Introduction to the people who engaged in the McCorkle Correspondence that begins with Mrs. Robert McCorkle, 1770-1846, born Margaret Morrison of Rowan County, NC.  Margaret Morrison's paternal grandfather, William Morrison, 1704-1771, referred to himself as the first white "inhabitor" of the Third Creek area, now Loray community near Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.  The grandfather Wm. Morrison, 1704-1771,  attended parleys with the Indians and was active (with his son Andrew Morrison) at Fort Dobbs during the era of the French & Indian Wars.  Fort Dobbs lies just outside Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.  Robert McCorkle's 1st wife, Elizabeth Blythe (McCorkle) died (I think near Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church nearby Lexington, Kentucky, but may be wrong about this place of death) some time after giving birth to "Aleck" Alexander McCorkle, who died in infancy, & Elizabeth McCorkle (who later became Mrs. Thomas Anderson of Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn.); whereupon Robert returned to Rowan-Iredell County and claimed the hand of Margaret Morrison, whose Morrison land in what is now Iredell County adjoined some of the McCorkle lands.   Margaret Morrison McCorkle after marriage in Rowan County, NC, to Robert McCorkle (as Robert McCorkle's 2nd wife) removed to Rutherford County, Tennessee, where they lived at Bradley's Creek and Stone's River--and, it is thought, where some of Margaret's Morrison family members also lived at least temporarily, including her sisters Miss Rebecca Morrison and Mrs.  Mary Morrison Morrison (who married her own Morrison 1st cousin); then finally Margaret Morrison McCorkle and her blind husband Robert McCorkle removed, with their living, grown children, to  Dyer County, Tennessee, near the Gibson County Line and Yorkville.

The above hyperlink attempts to explain who Alexander McCorkle & wife "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery (McCorkle) were: Scots-Irish immigrants from Northern Ireland to, first, Pennsylvania, down the Great Wagon Road to Virginia, then to the Piedmont of North Carolina (Rowan County, a part of which was carved off in 1788 as Iredell County). This chapter explains as much as the author knows about the antecedents of Alexander and Agnes Montgomery McCorkle; then proceeds to examine genealogy of their children.  The writer's (Marsha Cope Huie 's) direct ancestor happens to be their son ROBERT McCorkle (born mid-1760s and died in the spring of 1828); but all of Robert's siblings are listed and, it is hoped, their children as well.

The Piedmont of North Carolina--at the foot of the mountain:

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Provenance of the McCorkle-Roache Papers Preserved & sent to me in West Tennessee by “Casey” Bowden Cason McCorkle of San Leandro, California:   


The Roach(e) line of Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roach died out in California, to which state Addison Locke Roache, Jr., had moved from Indiana, along with some sisters—and finally toward the end the aged father, former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Addison Locke Roache, Sr.,  moved to California, too.  Thus did Addison Locke Roache Senior make the lifetime journey from the east coast (state of NC) to California, as far westward as he could travel.


In California some of their McCorkle cousins inherited their papers. Perhaps it was Mada McCorkle Montgomery, daughter of Finis Alexander McCorkle & Finis’ 2nd wife Mag Hart (McCorkle)  --Mag Hart was the 2nd wife who the Dyer County neighbors gossiped had poisoned her stepson Gillum McCorkle, although Gillum's uncle, Hiram alias HRA McCorkle, records in his journal that Gillum had shot himself "while in bed with [his brother] Homer" ; or, more likely to me, it may have been either of Finis Alexander McCorkle's grandsons (by Finis’ 1st wife Sarah Josephine Jackson McCorkle) living in California by the time of the end of the last McCorkle-Roaches, viz., Gentry Purviance McCorkle, Senior and Homer McCorkle, half-brothers to Mada [variously Maida] McCorkle Montgomery.  Gentry Purviance McCorkle, Junior, at one point added some handwritten notations to the collection of old papers. Gentry Jr. may have turned over these papers to his uncle Homer McCorkle, or Gentry Jr. may have bypassed his uncle Homer and given the papers directly to Homer's son Bowden Cason "Casey" McCorkle.

--At any rate,  I presume Homer McCorkle was at some point given the letters by the descendants of Elmira Sloan McCorkle (Roache), because it was his son Casey McCorkle who handed them down to me.  –However they came into his hands, the old letters & papers came into the hands of Casey McCorkle, who preserved them and left them to me, and therefore to all who care to read them. 







AGNES Montgomery McCORKLE 

Children of Alexander McCorkle, born circa 1723, emigrant from Northern Ireland, who died in 1800, and his 1st wife “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery, who died in 1789…. Each was an emigrant from Northern Ireland, coming over to the colonies, some records say, on the same ship; and each is buried at Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rowan County, North Carolina: 

 --  Alexander McCorkle’s 2nd wife:  After Agnes “Nancy” Montgomery McCorkle predeceased Alexander McCorkle, he married Rebecca Brandon (not the mother of his children); and Alexander died in 1800. –Evidently, from other sources, not ours in West Tennessee,  Francis McCorkle may have been a brother to this Alexander. (I myself rather doubt it. ???)  If so, did brothers, Francis & Alexander, marry Brandon sisters?  REBECCA BRANDON was the 2nd wife of Alexander McCorkle (our ancestor); and  in Rowan County, NC, FrancisMcCorkel” married Elizabeth Brandon on 12 April 1789, with witnesses Matthew Brandon & B. Booth Boote.  Early NC Marriage Bonds, 000127335    000887    02-280.


I'm not certain where to place the following entries, notices of deaths placed in a publication of the Restoration Movement (Christian Church). I believe these two people are men, because the "Mrs." title of respect was added back if the subject was a woman:

  "McCorkle, B       Holland's Grove, Illinois          1836
   McCorkle, E.      Dyersburgh, [sic] Tenn.        
1832 "  - - Who would this be?

More deaths reported to the Restoration Movement publication:

1.   McCorkle, Richard Blythe is brother of Saml. Montgomery McCorkle (1835);  Tazewell  county, Illinois. Mar. 20, 1836.  [Sons of Generation II. William McCorkle and grandsons of Generation I. Alexander McCorkle & Agnes Montgomery McCorkle.]

2.  McCorkle, S. M.  Springfield, Mo 1841;  article in July 1844 issue, no place given.
3.  McCorkle, Mrs.,  death reported by her son
John McCorkle of Bloomington, Ind. She died Feb. 8, 1842, in the 75th year of her age "'without a groan or a struggle after an illness of 8 days."


First son of Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle:

    II.1  Samuel  Eusebius McCorkle, D.D., 23 August 1746-died 21 June 1811.  He

married Margaret Gillespie in 1776.  Born in what was then the environs of Harris Ferry, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on 23 August 1746, Samuel was educated at a precursor of Princteon College, and received a  Doctor of Divinity degree (honorary, I think) from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. –He founded a classics school in Rowan Co., NC, Zion Parnassus, and was a founder of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Look there on campus for a memorial to him.  -- Samuel's wife Margaret Gillespie McCorkle was a daughter of Elizabeth Maxwell Gillespie Steele, heroine of the Revolutionary War in North Carolina, in that she is credited with having rallied Gen. Nathaniel Green at a low military point  by giving him all of her coinage.  Elizabeth Steele's 1st husband (Gillespie) had been killed at Fort Dobbs during a Cherokee Indian uprising.  -- A 2004 article about Samuel Eusebius McCorkle examines his reactions to the Great Revival: Peter N. Moore; Journal of Southern History, Vol. 70, 2004, entitled : Family Dynamics and the Great Revival: Religious Conversion in the South Carolina Piedmont . Also, there’s a Steele Creek Presbyterian Church” in the vicinity of Salisbury, NC. 


Early North Carolina Marriage Bonds:  Samuel McOrkle  [SAMUEL EUSEBIUS McCORKLE].  Elizabeth Gillaspie  [Gillespie]  Bond Date: 29 Jun 1776. Bond Number: 000127350 North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868. Image Number: 002942   Rowan County; Record Number: 02 281  Witness:  Adlai Osborn .   --


Another Rowan County marriage that may be of interest, but I do not know how, is that of Lewis McCorkle & Nancy Cowan in 1815. [This marriage is of perhaps a bit more interest to me as a Huie, because my direct ancestor, Benjamin Huie 1798-1879. married a Levina or Lavinia Cowan of Rowan Cowan, NC, about this time.  Who was Nancy Cowan (McCorkle)?]  



II.2    John McCorkle                   m.        “Katy” Catherine  Barr


[ John an elder in the church[121] and member of the Legislature, useful and much beloved, died in the prime of life leaving an only son who walked in his father's steps and enjoyed his honors.@ --quoting Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, John’s niece. –Quaere: Is John's only son Joel McCorkle of Rowan County, NC,  in NC legislative records anywhere? did Joel ever stray as far as Bloomington, Indiana? (I don't think so. Some of Joel's writings are in the Robert/Agnes McCorkle Ramsay collection of papers at the UNC Archives in Chapel Hill. Joel writes like a lawyer.)]   :   Is this John above a  grandfather of the John McCorkle of Bloomington, Indiana, who reported the 1842 death of his mother, a Mrs. McCorkle,  to the Christian Church Restoration Movement literature?  --"McCorkle, Mrs.,  death reported by her son John McCorkle of Bloomington, Ind.   She died Feb. 8, 1842, in the 75th year of her age, "without a groan or a struggle after an illness of 8 days."  -- I really think the John who reported his mother's 1842 death was a son of Generation II. James McCorkle, but the dates of the mother's death do not jibe with what someone has placed on  -  All 3 wives of Generation II. James McCorkle (brother of Robert et al.) have the 1st name of Elizabeth ["E"]:  viz., Elizabeth Hall, a 2nd Elizabeth Hall, and an Elizabeth Hanna.


II.3        Joseph  McCorkle       m.        “Peggy” Margaret Snoddy        

[A «Joseph moved to Ohio at an early day B was a man of ability B but rather eccentric.”»  -- quoting his niece Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache

The following is is not my work but that of Carol Snoddy Byler..and Gerald  K. Byers.  Her web pages are on the internet at  See also: Snoddy Family Album Entry …SAMUEL SNODDY was born circa 1720 possibly in Northern Ireland. ... a few weeks later signing the marriage bond for his sister Margaret to Joseph McCORKLE. ...—Much Snoddy family information is posted on the web by by Gerald K. Byers, who wrote the following:

 “On February 11, 1775, Samuel Snoddy was appointed one of the commissioners to lay off a road from the provincial road at Morrison's Mill [a mill begun by William Morrison, 1704-1771, near today's Loray in Iredell Co, NC] to the Lime Kilns on the Catawba River.  On February 21, 1775, Samuel's daughter, Sarah Snoddy (age 22), married Andrew Mitchell in Rowan County, NC.  Sarah took the place of her sister (Margaret) Snoddy who eloped with Joseph McCorkle after a license was issued for Margaret to marry Andrew Mitchell.  This was a scandalous happening for the strict Presbyterian ideals of 1775.

“[The following is a quote from John Mantle Judah:] "The well-known story of the elopement and marriage of my grandparents is that Joseph [McCorkle] was one morning at work, roofing a house. His father came and said, 'Joe, that old fool Snoddy is going to marry his girl Margaret [Snoddy] to so-and-so tomorrow. Maybe you'd better go and see about it.'   Whereupon, Joe hastily clambered down, put on his coat and galloped off several miles to the Snoddy place. That night after the stern old father was asleep, Margaret handed out her bridle and saddle through a window and herself followed. She never saw her parents again, for old Snoddy never forgave her, leaving her a shilling* in his will. The story goes on to say that a younger sister was willing to supply Margaret's place to the bereaved groom [Andrew Mitchell], so that a wedding took place nevertheless."  (Samuel Snoddy's will actually left his daughter Margaret five shillings, the same amount he left his other six children.)   

       JOHN SNODDY m. AGNES NIBLOCK. [Marsha Huie adds: Gracie or Gracy Niblock was a NC Huie cousin to Julius M. Huie, who migrated to West Tennessee, son of Benjamin Huie & Lavinia Cowan Huie.  Gracey Niblock in NC & Julius Huie's daughter SophroniaFronie” Huie Thompson [in West Tennessee] regularly corresponded: ] [ WALNUT HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NEAR LEXINGTON, KY ] 

In 1778, Samuel Snoddy's son, John Snoddy (age 20) married Agnes Niblock in North Carolina.  Around 1780, John Snoddy migrated to Kentucky and in June of 1787, John and Agnes were admitted to the Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church near Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County).  Agnes died between 1792 and 1795, leaving John with six young children.  He moved to Bourbon County circa 1795 and on February 22, 1796, John Snoddy married Nancy Neel/McNeel.  He remained there until circa 1829-30 since he was in the 1800 census and land records show he purchased 133 acres on Rockbridge Creek on April 16, 1803.  At this time, he moved to Owen County, Indiana and bought 60 acres in Wayne township, near Gosport.  [Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, Joseph McCorkle & Margaret Snoddy McCorkle's niece through her father Robert McCorkle, at one time lived in or near Gosport, Indiana. ] He (John Snoddy)  is listed in the 1830 census and [John Snoddy] died there on March 22, 1843.

“In Wilkes County, North Carolina on March 4, 1778, William Snoddy, Sr. (at age 29) entered 300 acres on the north side of the Yadkin River.  On May 6, 1778, Samuel was appointed a "justice".  "In November 1778, William was a chain-bearer on a survey of land in Wilkes County for his brother-in-law, Joseph McCorkle."  On February 5, 1779, he entered 300 additional acres on Blue Ridge, near the head of the Buffalo and Elk Rivers.  On May 6, 1779, he was appointed overseer of a road "from Kerr’s bridge on 3rd Creek through Captain [James?] Purviance's district, along with Matt Troy, Joseph Steel and James Brandon."

“On February 10, 1822 Thomas Snoddy (son of Samuel) sold 701 acres in NC to ? Alexander for $2100.  (This was part of the state grant to Samuel [Snoddy] and part of a grant from Earl of Granville to Andrew Morrison in 1762.)  ”   [Andrew Morrison was father of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, inter alia.] Information from Heritage Book of Iredell County, North Carolina - Volume II, page 131.  Item #136 – ”

 [End of quoted material from Carol Snoddy Byler….]


 Another useful web site: McCorkle Marriages in Ky, NC, & Virginia :

----- Joel McCorkle [son of the John McCorkle who was a  brother of our Robert McCorkle] m./Polly Fauster [Forster?] [Foster?]  

------John F. McCorkle / Elizabeth Brown

-----Joseph McCorkle / Margaret Snoddy. http://www.


II.4.  Alexander  McCorkle II       m.        Catherine “Katy” Morrison

* Aleck was emotional in character and joined the Methodists  » -- quoting his niece Elmira.

I think this Alexander McCorkle, a Jr., migrated west first to Giles County then northward to Henry County, Tenn., in or near Paris, Tennessee. I think Katy Morrison (McCorkle) would have been a first cousin-once-removed, that is, a generation removed, to Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert), and a first cousin to Margaret Morrison McCorkle's father, the Andrew Morrison who m. Elizabeth Sloan(e).  Margaret Morrison McCorkle was Alexander McCorkle II's sister-in-law. --This Alexander McCorkle II referred to himself after the death of his father and the birth of his son as "Alexander Snr." At least one of his letters posted from Giles County, Tennessee, and addressed back home to NC lies in the Ramsay Papers in the UNC Archives at Chapel Hill.


III.1             Nancy McCorkle,                  b. circa 1780.

III.2             Mary McC ,                           b. 4th  Oct  1781 Rowan Co, NC; d. 6th June 1783 Rowan  Co.                                                            (Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cemetery).

III.3.            James Morrison McCorkle,  b. 24th Seprember 1783.


III.4.            Alexander McC, III                      b. circa 1789  [note the 6-year hiatus. (?) ]


III.5.            Lewis                     ,              b. circa 1790.

III.6.            James H.               ,              b. Abt. 1792.

III.7.            John McCorkle      ,              b. circa 1793, Rowan Co, NC; d. Oct 12, 1813, Rowan Co.                                                                              (Thyatira Cemetery)

III.8.            Catherine McCorkle               b. circa 1794.

III.9.            Samuel McCorkle ,                b. Jan 01, 1795.


II.5.  William  McCorkle          m.      1st “Peggy” Margaret Blythe,  and 2ndMattie” [Martha]] King [widow of John Purviance, Jr.,  who was scalped in 1792], and 3rd in 1800 Jane or Jennie Graham.  This Margaret ‘Peggy’ Blythe was a sister to the first wife of our Robert McCorkle, who is listed immediately below.  Robert McCorkle first married Elizabeth Blythe (“Lizzie”).     [“William, following Barton Stone, set his negroes free and went to preaching.”—quoting William’s niece Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache.] William McCorkle died in 1818 in Rutherford County, Tennessee; so we know he did not remove to Dyer County, West Tennessee, with his brother Robert, who died in 1828.    

--It may be that some papers of this William McCorkle lie under his name in the archives of UNC at Chapel Hill; I've not checked yet.

[A Restoration Movement publication reported the following death of interest here:

McCorkle, Richard Blythe is brother of Saml. Montgomery McCorkle (1835);  Tazwell County, Illinois, Mar. 20, 1836.]

The modern authority on William McCorkle is James M. Richmond of Napierville, Illinois, whose wife is William’s descendant.

William’s children by 1st wife “Peggy” Margaret Blythe:

III.1.                            Samuel Montgomery McCorkle, born circa 1789.

  –This must surely be the Montgomery McCorkle about whom Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache writes; Montgomery is up in Indiana with or near to Elmira, a 1st cousin, if Elmira’s “Montgomery” is this son of William McCorkle.

III.2.                            Richard Blythe McCorkle, born 1786 in Rowan County, N.C.

[A publication of the Restoration Movement reports that Blythe McCorkle died in 1836 on 20th March:  "McCorkle, Richard Blythe is brother of Saml. Montgomery McCorkle (1835);  Tazwell co. Ill. Mar. 20, 1836."]


III.3.               Asenath McCorkle, born 27th Oct. 1789. 

William’s child by his 2nd wife “Mattie” Martha King McCorkle:

III.4.                          Miles McCorkle, born circa 1796.  Miles McCorkle was a physician in Lebanon, Wilson County, Middle Tennessee.


William’s children by 3rd wife Jane “Jennie” Jane Graham, whom he married in Sumner Co, Tenn., in 1800:

III.5.            John McCorkle, born circa 1802

  -- I'm pretty sure this is NOT the “Cousin John McCorkle” about whom Margaret Morrison writes, saying that Cousin John McCorkle is coming to Dyer County, Tennessee, to make and crop and will probably take care of Thomas, Jr. ???  I think that "Cousin John" was a son of Margaret's brother-in-law James McCorkle.  If so --that is, if Margaret referred to her brother-in-law James McCorkle's descendants-- that gives us a SLOAN family clue;  Margaret Morrison McCorkle's mother was born Elizabeth SLOAN.  That may just mean that Margaret's brother-in-law James McCorkle's wife Elizabeth Hall whose mother was a Sloan was kin to Margaret Morrison McCorkle's mother.  =  Sloan family clue...

III.6.            Amelia McCorkle, born circa 1805.

III.7.            Blanche Locke McCorkle, born circa 1807.



II.6.         Robert McCorkle, 1764-1828  m. 1st Lizzy Elizabeth Blythe, 2nd Margaret ‘Peggy’ Morrison.   Robert McCorkle was born 29 Oct. 1764 & died in April, in the spring of 1828.

Parenthetically, 1828 is the date of the founding of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Memphis, where one finds traces of  Robt. & Eliz. Blythe McCorkle’s granddaughter, Martha D. Anderson Leath, Mrs. James T. Leath.)  I first read Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache's handwriting as "Leigh" but it is indisputable that Elmira should have written "LEATH." --Martha D. Anderson married James T. Leath in Sumner Co., Middle Tennessee, then removed to Memphis.  Slaveholder James T. Leath, an attorney in Memphis, where there is a downtown Leath Street, was nevertheless named Ruling Elder for the Western District of Tennessee by 1838, before the Civil War.  The following 1887 Goodspeed's History entry refers to a grandson of "Colonel" James T. Leath; but is it a grandson by James T. Leath's 1st wife (Martha D. Anderson Leath, a granddaughter of Robert McCorkle & Lizzie Blythe McCorkle), or is it a grandson by James T. Leath's 2nd wife (as far as I know not McCorkle kin): 

Goodspeed's History of Shelby County, Tennessee (1887) ...H. W. Leath is a native of Memphis, and grandson of Col. James T. Leath. In 1870 Mr. Leath went to Vermont, where he finished his education, afterward engaging in business for four years in New York, and later in Denver, Colorado. He returned to his native city in April, 1885, and the same year was united in marriage to Miss Carrie, daughter of G. W. Jones.

Acts of Tennessee 1831-1850 Index ...Charles A. Leath, 1841, 45; 53.1; Shelby County--Memphis City Hotel Company;

James T. Leath; 1843; 47; 67.1; Shelby County--turnpike road commissioner; James F. [sic.] Leath; 1845; 48; 182.2; Shelby County--Memphis & Charleston Railroad Company.  James T. Leath; 1841; 45; 53.1; Shelby County--Memphis City Hotel Company.  James T. Leath, 1845; 48; 188.1 Shelby County--BOTANICO MEDICAL COLLEGE trustee.


Minutes - United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.--

General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church  The United States of America  Anno Domini 1838 PHILADELPHIA:
1838. by General Assembly, United Presbyterian Church in the USA--1838.  [James T. Leath was a ruling elder from the Presbytery of the Western District of Tennessee.]  http://


-- I wonder what contact if any this James T. Leath had with his brother-in-law, Robert A Anderson, also an attorney, who had removed from Middle Tennessee down to Durant and Lexington, towns in Holmes County (and he is buried in Mizpah Cemetery of Holmes County, Mississippi).  Robert A Anderson was also a grandson of Robert McCorkle by his 1st wife Lizzie Blythe McCorkle.

Robert McCorkle moved from Rowan Co., NC, to Kentucky.  According to his daughter Elmira, Robert forayed into Kentucky "in the second company" of white men's incursion into Kentucky.  Carol Byler writes that Robert joined Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church’s congregation in 1789, a church also joined by Robert's brothers Joseph (who m. Margaret "Peggy" Snoddy) & William McCorkle. Our West Tenn. records do not mention Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church.

 Then, Robert moved back down to northern Middle Tennessee (I think);  I know Robert returned to Rowan Co. to claim and marry his 2nd wife; then with the 2nd wife removed to the area of Stone’s River, near or in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and we know his brother William went to Stone's River too, in order to take up their father Alexander McCorkle I ’s Revolutionary War land grant; and finally Robert (but not William, who died in 1818) removed farther west to Dyer County, where he died in 1828.  --Again, according to his daughter Elmira, Robert, who began life in Rowan Co., NC, may not even have lingered in Middle Tennessee upon leaving Rowan Co., but forayed directly into Kentucky. This latter point is unclear.

     We do know that other of Robert McCorkle's relatives, circa 1792, removed up to Kentucky from Middle Tennessee, from the environs of Lebanon and Gallatin, to escape Indian depredations in Sumner Co., Tenn.  They landed particularly in Bourbon County (near Paris), Kentucky; and that is why they were at Cane Ridge meeting house in 1801-4, and attended the birth of the Christian Church / Disciples of Christ/ Church of Christ / at Cane Ridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky. 

     Robert had 2 children by his 1st wife “Lizzie” Elizabeth Blythe, viz.,  1.  infant “Aleck” Alexander McC, born and died circa 1790; and 2.  Elizabeth McCorkle (Mrs. Thomas Anderson), born 1791.  Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson at death was living in Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tennessee, I think in the home of her daughter Elizabeth C. Anderson McMurry (the daughter Elizabeth was the wife of a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, John Mitchell McMurry).

 I think Thomas Anderson had had a first wife before marrying Elizabeth McCorkle, daughter of Robert & Lizzie Blythe McCorkle.--Thomas Anderson's mother was née Mebane, and there is today a town of Mebane, North Carolina, west of Durham.

Robert’s children by 2nd wife Margaret “Peggy” Morrison, a daughter of Elizabeth Sloan(e) & Andrew Morrison (and a paternal granddaughter of William Morrison, 1704-1771, & Margaret (maiden name unknown) Morrison) were: 

III.3.                                   Rebecca Cowden McCorkle (Thompson)

born 28th Dec 28 1795 in Rowan Co., NC &  died 1829 in Middle Tennessee, some 2 years after the death of her husband Gideon Thompson. -- Rebecca & Gideon Thompson left two orphaned daughters, 1st:  Jane M. Thompson (Mrs. Benjamin Williams); Jane M. Thompson Williams died in 1850 & is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer County, Tennessee, as "Jane Williams, consort of Benj. Williams." I just recently found her name as having joined the old family church, Lemalsamac Christian Church as it was then known, in the year 1850 which was also the year of her death.  Her husband Benjamin Williams then "removed" from Lemalsamac, but I know not where. The 2nd daughter of Rebecca Cowden McCorkle was Mary “Polly” Thompson (Mrs. Matthew Dickey).  


III.4.     Elmira Sloan(e) McCorkle (Roache) (Mrs. Dr. Stephen Roache),

born 13th Feb. 1797 in Rowan Co, NC; and died 2nd August  1890, either in Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana, at the home of her oldest son Justice Addison Locke Roache; or in the town of California in the state of Missouri at the home of a younger son “Quincy” Robert Quincy Roache.  It is mostly to Elmira and the record-keeping of her progeny that we owe this present collection of old correspondence.  [Added later:  "Uncle" Joseph Smith JOE McCorkle of Yorkville and his descendants retained their McCorkle-Morrison papers, also.  We owe much to Uncle Joe's great-granddaughter Carol Branz of Spokane, Washington, who even has an old trunk containing locks of hair from some of the eldest generation.]


III.5.            Edwin Alexander McCorkle, born 18th March 1799,

in Rowan County, NC, died 10th January 1853 in Dyer County, Tennessee. Married Jane Maxwell Thomas of Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee, who died in 1855 in Dyer County, Tennessee. Edwin is my great-great grandfather through my father [Howard] Ewing Huie, 1907-1971.  We know from certain old documents that Edwin Alexander McCorkle served as one of the earliest Justices of the Peace of Dyer County.


III.6.                  Jehiel Morrison McCorkle “JEM,” born 3rd Jan. 1803, buried in the Dyer County, Tenn., McCorkle Cemetery. Born in Rowan Co., NC, he died in 1849 in Dyer County, Tennessee.  Married "Betsy" Elizabeth Smith in Rowan County, NC.  Member of the first Dyer County Court and in the earliest Dyer County militia; hence the honorific used for him, "Major J M McCorkle." –I have his children listed elsewhere; and I note elsewhere Jehiel & Betsy McCorkle’s loss of at least three sons to the Civil War.  --One of Jehiel's sister Elmira's grandsons has written in pencil on Elmira's old records that he believed Betsy Smith (Mrs. Jehiel Morrison McCorkle) was probably a niece of his father, Dr. Stephen Roache; unfortunately, I do not know about this, but doubt it ....

Somehow--we don't know how--some of Jehiel Morrison McCorkle's papers have landed in the University of Tennessee at Martin archives in the late 20th century, in connection with records of the early Dyer County court.   He was an early member of the first Dyer County militia. He died in 1849 so we know this was not Civil War-connected.  And evidently Jehiel kept the minutes for the Dyer County Court, which would have made him today's equivalent, I guess, of the County Court Clerk; but the truth is hazy. -- Nor do we know how some of John Edwin McCorkle's papers arrived there.--An application made in Gibson or Dyer County, Tennessee, by a Thomas kinsman for a Revolutionary War pension for service in the North Carolina line --of either James Thomas or Henry Thomas, I can't remember which brother-in-law it was of Jane Maxwell THOMAS McCorkle alias Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle--  lists as a reference "Major J M McCorkle."  That would be Jehiel Morrison McCorkle.


One of Margaret Morrison McCorkle’s letters circa 1838 (transcribed herein, in Chapter Two) mentions the re-marriage of “Old Friend Scott” who very likely would have been James Scott (1777-1853). And, indeed, there is record of a marriage in Gibson County, Tennessee, of a James Scott:  with  license, or marriage vows, taken on 14th June 1838. The name of the bride is listed as Mary Landers (Scott).   But absolutely nowhere else had I ever heard that James Scott married a 2nd wife after the death of Sarah Dickey (Scott).


Old Gibson County marriage records also reveal the marriage or license on 8th December 1832 of James & Sarah Dickey Scott’s son "Jimps" James Scott [II] to Violet B. Roddy [misspelled as “RODDY, Vilett B”] They are my direct ancestors, through my father EWING HUIE, 1907-1971, whose paternal grandmother (Howard Anderson Huie’s mother) was James & Violet B. Roddy Scott’s daughter, “Sade” Sarah Elizabeth Scott (Mrs. Julius M. Huie), 1839-1893.


I made a mistake on one side of the above-photographed tombstone, unfortunately for posterity.  Erroneously, I listed the second wife of James "Jimps" Scott (born 1810) as Mary Landers (Scott). In fact, Mary Landers Scott was the 2nd wife (I think) of "Jimps" Scott's father, the James Scott who lived 1777-1853 and who was probably Margaret Morrison McCorkle's "old friend Scott." One reason for my mistake is that M.L. Scott is listed in at least one old Gibson County census as living with the son "Jimps" James Scott. (The son is not called "Jimps" on the census records.) 


I think the following is "Jimps" James Scott, born I think in 1810--the father of, inter alia, Allen "Tobe" Scott; "Sade" Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie; the female TRIMBLE ancestor of James Spence Trimble & Mentia Trimble Hicks of Yorkville; & Rev. Thomas ELIHU Scott....    ....    But a problem arises:  "Jimps" Scott's original tombstone--so in ruins at the Old Yorkville CP Cemetery as to be almost illegible (in fact, his name is missing)--states his years of life to be 1810-1872; if that is correct (perhaps I misread the 1872; perhaps the year of his death if more legible would read 1882). I'm just not certain that this 1880 census is about "our" James "Jimps" Scott. The information in brackets is from me, so take it with the understanding of my confusion about the death date:

1880 Census, District 9, Dyer County, Tennessee:  James Scott, head of household. 

Name: James Scott      White Male
Home in 1880: District 9, Dyer County, Tennessee
Age: 71
Estimated birth year: abt 1809 [If it's "Jimps" it's actually, 1810]
Birthplace: South Carolina
Relation to head-of-household: Something other than a direct relationship (Other)
Father's birthplace: South Carolina  [If it's "Jimps" the father's name is

James Scott, 1777-1853]

Mother's birthplace: South Carolina [If it's "Jimps" the mother's name is:

Sarah Dickey Scott, 1777-1838]

Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Marital Status: Married  [If it's "Jimps" Scott, this wife listed in census would have to be his 2nd wife; not "Jimps's" 1st wife Violet B. Roddy Scott]
Name Age
Allen Scott [Is this Allen "Tobe" Scott?--a child of "Jimps" ] 35
S. R. Scott  [Allen "Tobe" Scott m. Sallie Oliver. Is this Tobe's wife?] 29
Allie G. Scott  [Allen TOBE Scott had a son named Allen Gray "Gray" Scott, M.D.] 7
I. J. Scott 6
Wm T. Oliver  [Brother-in-law to "Tobe" Allen Scott?] 20
T. E. Scott  [Thomas Elihu Scott, Church of Christ minister, son of "Jimps" Scott] 24
Arlis Scott  [Artie Hall Scott, wife of Thomas Elihu Scott] 28
H. W. Scott  [Horace Scott or bro. Homer Scott?  -- sons of Thomas Elihu Scott] 8Mo.
James Scott  ["Jimps" James Scott, born 1810 in S.Carolina] 71
Margaret Scott  [I guess this is the 2nd wife of "Jimps" James Scott (the James b. 1810). Is it?] 72
Joe L. Williams 20

I don't know who the above Joe L. Williams was.  We do know that a brother of the above "Jimps" James Scott, head of the above household, was John Dickey Scott (variously, John Dickie Scott). And we know that John Dickey Scott married SUSAN or SUSANNAH C. WILLIAMS (Mrs. John Dickey Scott) (born circa 1816) a daughter of a Joseph Williams.  [I wonder if these Williams folks were kin to the Benjamin Williams who married Jane M. Thompson (Williams), Jane being a daughter of Rebecca Cowden McCorkle (Thompson) & granddaughter of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle.],


The following Tennessee 1860 Slave Schedule makes me feel sad; but I had known these Scotts were considered a bit more well-to-do than the neighbors, and that there were numerous freedmen surnamed Scott around Newbern postbellum, and even in my childhood in the 1950s.  One, e.g., was "Nellie" or Nelson Scott.      Slave schedule   Page 302

Name: James Scott  [ I think this is "Jimps" James Scott, born 1810 in SC]
County: 1860        Dyer County                District 9

      1850 United States Federal Census about James ["Jimps"]      Scott

  James Scott, age 42, male
Estimated birth year: abt 1808; in South Carolina
Home in 1850: District 9, Dyer County, Tennessee

wife:  M.L. Scott, aged 42, born in S Carolina  [Margaret, according to 1860 census; If this is "Jimps" Scott, the 1st wife's name was Violet B. Roddy, Violet being mother of all his children as far as I, Marsha, know.  I just don't know who his 2nd wife was.]

--Now, this "ML SCOTT" business is what gets me confused with the "Mary Landers" who married circa 1838 a James Scott in Gibson County. Did Mary Landers marry the father James Scott, 1777-1853, or the son "Jimps" James Scott, born in 1810?  I'm just not certain, but I think she married the father James.]

M.E. Scott, female aged 14 [If the father is "Jimps" this is either Margaret Scott b. circa 1836 or her sister Martha.] [Margaret Scott m. David Purviance McCorkle; and her sister Martha Scott m. Anderson Jehiel McCorkle, as the McCorkle brothers' first wives.]

J.H. Scott, male aged 13  [born circa 1837]

S.A. Scott, female aged 11 [If this is "Jimps" & his children, SA Scott should be: born 1839; Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie, alias "Sade" Huie]--[I wonder if we have been wrong about Sarah Scott Huie's middle name all these years:  our records say it's "Elizabeth" but this census says "A" and what really worries me is that the Lemalsamac Christian Church first membertship book records Sarah Scott Huie as being "SA Scott."

[Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie's twin:] James Allen Scott, male aged 11 [born 1839]

M.L. Scott, female

Tirzah Clementine Scott [Trimble], female aged 7

Thomas Elihu Scott, male aged 5.

 [Conclusion:  from the above children's names, THIS HAS TO BE THE FAMILY ABOVE OF "JIMPS" JAMES SCOTT born 1810


And this same James "Jimps" Scott appears in the 1840 Dyer County, Tennessee, District 9, census; as does James Thomas, brother of William Thomas and brother-in-law of Elizabeth Purviance Thomas (Elizabeth being the mother of Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle, Jane being alias Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle).



--Also listed in the Gibson County records is the marriage of James & Sarah Dickey Scott’s daughter Tirzah Scott to Robert AH McCorkle on 1st December 1828. 


--Listed, too, is the first marriage of Sallie or Sarah L. Scott, a daughter of Margaret Permelia McCorkle (Scott) & Lemuel Locke Scott:  Sarah (Sallie) L. Scott  married John A. Rodgers on 21st April 1858. Sallie L. Scott (Rodgers) was to marry a 2nd husband, Richard W. Locke, who was a trustee for McCorkle Cemetery in Dyer County.  He should have a marker there, I think—either there, or in the Old Yorkville CP Cemetery, where his (2nd ) wife is buried. [ I think it was Dick Locke’s 2nd wife who is buried at Yorkville, but may be wrong about the order of marriage, and it’s possible he’s buried there with her at Yorkville; but I’ve found no marker for him in either cemetery, and that’s a shame.  Clearly, he was a substantial citizen of worth.] 


--Listed also is a Gibson County record of the 1828 marriage of “our” John Dickey Scott or John Dickie Scott [a son of James & Sarah Dickey Scott] to Susan Williams:   SCOTT, John D married WILLIAMS, Susanah C on 01-JUN-1828.”   [--He went on down to Hardeman County, I think, as did his brother William Scott; but I'm not certain that John Dickey Scott went down to Hardeman although I know William did.]

     I’m suspicious there’s another McCorkle-Williams connection here that I’ve only just now recognized: is there a connection between this SUSAN or SUSANNAH C. WILLIAMS (Mrs. John Dickey Scott) and the Benjamin Williams who married Jane M. Thompson (Williams), the granddaughter whom Margaret Morrison McCorkle fondly described thus, in this correspondence herein, infra: “as blithe and merry as a lark.” –except that Margaret spelled it “blythe,” the way her husband Robert McCorkle’s 1st wife had spelled her last name (“Lizzie” Elizabeth Blythe).

  --Quaere:  Could perchance each Williams (Susannah C. Williams Scott, wife of John Dickey Scott; and Benjamin Williams, husband of Jane M. Thompson Williams) have been a child of Joseph Williams of Gibson County?


I frankly don’t have a clue what to do with the following Gibson County Scott marriages, but here they are for somebody else to figure out someday:


SCOTT, Elisha      to            SCOTT, Elizabeth G J on 12-JUL-1852

SCOTT, Elizabeth                               ELEW, Governoron 13-NOV-1850

SCOTT, Elizabeth A            MATHIS, Wm T on 12-JUL-1848

SCOTT, Elizabeth G J         SCOTT, Elisha  on 12-JUL-1852                 

SCOTT, James W                               HARRIS, Emeline on 06-DEC-48

SCOTT, Levina                   PETTIT, James on 15-AUG-1844

SCOTT, Lions C                                 CHAFERO, Martha  on 22-FEB-1838


SCOTT, Margarette            MATHIS, Lebanon D   on 18-APR-1841

SCOTT, Sarah E.                                 MORTON, John V      on 27-APR-1853. [This is most emphatically not the Sarah Elizabeth Scott who married Julius M. Huie.]


SCOTT, Sterling B               BIGGS, Mary E       on 23-NOV-1847

SCOTT, Thos                                      MULLINS, Nancy      on 21-JAN-1856

SCOTT, Wm                         KING, Biddy         on 24-SEP-1846


SCOTT, Wm D                     GILCHRIST, Amanda G   on 09-JUN-1835  --Now, about this one, I’m wondering if it’s possible that William Scott, the father of Tennessee Alice Edwards “Tennie” McCorkle (Mrs. John Edwin McCorkle) married a second time?????  I don't really think so.  His first wife, and I thought his only wife, was Nancy Edwards Wellborn (Scott), buried in Hardeman County, Tennessee. This 2nd wife business is pure speculation based on the dates and names.  I think one of our Hardeman County Scotts, a descendant of William Scott,  married a Pearl Gilchrist….

            SCOTT, Wm D                       WEBB, Sutelda E          on 30-APR-1849

            SCOTT, Wm P                        LITTLE, Elizabeth A       on 24-JAN-1852


More on the parentage of the immigrant Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800

               Here’s an entry on  that came from “unknown” source.  It says our Alexander McCorkle, the immigrant who lived circa 1722-1800 and died in Rowan Co., NC, buried at Thyatira, was Alexander G. McCorkle, a son of SAMUEL McCorkle and wife Elizabeth or Jane ALEXANDER. Of course, I’ve edited the following just to fill in what I know about the children of Alexander McCorkle & 1st wife “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery; but I have not called him Alexander G. McCorkle, for that’s not in our record.  Nor have I added Alexander McCorkle Sr.’s parents and grandparents, for they are not in our record anywhere.  I question whether the following entry on is correct about the antecedents of our Alexander McCorkle, but here it is for perusal.—My reader can punch “Control” and click on the computer mouse to follow the Internet links below, particularly the Ahnentafel:

“Contact: Unknown

Index | Descendancy | Register | Pedigree | Ahnentafel | Download GEDCOM

“·  ID: I0923

·  Name: Alexander G. MCCORKLE

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: about 1722 in Lanark County. Scotland

·  Death: 24 DEC 1800 in Rowan Co. North Carolina
Father: Samuel McCorkle b: about 1700 in Argyleshire, Scotland [But how and when did he get to Northern Ireland?]
Mother: Elizabeth Alexander b: WFT Est. 1682-1708

Marriage 1 Agnes Nancy MONTGOMERY b: 1726 in N. Ireland

·         Married: about 1745 in Harris Ferry, Paxton PA

Children [I, Marsha Cope Huie, have added to the following information, although I doubt the above parentage as listed.  I just don't think "our" Alexander McCorkle, who did have the following listed children, was a son of a Samuel McCorkle; but I may be wrong.]

1.      Has ChildrenMartha (Mattie) MCCORKLE [Archibald]    b: ca. 1745 in Lancaster Co. PA                       m. William Archibald

2.      Has No ChildrenSamuel Eusebus MCCORKLE                                  b: 25 AUG 1746 in Harris Ferry, Lancaster Co. PA [now in Dauphin County]

3.      Has ChildrenJohn MCCORKLE                                                   b: 1750 in Lancaster Co. PA.

        m. Catherine Barr.

4.      Has ChildrenAlexander MCCORKLE , Jr.                                    b: 1751 in Lancaster Co. PA                            m. Catherine Morrison [1st cousin-once-removed (or 1st cousin; I forget which) to the 2nd wife of Robert McCorkle; two McCorkle brothers, Robert & Alexander II, married two Morrison first (or first-once-removed) cousins, Margaret and Catherine "Katie" Morrison.]

5.      Has No ChildrenJoseph MCCORKLE                                                b: 4 MAY 1753 in Lancaster Co. PA.             m. Margaret Snoddy.


7.      Has ChildrenElizabeth MCCORKLE [Barr]                                  b: ca. 1754 in Rowan Co. NC

                         m. Mr. Barr;   I have his name as William Barr, but absolutely everybody else writes JAMES BARR, so I must be wrong. His father's name may have been William. ?

8.      Has ChildrenWilliam MCCORKLE b: ca. 1762 in Rowan Co. NC. Died 1818 near Murfreesborough, Rutherford County, Tennessee, before father’s Rev. War land grant was lost in land-title dispute litigation and before brother Robert McCorkle removed from Rutherford County to Dyer County in the newly opened western district of Tennessee.

9.      Has No ChildrenAgnes "Nancy" MCCORKLE [Ramsay] b: 9 FEB 1760 in Rowan Co. NC –papers in UNC Archives; she remained in NC.

10.  Has No ChildrenRobert MCCORKLE b: 29 OCT 1764 in Rowan Co. NC [Marsha adds–my ancestor in West Tennessee. The one who claimed his father’s Rev. War land grant substituted for the land grant lost to litigation in Rutherford County, Tennessee (Murfreesborough).]

11.  Has No ChildrenJames MCCORKLE                         b: 4 MAY 1768 in Rowan Co. NC, the last child to be born, and the last to die.

Marriage 2 of the immigrant Alexander McCorkle was to Rebecca (McNeeley) BRANDON b: about  1748

 [ I, Marsha Cope Huie, do not have the “McNeeley” as her maiden (or perhaps 1st married) name.  Nor do I recall the McNeely name on her tombstone at Thyatira in NC.  --How, if at all, was she kin to Betsy Brandon, a wife of Francis McCorkle (a putative brother to the immigrant Alexander Sr.)   ?]


This is the Ahnentafel gives for the above information, as follows:

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1


Alexander G. McCORKLE was born about 1722 in Lanark Co., Scotland, and died 24 DEC 1800 in Rowan Co., NC. He was the son of 2. Samuel MCCORKLE and 3. Elizabeth ALEXANDER [Jane? Alexander?] [The foregoing is the part I, Marsha Cope Huie, question.]


 Alexander married Agnes “Nancy” MONTGOMERY about 1745 in Harris Ferry, Paxton PA, daughter of John MONTGOMERY and Martha FINLEY. She was born 1726 in N. Ireland, and died 5 SEP 1789 in Rowan Co. NC. He married Rebecca (McNeeley) BRANDON 3 MAY 1791 in Rowan Co. NC. She was born circa1748, and died 27 DEC 1801 in Iredell Co. NC.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2


Samuel MCCORKLE was born ABT. 1700 in Argyleshire Scotland, and died WFT Est. 1726-1791.



Elizabeth [Jane?] ALEXANDER was born WFT Est. 1682-1708, and died WFT Est. 1725-1796.


Child of Elizabeth ALEXANDER and Samuel MCCORKLE is:



Alexander G. MCCORKLE was born circa 1722 in Lanark Co. Scotland, and died 24 DEC 1800 in Rowan Co. NC. He married Agnes “Nancy” MONTGOMERY ABT. 1745 in Harris Ferry, Paxton PA, daughter of John MONTGOMERY and Martha FINLEY. She was born 1726 in N. Ireland, and died 5 SEP 1789 in Rowan Co. NC. He married Rebecca (McNeeley) BRANDON 3 MAY 1791 in Rowan Co. NC. She was born ABT. 1748, and died 27 DEC 1801 in Iredell Co. NC.


Carol Byler writes the following about the parentage of the immigrant Alexander McCorkle who died in 1800.  And here I must give proper attribution to Dave Woody:

1. JAMES  MCCORKLE was born 1694 in Argyll, Scotland, and died Oct 28, 1760 in Augusta, VA. He married MARY JANE GILLESPIE.


2. i. SAMUEL2 MCCORKLE, b. abt. 1710, Scotland; d. abt. 1750, PA; Adopted child.




Generation No. 2

2. i. (above) SAMUEL2 MCCORKLE (JAMES1) was born abt. 1710 in Scotland, [Scotland is across the Irish Sea from Northern Ireland—Marsha Huie queries:  did this Samuel McCorkle move from Argyllshire, Scotland, across the short sea and settle in Northern Ireland?-- and died abt. 1750 in PA. He married (1)    ?    ALEXANDER in PA. She was born 1714 in PA. He married (2) JANE ALEXANDER in PA. She was born 1714 in PA.



In 1895,  William Egle wrote that a Samuel McCorkle, from the north of Ireland, settled in Paxtang PA prior to 1735. Derry Church (originally Spring Creek) was built in 1720 at a site 14 miles east of Harrisburg and Paxtang Church (originally called Fishing Creek) was located about 3 miles east of Harrisburg.

The record of the Rev. John Roan's Pennsylvania Congregation of Derry, Paxtang, and Mt. Joy (1745-1775) includes Samuel and Alexander McCorkle, as well as, several Montgomerys and Alexanders. Even though claims that these early Pennsylvania McCorkles came from Argyllshire, Scotland, have been published, I have never seen any evidence at all to substantiate this assertion. This information was provided by:


3. i. ALEXANDER G.3 MCCORKLE, b. 1722, Scotland Co, NC; d. Dec 24, 1800, Iredell Co, NC. 

Dave Woody writes: “Hearth tax lists from 1685 County Donegal [Ireland] contain almost all the same surnames found in early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and a little later in Augusta and Rockbridge Counties, Virginia. In fact, James and Andrew M’Corckle were enumerated at this time in the Laggan region of County Donegal.”


[ End of material quoted from Carol Byler’s work]  


Here is a brief quotation from DAVE WOODY’s  web site (above).  The reader can, I hope, go directly to his web site by  pointing to the citation, holding down the CONTROL button and clicking on the citation.

 McCorkle Family Roots

“ The History and Genealogy of Samuel & Sarah McCorkle and their Descendants (including McCorkel, McCorkell, McCorcle, McCorkhill, McCorkill, McCarcle, McKorkle etc.)
Hosted by Dave Woody 

(A link to the McCorkle database & pedigree is located at the end of the historical section.) 

“The Ulstermen       About 1700,  a clan of McCorkles and other Scots-Irish Presbyterians immigrated to America through Philadelphia and by 1713 had settled  near the Susquehanna River in the Derry and Paxtang region of Lancaster County (now Dauphin County), Pennsylvania. Although some of these immigrates may have come directly from Scotland and else where, most of them were undoubtedly Ulster Scots that had moved from Scotland to [Northern] Ireland during the “plantation” period [begun by King James I] of the 17th century. Contrary to the popular American image of the kilted, Gaelic speaking, bagpipe playing, Highland Scot, the immigrant “Ulstermen” were mainly descendants of Lowland Scots.      





Perhaps Dave Woody’s web site tells us who this Robert McCorkle in Kentucky was, the one who applied to become a very early Cumberland Presbyterian minister:  The following is not the man whom some consider to be “our” SAMUEL--the alleged father of Alexander [I personally don't think our immigrant Alexander McCorkle I's father was a Samuel McCorkle],  but the following Samuel was almost certainly kin to our Alexander who moved from PA down to NC. This Samuel in Augusta Co., VA, died in 1788; son Samuel Jr.; wife Sarah; son Robert who m. Elizabeth Forrest in 1785; and John who m. a Forest woman from Orange Co., NC.

“The three McCorkles brothers did not seem to make the journey from Augusta County, Virginia, to Ohio and Kentucky at the same time.” 

He goes on to say that this Samuel McCorkle bought 200 acres in Green County, Kentucky, in the year 1802.  And he says that Samuel’s son ROBERT McCorkle trekked to OHIO from the Rockbridge County, VA, area.  Furthermore, he mentions a MORRISON family, who I guess were kin to our Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert):

“Robert McCorkle’s journey from Augusta County [VA] to Ohio took about fifteen years. On February 19, 1807, Polly, the oldest daughter was married to John Morrison in Greenbrier County, Virginia and on January 2, 1811 Robert’s oldest son, James, was married in Montgomery County. So the family lived in Bath, Greenbrier and possibly Montgomery Counties for several years… [Daughter Sarah McCorkle married …  “A John Morison and family were recorded in the 1810 Kanawha census just three listings away from the McCorkle family. Three census pages away from the McCorkle's were John Cantrill and family. The Morrison and Cantwell families continued on to Ohio with the McCorkles.”

  [Recall that Margaret Morrison McCorkle from West Tennessee writes her daughter Elmira that Margaret’s brother ANDREW MORRISON is probably in VIRGINIA to attend to an old law suit.]

 [DaveWoody writes that these McCorkles settled in Lawrence County, Ohio.  Alas, he finds this ROBERT McCORKLE in Lawrence County, Ohio, in 1817 and writes: ] “In 1820, Robert and his family were enumerated in Union Township, Lawrence County, Ohio.” [–So, I guess this is NOT the Robert McCorkle who appears on the early rolls of CP ministers in Ky.  –Does that mean it was OUR Robert McCorkle who tried for the CP ministry in Kentucky circa 1810?  --  However, this VA Robert McCorkle had a brother, a Samuel,  who had land in Green Co., Ky.  ]


See also the Catholic  priest/ monsignor Louis W McCorkle’s book:

From Viking Glory: Notes on the McCorkle Family in Scotland & America (Herff Jones Co., Marceline, Missouri, 1982)




[1] Resources for Dickey Genealogy Report  --The following is from MARGARET DICKEY much of which is about Joseph H. Howard A vast portion of this Dickey Genealogy Report is the result of many years of research by a cousin whom I "met" via telephone and email after discovering a publication of his of John Dickey's Store Account Book at the DAR Library in Washington, D.C. in 1991.  [paragraph] We stayed "in touch" and I contributed the James Madison Dickey  (b.1795) descendants to the effort. While I descend from James Madison Dickey, Joe is descended from James' brother David Houston Dickey. Joe published his works about a year ago. The following is a summary of what is to be found in the four volumes.”

---------------------Best regards,    Margaret Dickey----------------------------------------

The Dickey Source Book 

by Joseph H. Howard    e-mail:

Comprehensive genealogy in four 8 ½ x 11 volumes for those  interested in Dickey/Dickie families…Other Publications Available: The Dickey Family Transcription, with added index and Descendant Chart, of a manuscript  from the LDS Library covering early Scottish and Northern Ireland  Dickeys and their descendants, chiefly in PA, NC, SC and OH, beginning  with Robert (c1463-c1536) who is the progenitor of volume 1 Dickeys in the Dickey Source Book.


John Dickey (died 1817) Store Account Book

Photocopy, interleaved with a transcription of his mercantile store daybook of 1784-1796, with entries from Charles County MD, St. Mary's County, MD and Rowan County, NC.



L to R: Nancy Dunagan Biggs, Nick Dunagan, Sara Frances Zarecor Dunagan (very late in life , Mrs. Sowell), and Anita Dunagan Roy. This photo was made years ago  here in my home at Mom's birthday (2-1-03) Her date of death is 12-18-06. Here are the addresses you requested:
Linda Drone (Burney Zarecor's daughter)    2121 Saline Ave   Eldorado, Il 62930   618-273-9789  
Gene Austin also has a l ot of info:   Gene Austin 731-286-5940  36 Scarlet Circle Dyersburg, Tn 38024
Harriet Zarecor Kampfer   2985 Coles Way   Atlanta, Ga 30350  770-698-8269 sadiek@mindspring.com_________________________________________________________________________



Letter from Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert McCorkle) in Dyer County, Western District of Tennessee, to her daughter Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roache (Mrs. Dr. Stephen Roach, Jr.)

Dear Elmira,


Your letter to Quincy and myself dated January 26th [18  ] came to hand in due time.  I feel glad to hear that you enjoy health, peace, and competence in your new residence, and it gives me still greater pleasure to have reason to hope that you bear the absence of your children with fortitude.----------I have some knowledge how a mother feels to be parted from one or more of her children, but I have not realized that odd situation you mention you are in, viz, that of having none to call you mother.--------I suppose the thought of having them qualified for acting in a high sphere of life; that is that forthcoming great, and respectable men, buoys up your mind, and enables you to bear with [firmneß ? ] [finesse?] the present privation-----


Well I suppose this is a laudable wish, and therefore, I say, may fortune favor your most sanguine anticipations.  I need  not hardly remind you of the neceßity of always striving to impreß upon their minds, that in order to be truly great, they must be good.  However this piece of advice by the way, is more to evince my anxiety about their welfare, than to excite you to duty-----for in reality a desire to have them become worthy citizens, lies near my heart-----and my decided opinion is, that the most expanded intellects, and splendid acquirements, must be united with goodness of heart, and a strict adherence to moral rectitude in order to form an eminent character-------And now my dear child, will you suffer your mother to give you a word of [page 2] exhortation.  




McCorkle - Chapter One alternate

Alexander McCorkle, by Agnes Montgomery (McCorkle), was the father of :

*"Mattie Martha McCorkle Archibald, born circa 1745 in Pennsylvania;

*Samuel Eusebius McCorkle --born 1746 in Pennsylvania. After moving to NC he remained in Rowan County, NC;

*John McCorkle--born circa 1750 in Pennsylvania, John moved to and remained in Rowan County, leaving an only son named Joel McCorkle who lived out his life in NC. Joel may or may not have been a lawyer, but his papers I saw in the UNC

Archives in the Ramsay-McCorkle-Graham papers certainly sounded lawyer-like;

*Alexander  McCorkle II--born 1751 in either Pennsylvania or Rowan Co., NC., Alexander migrated to West Tennessee, first Giles County then Henry County.  His letter dated 1820 lies in the UNC Archives amongst the papers of his brother-in-law Robert Ramsay & Robert Ramsay's grandson Dr. Graham Ramsay;

*Joseph McCorkle  --born 1753 in Pennsylvania, he removed to Rowan Co., NC, then to Ohio -- Piqua County, I think;

*Elizabeth McCorkle Barr Kilpatrick--born circa 1754 in Salisbury, NC. As the widow Barr, she remarried.

*Agnes “Nancy” Ramsay, born 1760 in Rowan Co., NC, she  married Robert Ramsay (then spelled Ramsey) & remained in Rowan Co., NC. I've read her & her progeny's papers lying in the archives at UNC Chapel Hill;

*William McCorkle--born 1762 in Rowan Co., NC, he went westwardly to Kentucky then MiddleTennessee & died in 1818. I think some of his papers lie in the UNC Archives at Chapel Hill but have not seen them;

*Robert McCorkle, born 29 October 1764 in Rowan Co. & died in West Tenn. in 1828; he is my direct ancestor; &

*James McCorkle, born 4 May 1768 in Rowan Co., NC, he went north to Ohio but died in Indiana in 1840, the last to be born and the last sibling to die.  A letter from him is transcribed in this collection.


EVENTS and Correspondence are centered around, first, Yorkville in Gibson County, Tennessee; then, after the advent of the railroads and the Civil War, the new town of Newbern, Dyer County, Tennessee.


Much of the life story of Robert McCorkle, 1764 -1828, is implicitly told in the isolated McCorkle Cemetery east of Newbern, Tennessee, where the first grave dug, in April of 1828 in a verdant field in the newly opened Western District, is his.


Similarly, Thyatira Presbyterian Church cemetery near Mill Bridge, near Mooresville, near Salisbury & Statesville, in the Piedmont of North Carolina, tells much of the life story of Robert’s immigrant father, Alexander McCorkle, b. circa 1722- d. 1800, and of Robert’s immigrant mother,  née “Nancy Agnes Montgomery, 1726-1789.                         


–This Robert McCorkle’s mother's (Agnes Montgomery McCorkle’s) parents were Martha Finley (Montgomery), born circa 1715 (I think it was 1715 but do not really know; we have no old records from West Tennessee on this)

the daughter of John Finley in Ulster, Northern Ireland (I think it was Ulster) and Martha Finley Montgomery

died circa 1789 in NC (I think she died in NC but am far from certain; did she, rather, die in Pennsylvania?);

and John Montgomery, born (I think but have doubts) in 1711 in Londonderry and died (I think but am doubtful)

in the Charlotte NC, area in 1778.                                                                                                                                         



Below My nephew Brian Louis Blackwell & son Parker Louis Cashdollar Blackwell of Memphis/Cordova., 2006.                             


 Jessica Huie Cashdollar and "Little PLC" Blackwell sans teeth: 


 Below: My sister's daughter Jessica Huie Cashdollar 's son PLC Blackwell; PLC at 14 months, below:



Below some grandchildren of Nan Norling.

I.  Alexander & Agnes Montgomery McCorkle. II.  Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle. III. Edwin Alexander & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle.

IV. Hiram R. A. McCorkle & Margaret Cowan McCorkle. V.  Winfield Purviance McCorkle & Mary MAMIE King McCorkle.VI.  Allie May McCorkle McDiarmid.

VII.  John McDiarmid. VIII.  Nan McDiarmid Norling.  IX.  Jones.


Nan Norling descends from Edwin & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle through their son, Hiram R. A. McCorkle, 

by wife Margaret A. L. [or is it Margaret L.A. ? ]Cowan McCorkle.   HRA McCorkle's son Winfield Purviance McCorkle

of Dyer County, Tennessee,

 married Mary "Mamie" King McCorkle of Eminence, Kentucky. 

One of their children was Allie May McCorkle (McDiarmid) who m. Errett Weir McDiarmid,  Nan's direct ancestors.

Nan's father, John McDiarmid, Ph.D., was a son of Allie May McCorkle

 McDiarmid & Errett Weir McDiarmid. 

--  Nan is also my Cotton cousin:  Nan and I both descend from Henry Cotton of Botland near Bardstown, Kentucky.

Here's how:  My great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Cotton (2nd wife of John Edwin McCorkle, a brother to Hiram R A McCorkle),

was a Cotton 1st cousin to Gideon King, founder of Eminence, Kentucky.  Gideon King's daughter Mary "Mamie" King

m. Winfield Purviance McCorkle, eldest son of Hiram R. A. McCorkle. As a little boy east of Newbern, Tennessee, during the Civil War,

young Winfield cried when the "federals" stole his favorite horse (source:  journal of Winfield's father, Hiram R A McCorkle)

Gideon King is Nan's ancestor; Gideon King's mother , Mrs. Mountjoy King, was née Cotton (daughter of Henry Cotton),

and Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle's father was John Cotton (son of Henry Cotton).





Chapter Two    The actual old letters themselves, with explanations of who the writers were, as well as of the people-written-about in the letters. 

This is a huge file that takes a seemingly endless time to load on your computer screen, so please be patient.  It's worth the wait, I promise.

Chapter Three    Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle).

Descendants of Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle's grandson, through their son Robert McCorkle & Robert's 2nd wife Margaret Morrison (McCorkle):

that is, descendants of  EDWIN ALEXANDER McCORKLE, 1799-1853, who married JANE MAXWELL THOMAS of Lebanon, WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, 1801-1855. The Jacob Thomas-Margaret Brevard (Thomas) lineage is discussed, including their son Revolutionary War soldier WILLIAM THOMAS & wife Elizabeth PURVIANCE (Thomas) who removed from Lebanon, Middle Tennessee, to West Tennessee in their old age.  The Purviance lineage of Revolutionary War Lieutentant ("colonel") John Purviance, who married Mary Jane Wasson, is examined.


Edwin Alexander McCorkle & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle would have been proud of descendant Sara Zarecor Dunagan (Mrs. Horace Dunagan, Jr., of first Yorkville then Caruthersville, Mo. In her last year of life she married James Sowell and lived in Jackson, Tennessee.)  Sarah who died in late 2006 descended from Rebecca McCorkle Zarecor (Mrs. John C. Zarecor), a daughter of Edwin & Jane McCorkle. From left are pictured Sara's daughter Nancy Dunagan Biggs of Greenfield, Tennessee; Nick Dunagan, Chancellor of the University of Tennessee at Martin; Sara their mother; and Anita Dunagan Roy.

Photo Above, L to R: Nancy Dunagan Biggs, Nick Dunagan, Sara Frances Zarecor Dunagan (Sowell), and Anita Dunagan Roy. Photo made for Sara's birthday, 1st Feb. 2003.  She died 18th December 2006.   Photo courtesy of Nancy Dunagan Biggs.

Chapter Four  John Edwin McCorkle:  (1) one of his Civil War diaries. One of Several Diaries Kept by John Edwin McCorkle, this one written just before and during the Civil War.  He goes to the battle up at Columbus, KY; and  (2)  a sampler of his daughter’s, Katie Pearl McCorkle (Fox)’s journals.  

Chapter Five    Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle & wife Tirzah Scott McCorkle. 

Written mostly by James Ragon of Jackson, Tennessee, whose wife Natalie Cockroft Ragon is a descendant of RAH McCorkle & Tirzah Scott McCorkle

   John Tanner, U.S. Congressman from Union City, is one of their notable descendants.


Chapter Six  McCorkle Miscellany.   Begins with "Some early Sumner Co., Tenn., marriage records."

Chapter Seven   The Families of James & Sarah Dickey Scott.  James Scott, 1777-1853, from Pennsylvania to York District, South Carolina, to Yorkville-Newbern in Gibson and Dyer Counties, Tennessee; and his wife Sarah Dickey Scott, 1777-1838, born to John Dickey & Sarah Robinson (Dickey) of York District, South Carolina. I thought about removing this after learning that descendancy from  Sarah Robinson (Dickey) makes us kin to the current vice president of the United States--I shall not type his name--but decided to go on with genealogical verisimilitude. 

The above photograph looks west from the Old Yorkville Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  The original Benjamin Huie (1798-1879) home was to the left, across the road, and down the road about 1/4 of a mile, just up a hillock.  In my childhood (1950s) the 1st Benjamin Huie acreage was called the Sid Harris place.

****** ******** ************** ***************** ************* **********

The above photograph is supposed to be of the newly placed (2007) tombstone for Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838) and James Scott (1777-1853).  It looks east, towards Yorkville.

It is only due to James Ragon of Jackson, Tennessee, that I can with certainty name the mother of Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838).  This Mrs. John Dickey was née Sarah Robinson of York District, South Carolina. (I had erroneously thought, and unfortunately placed on the Dyer County, Tennessee, web site, that the mother of Sarah Dickey Scott was née Purviance.)

 Chapter Eight    Mary Elizabeth Cotton (the 2nd wife of John Edwin McCorkle), of Botland near Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky.

Cotton and Tong[ue] Families. Juliet TONG [Tongue or Tonge] Excursus
probably of interest only to my sister Sophie Joyce Huie Cashdollar
and me. We are the last descendants of Juliet Tong Cotton
& her husband JOHN COTTON. He is buried in Botland near Bardstown, Kentucky, but 
she died while visiting her daughter Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle in Dyer County,
and so is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery as JULIET TONG.
Hendricks Excursus:  Daniel Hendricks & Isabel Pendry of Rowan County,
NC, to Dyer County, Tennessee, buried McCorkle Cemetery.
Son: Uriah C. Hendricks; Granddaughter, Narcissus Elizabeth
Hendricks, the mother of Ira Mitchell Cope; mother of Delia Cope Grills
(Mrs. Riley Matthus Grills); and mother of Daisy Cope Henley (Mrs. Will 
Henley) of Trimble, Tenn.
This Excursus is planned eventually to include Daniel & Isabel Pendry Hendricks' 
Dyer County, Tennessee, Descendants, of which there were many.

Chapter Nine  DICKEY FAMILY GENEALOGY.  You are a Dickey descendant if....

...If you are a descendant of RAH McCORKLE & wife TIRZAH Scott McCorkle, you are a Dickey descendant.  If you descend from William Scott, father of "Tennie" the 1st wife of John Edwin McCorkle, you are a Dickey descendant.  If you descend from James Scott & wife Violet B. Roddy, you are a Dickey descendant. If you descend from Lemuel Locke Scott & wife Margaret Permelia McCorkle (Scott), you are a Dickey descendant.  If you descend from John Dickey Scott, you are as well.  Others descend from James & Sarah Dickey Scott, also.  This chapter reflects work done almost entirely by  Margaret Dickey and Joseph H. Howard whose web site is at  Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact them for permission to use their materials.  I've taken their work product and tried to show how we fit into their schema as descendants of Sarah Dickey Scott, 1777-1939, wife of James Scott, 1777-1853, emigrants from York District, SC, and immigrants to the Yorkville area, Gibson-Dyer County area.  Their work is entitled, "Descendants of Robert Dickey (1463 - 1538) Glasgow, Scotland  Genealogy Report 1463 - 1900."  I cannot contact Margaret Dickey and Joseph H. Howard at the email addresses they provided on the above web site. I'm hoping they will contact me and if they find my usage of their work objectionable--I hope they won't--I shall remove it forthwith from this collection of materials. 

Chapter Ten    [Thanks to James Richmond for his contribution to this chapter....]

Pennsylvania Origins, Middle Tennessee, the DAR, and Religion on the Frontier in Kentucky, the Great Revival at Cane Ridge of 1801-1804; Levi Purviance’s Biography of His Father "elder" David Purviance, who was an uncle to Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle of Wilson County, Middle Tennessee, then of Dyer County, Tennessee

1.            William McCorkle, son of Alexander & “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery McCorkle  --  by James Richmond

2.            Elizabeth King married Rev. James Blythe.  --It was Samuel King who in 1800 in Rowan Co., NC, witnessed the will of Alexander McCorkle I (the Alexr who died in 1800).

3.            Martha King (widow of the “scalped” John Purviance, 1792)(Mrs. William McCorkle)

4.             Pennsylvania Origins of Many Family Members—scattered collections from Internet Entries by Others

5.             Do You Wish To Join the DAR? 

6.             Religion on the Frontier in KENTUCKY in the early 1800s: a second Great Awakening       

7.            The First Meeting of a Presbytery in Kentucky 

8.             Rev. John Lyle’s Diary, 1828, about the Great Revival, 1801-1803 in Paris, Kentucky                   

9.            ```````”Elder” David Purviance does a Holy Dance            

10.         Excerpts from Levi Purviance’s book,  The Biography of [Levi’s father] Church Elder David Purviance, with a brief Sketch of the Lives of David’s Father & Mother,  Lt. John Purviance & wife Mary Jane Wasson Purviance                              

11.              ````````John Purviance Married Mary Jane Wasson, Served in the American Revolution, Moved from Rowan County, North Carolina, to Middle Tennessee, and after his son John Purviance Was Scalped in 1792 Removed up to Kentucky, Then Returned to Middle Tennessee

Chapter Eleven    Some Records of Our People in Middle Tennessee

1.                  Early Sumner County, Tennessee, marriage records

2.                     Some 1798 Court Records from Sumner County  --many thanks to contributor Linda Carpenter and compilers Leslie Garinger and Diane Payne.

3.                     ````````Jacob Thomas married Margaret Brevard: sons James, John, William, Henry Thomas; & Jacob Thomas (the last, Jacob Jr.,  is mentioned in the father Jacob Thomas' will); and daughters Ann Thomas & Elizabeth Thomas (Sherrill)

Chapter Twelve        Middle Tennessee Records.   Contents:

1.  The Will of Reverend James Blythe, father of two Blythe daughters (Elizabeth & Margaret) who each married a McCorkle brother: William and Robert McCorkle

2.  The Shiloh Presbyterian Church near Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee—in 1834 its members tried to remember and name the founding and early members

3.  The Anderson Bible Record of Sumner County—Thomas Anderson married Elizabeth McCorkle, a daughter of Robert McCorkle by 1st Wife Lizzie Blythe.  the Anderson-McCorkle children:  Elizabeth Anderson McMurry, who married a Cumberland Presbyterian minister of McMinnville & Lebanon, Tennessee; Robert A. Anderson, who moved to Durant & Lexington, Holmes County, Mississippi (buried Mizpah Cemetery, Holmes County, Miss.;; Julia Anderson, who never married; and Martha Anderson Leath, who I think in Sumner/Wilson County, Middle Tennessee, married James T. Leath, a lawyer, and moved to Memphis.

4.  ```````Looking for Elizabeth McCorkle Andersons Daughter’s, Martha Anderson  Leath’s,      LEATH Descendants

5.  Where Is the Grave of Rev. War Lt. (“colonel”) John Purviance and Wife Mary Jane Wasson (Purviance)?

Chapter Thirteen    Miscellaneous.   Contents:

1.            Daniel Hendricks (buried McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer County, Tennessee; married Isabel Pendry)
 and MacMahan /McMachan/ (or McMahon) Excursus  --early records exist for these folks in Mocksville,
Davie County, North Carolina
2.           Benjamin Huie of Cabarrus County, NC, then Rowan/Iredell Co., NC; then Newbern,-Yorkville, Tennessee, 1798-1879, 
died at the home of his son Joseph G. Huie (buried in Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery just east of Newbern). 
 Benjamin’s father was James Huie of North Carolina. I kinda suspect that James Huie was an immigrant but do not know.
  Virginia Jantz, genealogist, thought the Huie grandfather of Benjamin Huie was probably George Huie of North Carolina but could not prove it.
Is the following scan of a daguerreotype a representation of Benjamin Huie, 1798-1879?  If not, I think it's 
likely to be one of two James Scott men, either father or son:  either the James Scott who lived 1777 to 1853 & m. Sarah Dickey (Scott)
or their son the James Scott who was born in 1810 & married Violet B. Roddy (Scott). 
 I think this because this daguerreotype was in the album of
Mrs. Julius M. Huie (née Sarah Elizabeth Scott). "Sade" or Sarah's father-in-law was Benjamin Huie, and her father
 was the James Scott born in 1810 while her paternal grandfather was the James Scott born in 1777.
3.           A Catherine Huie, Daughter of a James Huie [we know Benjamin Huie’s father
 was a James Huie] married MAJOR JAMES E Kerr in  1833 in Salisbury, NC
4.            Huie-McEachran: Mrs. Peter Huie = Mrs. John McEachran  
5.            `````An Alexander Huie married Elizabeth McEachran, daughter of John McEachran
 An Elizabeth Huie married Hector McEachran.
6.            Some Internet records I’ve excerpting showing our McCorkle-Related family
members in Pennsylvania. -- I’ve tried really hard not to infringe a copyright, and to give 
proper attribution to the workers;  but I don’t see how old Pennsylvania public documents can claim a copyright.
   7.      The following HENDRICKS EXCURSUS is of interest to Joyce Cope Huie 
and her two children Sophie and Marsha and two grandchildren 
Jessica and Hunter Cashdollar and one great-grandson PLC Blackwell; 
and to many other Hendricks / Hendrix Descendants

Chapter Fourteen   Miscellany

1.     Frelinghuisen McCorkle, Jeff Bean, & Caleb McCorkle are buried in the McCorkle Cemetery in Dyer County, Tennessee, on the other side of the fence from the White Folk. Jeff Bean's wife was Ella Bean.
2.     Gideon King, founder of Eminence, Henry County, Kentucky, father-in-law of Winfield Purviance McCorkle and 1st cousin to Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle, the 2nd wife of John Edwin McCorkle; Mary living 1st in Kentucky then Dyer County, Tennessee
3.     Our Finley-Montgomery-McCorkle Princeton University Connection through “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery McCorkle (Mrs. Alexander McCorkle, last of Rowan Co, NC), and her brother Rev. Joseph Montgomery; and her mother Martha FINLEY Montgomery, Mrs. John Finley;-- what kinship to Samuel Finley, Princeton President, 1761-1766
4.     Some Selected Names of Interest to Us from the Early Dialectic Society of the University of North Carolina. 

Chapter Fifteen

1.     "Joe" Joseph Smith McCorkle’s Affidavit about his Brother-in-Law Dr. Jonathan Francis Algea:  "Women’s Liberation 1850s -Style:  'Where is the Justis?' "

2.     Some Internet Finley Family Records from Pennsylvania (John Finley was father of Martha Finley--Mrs. John Montgomery--who was the mother of “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery (Mrs. Alexander McCorkle)

3.     Some Tennessee Government Records

4.     Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee Dyer County Biographical Section entry about David E. McCorkle, grandson of Jehiel Morrison McCorkle & wife Elizabeth Smith McCorkle; and son of Samuel Smith McCorkle

5.     Miscellaneous Web addresses that might be of interest; click on them while holding down the Control button on your computer keyboard

6.     Detailed Genealogical Information about the Descendants of JAMES SCOTT, 1777-1853, and Sarah Dickey Scott, 1777-1838.  Did James Scott marry again in 1838 or '39 in Gibson County, Tennessee, to a MARY LANDERS (Scott) on 4th June 1838? --This section has been updated by an internet contribution from who, I think, is Scott Mills.  Unfortunately, I cannot locate him in the D.C. area.

7.     Margaret Brevard Thomas & Jacob Thomas Excursus of interest to the descendants of Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle, née Jane Maxwell Thomas.  Also, one of Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard Thomas' daughters, Elizabeth Thomas became Mrs. Sherrill: Elizabeth Thomas Sherrill.  Note: Sherrill's Ford in NC.

There will be new chapters added, but until I can get help, the following will remain part of Chapter 15:

The new Chapter 16 will be:  a teaser from the Civil War part of the journals of Uncle Hiram Robert A. (HRA) McCorkle

The new Chapter 17 will be:  Hendricks / Chaffin / McMahan materials found in Mocksville, Davie Co., NC, in 2007

The new Chapter 18 will be:  Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard Thomas descendants; Iredell Co., NC

The new Chapter 19 will be:  Morrison.

8.     Finis

Pictured below:  my husband, Ralph Ervin Williamson, in New York City, 1986:



The free Acrobat Reader is required to read the following letters.  You can download the free Acrobat Reader here     if you don't already have it. 

Old McCorkle Letters

Nick & Cathy Dunagan, Martin, Tennessee.

Huie Home on Yorkville-Newbern Highway, built circa 1830

Benjamin Huie; Julius M. Huie & Sarah Elizabeth Scott; Howard Anderson Huie & Sophie King McCorkle; Aunt Beth Huie & brother Howard Ewing Huie & Ewing's wife Joyce Cope (Huie)


Thyatira Presbyterian Church, near Salisbury, North Carolina. Burial site of Alexander McCorkle, the Scots-Irish immigrant to first Pennsylvania then finally to Rowan County, North Carolina; and Alexander's two wives, viz., "Nancy" Agness Montgomery (McCorkle), the mother of his children; and Rebecca Brandon (McCorkle).

Could the person below be James Scott (1777-1853) or his son James (nicknamed "Jimps" --1810-1872); or Benjamin Huie (1798-1879)?  This tintype was in the photo album of Mrs. Julius M. Huie (née Sarah Elizabeth Scott); and I think it's of her grandfather James Scott (1777-1853); or possibly of her father James "Jimps" Scott (1810-1872); or possibly of her father-in-law Benjamin Huie (1798-1879).