McCorkle AndersonMcMurry –  Leath  Excursus                                


Robert McCorkle by his first wife Elizabeth ( Lizzie)  Blythe (McCorkle) had a daughter named Elizabeth McCorkle, who according to our family records married Thomas Anderson in Sumner Co., Tennessee [Middle Tennessee, north of Nashville].  Elizabeth McCorkle was a half-sister to Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roach, whose correspondence appears here.  Elizabeth McCorkle (Anderson) was raised in Middle Tennessee by her maternal grandmother Blythe.  –It was Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle’s sister, Margaret “Peggy” Blythe,  who was the 1st wife of William McCorkle, brother to Robert McCorkle.

Thomas Anderson through Elizabeth McCorkle (Anderson) begot at least four children:


C           Elizabeth “Lizzie” Anderson McMurry

                   [Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roach wrote that Elizabeth Anderson married "Mitchell" John Mitchell McMurry:  “Sister Elizabeth’s [Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson’s] daughter Elizabeth [Anderson] is married to Mitchell McMurray and old Aunt Anna and the Calhouns are at loggerheads about the property of her defunct son, who married Thomas Calhoun’s daughter.   you know the old lady, itching palm for gold.”

                   The Cumberland Presbyterian inernet web site lists a Rev. J. M. McMurry who long preached in McMinnville, Tennessee, but retired with his wife Elizabeth Anderson McMurray to her original home in Lebanon, Tennessee, and died in 1875. At one time, Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson McMurry’s mother, is recorded as living with her in Lebanon, Tennessee.]

C        Martha Anderson (Leath) [Surname looks more like Keigh or Leigh or Leith in Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache’s letter to her nephew James Scott McCorkle, M.D., of Newbern, Tennessee, but could be Leath]. Martha had three sons and removed from Middle Tennessee to Memphis.

                      --I, Marsha Huie, think Martha Anderson married a Mr. James T. Leath, an attorney.    Source: the 1850 Memphis census, in which a Martha D. Leath appears as wife of James T. Leath, attorney.  Although a slaveholder, he had been selected as ruling elder from the western district of Tennessee of the Presbyterian Church.

                     By the time of the 1860 census, James T. Leath had acquired a new wife, listed as having been born in New Jersey, so Martha Anderson Leath almost certainly died sometime between 1850 and 1860, as almost no one divorced back then. 


                     –I recently learned that the mother of James T. Leath was Sarah Leath, member of the First Presbyterian Church of Memphis, founded in 1828, who founded what became the Porter-Leath Home, still a charitable organization in Memphis today.

[Who is the Hatton Leath of Henrietta, Texas, whom Hiram McCorkle mentions in a post-Civil War journal entry? Uncle Hiram R. A. McCorkle records that Hatton Leath was visiting in Newbern.]

C           Julia Anderson  --  who never married, according to her aunt, Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache; and


C           Robert Anderson, who, Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache wrote, might have moved to Alabama.  Well, Mississippi was stricken off from Alabama, wasn't it?--  The following is yet unproven: One person named Robert Anderson appears as an attorney in Mississippi: in the towns of Lexington and Durant, Mississippi (Holmes County).[24]  Source:  The ff. entry is on about Robert Anderson’s father’s family:  that is, about Thomas Anderson’s family. The entry is from a James Lawler: .  I do not vouch for its veracity, but cannot gainsay its contents. 2007 update:  Robert A. Anderson, attorney, is buried in the Mizpah Cemetery, Holmes County, Mississippi.  By now I'm convinced he was a grandson of Robert McCorkle by Robert's 1st wife Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle (evidently this Robert A. Anderson was a son of Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson & Thomas Anderson).

The entry on the Anderson family has been the only lead I could find regarding our Robert McCorkle’s grandson Robert Anderson: 

·  Thomas ANDERSON  , born circa 1774 in Orange Co., NC  ·  Died 1842 in Tenn. 

Father: James ANDERSON, b: 19 Mar 1731 in Lancaster Co., PA; later of Orange Co., NC.  Mother: Elizabeth MEBANE, b: circa 1740 in Pennsylvania; of Orange Co., NC.
Thomas Anderson’s Marriages: 1st  Sarah ATKINSON, b: ca.1780 in Orange Co., NC.--married ca.1802 in Orange Co., NC.

2nd marriage:  Elizabeth McCORKLE, b: ca 1785 in Tennessee. Thomas Anderson & Elizabeth McCorkle married circa 1809 in Sumner County, Tennessee.  [See Early Sumner County, Tenn., marriage records online]



 The following is not my work, but is taken from the Internet, Sumner County, Tennessee, pages. Mr. Rusty Kleine in the year 1999 placed this of record.  Words in brackets are added by me, Marsha Cope Huie:

“Anderson Bible Record  Contributed by Rusty Kleine 1999

“NOTE:  Copied from Bible dated 1851 owned by Mrs. Kate Miller, East Main Street, Gallatin, Tennessee, Copied by Mrs. Alice Guthrie. Information taken from LDS film #0024840

“Alexander Anderson married Phoebe Hall May 30, 1787
James Anderson married Elizabeth Nemo March 1815
William Anderson married Asenath McCorkle June 1815
Elizabeth Anderson married Samuel Wilson
Sept. 7, 1820
T.C. Anderson married R.A. McMurry
June 5, 1834  [Robert & Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Anderson [McMurry] , married John Mitchell McMurry in Sumner County.—Marsha Huie]
David E. Anderson married Laura Moore
Sept. 5, 1871

Alexander Anderson born Oct. 10, 1764
Phebe Hall born
May 17, 1762
Elizabeth Anderson born
Mar. 30, 1788  --[Check to see if this is Robert & Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle’s daughter, Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson.]
James Anderson born
Oct. 9, 1789
Miller Anderson born
Sept 28, 1791
Mebane Anderson born
Aug. 25, 1795  [Thomas Anderson’s mother was neé Mebane; Thomas Anderson married Elizabeth McCorkle [Anderson].
Mary Anderson born
July 12, 1793
Margaret Anderson born
Jan 23, 1798
John Anderson born
Jan. 3, 1800
Thomas Anderson born
Oct. 21, 1801  [Check to see if this if Robert & Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle’s son-in-law, the Thomas Anderson who married their daughter, Elizabeth McCorkle [Anderson]. 
Jane Anderson born Mat. 5, 1804
David McMurry born Feb. 1778
Ann Blythe McMurry born Feb 29, 1777
James B. McMurry born Jan 18,1 1803
John M. McMurry born
Sept. 30, 1804       [I’m almost certain this is John MITCHELL McMurry, who became a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, long preaching in McMinnville, Tennessee, and who married Elizabeth Anderson [McMurry], granddaughter of Robert & Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle. Rev. Mitchell McMurry & wife Elizabeth E. Anderson McMurry retired back to Lebanon, Tennessee.]
Elizabeth E. McMurry born Apt. 19, 1806  [I’m almost certain this is Elizabeth Anderson [McMurry], a granddaughter of Robert & Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle.]

Mary A. McMurry born
Aug. 22, 1808  [sister to Rev. John Mitchell McMurry?]
Rachael McMurry born
June 6, 1811          [sister to Rev. John Mitchell McMurry?]
David Blythe born
May 25, 1827
Ann E. McMurry born
Jan. 12, 1840
Mitchel Donnell born
Nov. 30, 1835      [“Donnell” is a name of prominence in the early records of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, founded 1810 in Middle Tennessee.]
Asenath Donnell born
Aug. 25, 1841
George Donnell born Nov. 1844
Amanda A. Anderson born
Nov. 1, 1836
Alexander? Anderson born
Nov 23, 1838?
Phebe E. Anderson born
Jan. 15, 1837
David B. Anderson born
July 19, 1842
Mebena D.
Anderson May 12, 1845
James M. Anderson born
Feb. 17, 1848

Rev. Alexander Anderson died Feb. 1804
Phebe Hall , his wife
Mrs. R.A Anderson died
Dec. 6, 1849
Mebane Anderson 1954  [1854?]
Jimmie W. Anderson - 1865
Michael A.
Anderson died July 3, 1863
Rev. T.C. Anderson died Feb. 3P 1862 ”  [End of
Anderson Bible records quoted from the Internet….] 

[End of McCorkle – Anderson – McMurry - Leath  Excursus]