Morrison Genealogy of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848

(Some of this is placed elsewhere on this Web Site, so this is repetitious.)

The following is not my work, although I have added in brackets a little bit of information:

1. James MORRISON (b. abt 1675 - Scotland)  Spouse ? (m. abt. 1701)

2. James MORRISON (b. abt. 1702 - prob. N. Ireland; d. 1779, Rowan, North Carolina) sp: Mary

3. Andrew MORRISON

3. Thomas MORRISON




3. Martha MORRISON

3. William MORRISON

3. Catherine MORRISON (b. 1774; d. l822)


3. Margaret MORRISON (b. 1765; d. 1838)

2. William MORRISON (b. 1704, prob. N. Ireland; d. 3 Jun 1771- Rowan County, North Carolina)

sp: Margaret (m. abt 1733)  [This William Morrison is the father of the Andrew Morrison who m. Elizabeth Sloan & begot Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848. This is the William who referred to himself as the "first inhabitor" of Third Creek--Loray community- in what was Rowan Co., NC, but became part of Iredell County.]

3. Margaret MORRISON [Erwin] (b. abt. 1734, prob. Lancaster, Pennsylvania) sp: George ERWIN (b. abt 1730; m. abt 1757; d. abt Mar 1783 – Rowan County, North Carolina)  [an aunt of Margaret Morrison McCorkle]

3. Rebecca MORRISON [Harris] (b. abt 1737 - prob. Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 11 Aug 1776)

sp: Samuel HARRIS (b. abt 1735 - Pennsylvania; m. 8 Aug 1758; d. 5 Oct 1796-Statesville, Iredell, North Carolina)

3. Mary MORRISON (b. abt 1738)

3. Andrew MORRISON (b. abt 1745, prob. Lancaster, Pennsylvania) sp: Elizabeth Sloan b. abt 1745 - prob. Rowan County, North Carolina; m. 26 Mar 1766)  [This is the father of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848.]

4. William Hays MORRISON (b. 8 Jan 1767, Rowan, North Carolina) [His wife née Haynes is buried in Bedford Co., Tenn., but he is interred in the McCorkle Cemetery in Dyer County, beside his sister Margaret Morrison (Mrs. Robert) McCorkle.  William Hays Morrison died in 1837.--Marsha]

4. Elizabeth MORRISON (b. abt 1769, Rowan, North Carolina; d. 12 Oct 1830, Rowan County, North Carolina) [Records in Iredell Co. Public Library in Statesville name her as Elizabeth Morrison LOWRIE & say she made her will leaving her property to her brother George Morrison.]

4. George Milton MORRISON (b. 10 Aug 1771, Rowan, North Carolina; d. 1854 [in what became Iredell County, after Iredell was carved from Rowan.  The community was Loray, NC.]  sp: Martha? (b. abt 1779, Iredell, North Carolina; m. abt 1805)

5. ? MORRISON (b. abt 1806, Iredell, North Carolina)

5. Elizabeth Miranda MORRISON (b. abt 1808, Iredell, North Carolina)

5. Mary A[manda] MORRISON (b. abt 1815, Iredell, North Carolina)

5. Rebecca A MORRISON (b. abt 1817, Iredell, North Carolina)

5. Martha C. MORRISON (twin) (b. abt 1820, Iredell, North Carolina)

5. Sarah A MORRISON (twin) (b. abt 1820, Iredell, North Carolina)

5. George M. MORRISON (b. abt 1824, Iredell, North Carolina) [Records in the Iredell Co. Public Library history room in Statesville, NC, say that only this Geo. MILTON Morrison had children.--Marsha Cope Huie]

4. Margaret MORRISON (b. abt 1772, Rowan, North Carolina) [This is my ancestor, Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848, who m. Robert McCorkle and moved in stages from Rowan County, NC, to Dyer County, Tennessee.--Marsha Cope Huie]

4. Sarah MORRISON (b. abt 1777)  --[I, Marsha, don't know who this is.    ?

4. Andrew Sloan MORRISON (b. 27 Nov 1779, Rowan, North Carolina; d. 5 Jan 1844-Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana)  [I am so thankful to find this person!  Was he a minister?]

4. Rebecca MORRISON (b. 1774)  [REBECCA Morrison at least in her old age lived with her sister Mary Morrison Morrison, both residing in the home of a young James Morrison.  Rebecca died near Hillsboro in Coffee County. She appears, I think I recall, on the 1850 census but not on the 1860 census.--Margaret Morrison McCorkle's letter to her daughter Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache states that son Edwin Alexander McCorkle took a wagon from West Tennessee (Dyer County) to rescue his aunts Mary Morrison Morrison and Rebecca Morrison from their penury in Coffee County, Tennessee, but that they were afraid to ride westward with Edwin and refused to do so.--Elmira wrote about her aunt Rebecca Morrison that she had probably grown fretful from long listening to her sister Mary Morrison Morrison's complaints; Elmira opined that her Aunt Mary would not be happy in any situation.]

4. Rachel MORRISON  [papers in the public library at Statesville, Iredell Co., NC, list her husband as Robert Brown. And a letter from Margaret Morrison McCorkle states that she has heard, but cannot verify, that her sister Rachel died July 1st 1835.]

4. Mary MORRISON  --[This is the MARY MORRISON who married her 1st cousin JOHN Morrison, a son of Mary's uncle Patrick Morrison.  --To repeat: Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache wrote to her mother, Margaret Morrison McCorkle, about her aunt Rebecca Morrison that she had probably grown fretful from long listening to her sister Mary Morrison Morrison's complaints; Elmira opined that her Aunt Mary would not be happy in any situation.  And a letter from Mary Morrison to her nephew Robert A H McCorkle in Dyer County, Tennessee, reveals that "we" once lived in Middle Tennessee on Bradley's Creek.]

Again, I am very grateful to whoever placed the above information about PATRICK MORRISON and the Morrisons who migrated to Montgomery County, Tennessee, on the internet at         I hope the author, whose name I cannot discern, will contact me so that we can compare notes and get a full picture of the Morrison descendants.