Some records of our people in Middle Tennessee



Former Chapter Eleven   Some Records of Our People in Middle Tennessee

1.                           Early Sumner County, Tennessee, marriage records

2.                           Some 1798 Court Records from Sumner County  --many thanks to contributor Linda Carpenter and compilers Leslie Garinger and Diane Payne.

3.                           ````````Jacob Thomas married Margaret Brevard: sons Jacob Thomas (Junior); James Thomas; John Thomas; William Thomas;  Henry Thomas; and daughters Ann Thomas; and Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Sherrill


Selected Early Sumner County, Tennessee, marriage records.


McCorkle, George

Maxy, Eliza

7 September 1832

Twopence, William

McCorkle, William

Purviance, Martha King

25 December 1794

King, Samuel

McCorkle, William [3rd marriage]

Graham, Jenny

9 June 1800

Rutherford, Griffith











Pictured below:  Dr. Hiram Jacob Thomas--a son of William Thomas & Elizabeth Purviance Thomas.


Hiram Jacob Thomas, M.D., moved down to Vernon [County?], then Yazoo [County?] in Mississippi, where he died.

He was a brother to Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle (Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle), inter alia.  Jane McCorkle named one of her sons after this brother, viz., Hiram Robert A. McCorkle, d. 1907.

We have a letter from his brother David Thomas, 1st attorney general of the Republic of Texas & acting Secretary of War, to him dated 1836.



Blythe, Elizabeth

Douglass, Robert G.

20 May 1830

Tyree, John P.

Blythe, Elizabeth

King, James B.

5 August 1830

Blythe, Samuel

Blythe, Martha

Graham, Richard

2 May 1829

Blackmore, William M., Montgomery, William, Black, William, Hadly, James H. and Douglass, Y. N.

Blythe, Rachel

King, Richard

21 July 1794

Blythe, Andrew 


Thomas Anderson

Elizabeth McCorkle

13 March 1809

Bowen, John H.


Anderson, Thomas

McKorkle, Elizabeth

13 March 1809

Bowen, John H.

Elizabeth McCorkle was the daughter of Robert McCorkle by his 1st wife Elizabeth Blythe. Robert McCorkle’s 2nd wife was Margaret “Peggy” Morrison of Rowan County, N C.

Purviance, Martha [King]

[widow of John Purviance (Jr.) who was scalped

in  Middle Tenn. in 1792] [Wm. McC m. again, his 3rd wife, in 1800.]

McCorkle, William

25 December 1794

King, Samuel


McCorcle, Eliza

Leath, John H.

20 February 1847

Brigance, John W.





McCorkle, Harriet N.

I don’t know who this is.

Blakemore, Andrew J.

25 January 1841

McMillen, David P.

































Now, Elizabeth McCorkle married Thomas Anderson and had, I think, 4 children.  One of those 4 children was  Elizabeth Anderson who married a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister named J. McMurray [earlier spelled McMurry]. Below, this marriage is listed as 1837

I believe another of the 4 children was Martha Anderson, who below is shown to have married James LEATH Martha D. Anderson (Mrs. James T. Leath).  Julia Anderson never married, according to Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache’s letter to her nephew in Newbern, Tenn., James Scott McCorkle.  The son Robert Anderson may have moved to ALABAMA, according to Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache’s letter; but Elmira was uncertain what had happened to Mr. Robert Anderson, the son of Elmira’s half-sister Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson.  –The only other indication I’ve ever found about him (on by a contributor about the parents of Thomas Anderson who m. Elizabeth McCorkle) is that Robert Anderson became an attorney and lived in Lexington and Durant, Mississippi.

Anderson, Ann

Hannah, James E.

20 January 1841

Blythe, Samuel M.

Anderson, Anna

Combs, Thomas

30 May 1829

Anderson, John

Anderson, Betsey

Barnes, Turner

26 March 1817

Huffman, William & Bell, John

Anderson, Eliza

Black, George

8 December 1829

Rippy, Jesse

Anderson, Elizabeth

Lindsey, Joseph B.

18 May 1822

Hodge, Samuel H.

Anderson, Elizabeth

McMurry, J. M.

27 December 1837

 [Eliz. Anderson was  a child of Elizabeth McCorkle & Thomas Anderson]

Anderson, Emily

Austin, Dickinson

23 March 1835

Busby, James H.

Anderson, Jane

Stewart, James

22 July 1800

Goudy, John

Anderson, Jane A.

Potts, James A.

17 November 1832

Barry, Thomas

Anderson, Mahalah

Nowlin, Nathaniel

27 September 1817

Boaz, Edmond

Anderson, Margaret

McReynolds, Joseph, Jr.

4 June 1818

Wallace, William C., Jr.

Anderson, Margarett

Winham, William

23 October 1817

Goyne, Amos

Anderson, Martha D.

Leath, James T.

16 March 1831

Winchester, V. P.

Anderson, Mary

Blythe, Richard

4 November 1812

Blythe, Samuel K.

Anderson, Mary

Morrison, John

22 March 1834


Anderson, Mary

Thurmond, James M.

29 October 1840

Carter, Allen

Anderson, Melvina J.

Alexander, Robert

19 October 1848

Brown, Squire

Anderson, Milley

Kirkham. James

19 May 1808

Payton, William

Anderson, Nancy

Alexander, Silas

29 April 1813

Follis, Raven C.

Anderson, Nancy

Pound, Vinyard

3 March 1828


Anderson, Rachel M.

Carver, Henry

28 July 1850

Heath, Richmond R.

Anderson, Rebeccah

McLin, John

3 February 1806

Anderson, Robert  [Thomas Anderson m. Elizabeth McCorkle, 1809; so this is not their son Robert Anderson]

Anderson, Reziry

Weatherly, Joseph

6 August 1800

Crafford, Hugh & Crafford, William

Anderson, Sarah

Dobb, John

6 May 1813

Wygal, William

Anderson, Susan

Saunders, Lorenzo

19 April 1836

Eustice, John W.

Anderson, Thankful

Johnson, David

7 September 1830

Turner, John H.








Elizabeth McCorkle, daughter of our Robert McCorkle by his first wife Elizabeth Blythe, married Thomas Anderson in the year 1809:

Anderson, Aaron

Dempsey, Margaret

5 April 1849

Anderson, William

Anderson, Andrew

Clark, Darkass

15 October 1812

Griggs, William

Anderson, George W.

Haynes, Telitha

14 December 1844

Groves, William

Anderson, Horace F.

Franklin, E. M.

? January ?


Anderson, Isaac

Rogers, Peggy

25 October 1816

Cantrell, William & Desha, Robert

Anderson, James

Biggs, Polly

13 September 1817

Biggs, Adam

Anderson, James

Old, Charlotte E.

4 July 1835


Anderson, James M.

Pitt, Louisa

7 December 1846

Bandy, Woodford

Anderson, John

Buckhanan, Sarah

2 April 1817

Bennet, Joseph, Anderson, Thomas, & Anderson, Isaac

Anderson, John

Grooms, Nancy

24 December 1849

Sadler, William T.

Anderson, John A.

Austin, Sarah

28 December 1849

White, Robert M.

Anderson, John B.

Stamps, Nancy

19 September 1816

Stamps, John

Anderson, Jonathan

Condon, Elizabeth

4 April 1813

White, David

Anderson, Mabin

McCall, Maria

4 December 1834


Anderson, Marcus

Turner, Francis

29 March 1830

Martin, Enoch

Anderson, P. L.

Carter, Mary

8 May 1837


Anderson, Pliny L.

May, Mary

30 July 1827

Parker, William

Anderson, Robert

Winham, Permelia

27 February 1817

McLin, John & Scurry, Thomas

Anderson, Sampson

Hinton, Elizabeth

23 July 1827

Holmes, Albert G.

Anderson, Samuel

Bull, Jane

31 October 1811

Anderson, James & Holmes, Albert

Anderson, Samuel

Clark, Ann

25 August 1812

Anderson, Andrew

Anderson, Thomas

McKorkle, Elizabeth [Daughter of Robert McCorkle by his 1st wife Elizabeth Blythe]

13 March 1809

Bowen, John H.

Anderson, Thomas H.

Roney, Lucinda

11 March 1850

Griffin, William D.

Anderson, William

Dempsey, Matilda

20 January 1848

Anderson, Aaron

Anderson, William

Jones, Betsey

23 November 1791

Anderson, Stephen

Anderson, William

Roberson, Martha

21 April 1840

Perdue, Louis








1798 Court of Pleas & Quarter Session Records
Sumner County
, TN

Contributed by Linda Carpenter. Compiled by Leslie Garinger and Diane Payne ©1998


 [This is NOT my, Marsha Huie’s, work, but Leslie Garinger’s and Dinaa Payne’s. I’ve just pulled out pertinent parts and tried to show who our people and their associates were to us.]

To read the History of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Click Here.

 Sumner County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions held for the County of afored on the first Monday in April 1798. At the house of William Gillespie agreeable to adjournment.
Members Present -  Wm Cage     Thomas Martin    James Gwin      Witheral Latimer

Inventory amt of the sale of Nath Latimer decd is rendered into Court by James Gwin and duly proven.

Jacob Thomas records his ear mark a half _ in the right and slit in the left.


[I think our Jacob Thomas remained in Statesville, North Carolina, area. Our Jacob Thomas m. Margaret BREVARD and begot 4 sons, each of whom served in the Revolutionary War, viz., John Thomas (remained in Statesville, NC, I think); Henry Thomas; James Thomas; and our ancestor William Thomas who m. Elizabeth Purviance, a daughter of Revolutionary War “colonel” John Purviance, Sr., and his wife Mary Jane Wasson (Purviance); also a Thomas sister married a SHERRILL man.  I have no doubt this 1798 entry records the doings of many of our Thomas-Purviance-Morrison-McCorkle relatives. The names and dates fit with out people.  --  John Thomas – Revolutionary War; remained in Statesville, North Carolina (old Thomas home-place).  The following three brothers removed to Western Tennessee, viz., 
James Thomas --  Revolutionary War
Henry Thomas –Revolutionary War
William Thomas  --  Revolutionary War * * * *  [This William Thomas is our ancestor:  Purviance/ Thomas/ McCorkle/ Huie]

William Thomas and 3 other brothers were in Revolutionary War. Juanita Cook writes Marsha Huie, “My John [from Juanita Cook] was the oldest, then James--Henry--William.  John stayed in Statesville NC  (old home place) but the other 3 came into west TN.”  -- Email from Juanita Cook to Marsha Huie, 2003]


Ordered that James Gwin Coroner of Sumner County Recd four dollars out of the County Treasury for holding an inquest on the body of a Negro name Peter. The property of Charles Carter.

Matthew Cowan comes in the Court and submitted to Court in two suits of assault and battery ordered that he be fined fifty cents.

Deed from William Cage to Reubin Cage for one acre of land was duly acknowledged.

Deed from Roger Gibson to John Withers for 104 acres of land was proved by Gabriel Black.

Deed from William Brigance to William Stalcup for 50 acres of land was proved by Saml Stalcup.

An article of agreement in the nature of a lease between Wallis Estell of the one part, Henry Truett and Elyah Truett of the other part was proved by Robert Steel. [Samuel Eusbeius McCorkle, the Presbyterian NC preacher, married a woman née Gillespie whose mother was Elizabeth Gillespie Steele, widowed, I think, by a Mr. Gillespies.]

Deed from John Withers to George Gabriel Black for 52 acres of land was duly acknowledged.

Deed of gift from Laban(r) Benthall to Willis Benthall, Rhody Benthall, Enos Benthall, and Mary Benthall for stock household furniture and 150 acres of land was duly acknowledged.

Deed from William Benthall to Laban(r) Benthall for 140) acres of land was proved by James Cryer.

Deed from Robert Sharp to Jacob Thomas for 100 acres of land was proved by Joseph McElwarth. [?Is this a grandson of the progenitor Jacob Thomas, the latter the father of the 4 sons:  John Thomas, James Thomas, Henry Thomas, and our William Thomas who m. Elizabeth Purviance?]

Deed of Gift from Robert Espy to John Espy and Alexander Espy for a tract of land whereon the said Robert liveth was proved by Drury Milam. [One of our Thomas men, I think John Purviance Thomas, married an Espy woman.]

Deed of gift from Robert Espy to John Espy and Alexander Espy for all and singular the personal estate of the said Robert was proved by Drury Milam.

On motion of James Morrison ordered that he have the privilege of keeping a ferry on Cumberland River opposite to the mouth of Station Camp Creek, who enters into bond in the penal sum of Twelve hundred and fifty dollars with Samuel Snoddy security.

On motion ordered that James Cryer have the privilege of keeping ordinary at his main dwelling house who enters into bond into the penal sum of two thousand five hundred dollars with John Josey security and received tavern license.

The Court Adjourned until tomorrow 9 o clock Tuesday April the 3 1798


The court met according to adjournment. Present:  Edward Douglass    Thomas Mastin
Witheral Latimer

Deed from Tilmon Dixon to Joseph & William Clark for 640 acres of land was proved by Larkin Thacker. Deed from Tilmon Dixon to Joseph & William Clark for 403 1/4 acres of land was proved by Larkin Thacker.  Deed from Robert Looney to Hugh Elliott for 224 acres of land was duly acknowledged.

Grand jury impanelled and sworn to wit Wm Douglass foreman, Joseph McElwarth, William Wier, William McCorkle, John Sadler, Edward Gwin, Mathew Cartwright, Saml Harris, Robt Desha, John Withers, Ezekial Douglass, and Thomas Edward, and Robert Shaw
John Vinson is appointed Constable to attend the grand Jury.

·         * *

·         I’m always suspicious when I see a name like HINDS that might be a misspelling of HuieIn one NC census, Huie is even listed as Wharrey.                   _ of conveyance from John Hinds to William Campbell for sundry tracts of land was in exhibited to Court with a certificate of the acknowledgment of said deed certified by Thomas Bradley esq clerk of Lexington District in the state of Kentucky with his seal of _ thereto annexed which deed is thereby admitted to record & ordered to

The court adjourns until tomorrow at 8 oclock


End.  Many thanks to Linda Carpenter and compilers Leslie Garinger and Diane Payne for the Sumner County, Tennessee, court records above.


[End of former Chapter Eleven]