hendricks but had no children. He was a banker in, last, Dyersburg. 1st cousin to Ira Mitchell Cope.
50. Franklin Hall
51. Ernest Moore
52, Verna Pope
53. Willie Binkley
54. Cecil Hall
55. Leonard Scobey  --
General Herbert Leonard Grills, son of Delia Cope Grills & Riley M. Grills, received the "Leonard" from Leonard Scobey.
56. Willie Travis
57. Jay Trout
58. Algie Woods
59. Clyde Litton
60. Errett Cotton McCorkle, 1888-1976 
--my paternal grandmother Sophie King McCorkle Huie's brother
61. Willie Edmiston
62. Mollie Scobey
63. Bettie Edmiston (?)
64. Fleetie Taylor (?)
65. Katie Woods
66. Vada Spence (Trimble),
mother of Menthia Trimble Hicks & Spence Trimble. Minnie Hicks' children: Claudia Hicks (Miller) and Larry Charles Hicks.  Spence Trimble's children:  Patricia Trimble (Mrs. Finis) Miller of Yorkville and Bobby Trimble, who married Renita Fletcher (Trimble) of Yorkville-Neboville.
67. __________ ?
68. Gladys Headden (Mrs. Muncie Smith)  --
she died rather young from complications from diphtheria, leaving three children. A Dr. Jones of the Churchton community attended the stridor and awaited the ultimate distress but with his scalpel missed the mark for the planned tracheotomy. Her name was pronounced as if the "a" were long, not short.
69. Ben Anna Spence (Hundley),
LaNita Hall VanDyke's grandmother, inter alia
70. Alice Mayo
71. May Spence
72. Ethel Moore
73. Rada Headden (Mrs. B. Allmon
, his 2nd wife).  B. Allmon's daughter by his 1st wife was Margaret Allmon Hassell of the Yorkville community.
74. Ethel Woods
75. "Cap" Smith
76. Otha Pope
77. Frank Henley
78. Oliver Alexander
79. Charlie Headden
80. Frank Smith


Of interest to the early Churchton (Dyer County, Tenn.) community were the family of George Washington Smith and wife Cornelia DAVIE Smith.   (I suspect he was of the age to fight in the Civil War but do not know whether he did.) "Old" Mr. & Mrs. Smith lived on a farm roughly equidistant from the McCorkle Cemetery and the Carmel Methodist Church in eastern Dyer County. They are interred in Mt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery and were good Methodists, although they appear briefly on the very early records of the neighborhood Lemalsamac Christian Church, now called Lemalsamac Church of Christ.

I cannot name all their children, who are long deceased now, but here's a try.   One of the sons, the youngest I think, named Rich Smith, married Madge McCorkle, a daughter of  Eddie McCorkle, who was the only child of Hiram R. A. McCorkle by HRA McCorkle's 2nd wife: Janette Menzies (McCorkle). [HRA McCorkle by his 1st wife née Margaret Cowan had several children as named elsewhere herein.]

These Smith children are probably not in proper chronological order: 

Ambrose MARIE Smith.  He was called Marie Smith. Marie Smith married,  had a son, and as an adult lived in, I think, Louisiana.  A fine deacon's chair at the Carmel Methodist Church, according to its commemorative inscription, was donated by A.M. Smith in honor of his mother--; 

Zula Smith Rice (last of Nashville).  Zula had two sons, viz., George Marie Rice who was a newspaperman in Chattanooga, as was his wife, but had no children; and David Rice, an engineer who never married--;

George MUNCIE Smith, who married Gladys Headden (Smith). Three children:  George Scott Smith, "Baby Boy" Wilmere Headden Smith, and Edna Maxine Smith Stanfield (Maxine died summer of 2007 living in Albuquerque, buried Newbern). George Scott Smith adopted his wife's grandson Jerry Smith who died rather young.  Baby Boy and Helen Legions Smith had three children, viz., Linda Smith, born 1949 [sons Alan Kolwyck &  Scott Kolwyck]; Randy Smith, an engineer in D.C. who has not yet married, born circa 1951; and Robert Louis Smith who died of a heart attack in his 50s in the Churchton community in the year 2007 and had one son named Chris Smith.  --;

Mack Smith, who moved to, perhaps, Louisiana. He was a physician and had one child, Mattie Maxine Smith--;

"Cap" Smith. This was not his real name. "Cap" Smith was at least at one time a captain in the U.S. military.  He had one son--;

Homer Smith--Homer taught school, at the end, perhaps, at Trimble in Dyer County. Homer had an only child, a  son, who died rather young in Michigan. This son married Vera (_____) Smith. 

Leland Smith --lived in Newbern at the end, in the Newbern Hotel  which he had purchased.  --For some reason we never understood, in his old age Stanford Edw. Cashdollar (my brother-in-law Parker's father) bought the Newbern Hotel which was by then ramshackle.--  Leland Smith never married; his nephew Dr. OK Smith Jr. named a son after Leland.  At one time Leland and brother OK Smith owned a large grocery store in the Churchton community.  Leland and my mother's father, Ira Mitchell Cope, used to take tours on the train around the U.S.  Sadly, liquor got the better of Leland toward the end of his life, but everybody seemed to love him --;

Frank Smith married Alma Parker (Smith), who had a sister named Pearl Parker (or vice versa). Whichever Parker sister it was who married Frank, these two Parker sisters came south with the Mengle or Mengel Farm near Trimble to live in Dyer County. Frank had no children-- ;

 OK Smith  -- m. Lady Ruth Herndon (Smith). Max Edwin Gregory tells me Miss Lady Ruth was a 1st cousin to Max's mother, Robyn Gregory.  Mr. OK & "Miss" Lady Ruth's children:  Mary Evelyn Smith (Mrs. Dick) Reese of Gallatin; Rose Marie Smith Smith (Mrs. Dale Smith of Florida); and OK Smith Junior, M.D., of Union City/Martin.   --At one time Mr OK had a store in Mason Hall south of Yorkville, where I kinda think he sired a "woods colt son."  I loved him and Miss Lady Ruth. At his death he had a good grocery store in "Smitty City" about a mile or 2 west of Lemalsamac church on the Newbern-Yorkville Highway.  My grandmother Notie Headden Cope and I used to take in chickens to trade Mr OK for groceries. Grandmother Notie went to town to "trade" not to "shop."

Rich Smith, who married Hiram R A McCorkle's granddaughter Madge McCorkle (Smith), a daughter of Eddie McCorkle.  Rich & Madge had Suzy Smith (Mrs. Charley) Dunevant; Helen Smith (Mrs. Norville Williams) (Mrs. _____); and a son Max Smith.