Hendricks or Hendrix Excursus:  Isabel Pendry
& Daniel Hendricks
of Rowan-Davie, North Carolina,
Pioneers to Dyer County, Tennessee,
buried in the McCorkle Cemetery;
ancestors of, inter alia, Joyce Cope Huie, my mother.
Hendricks Excursus:
  A letter of Margaret Morrison McCorkle’s transcribed
above mentions a Mr. Hendricks in what she called Verdant
        I placed an erroneous statement
on the Dyer County web site about the 2nd wife of
Uriah C. Hendricks: I erroneously said she was
Temperance McMahon (Mrs. Chaffin)(Mrs. Hendricks). She was not
the widow of Mumford Bean, and she was not the widow of
Wm. O. Chaffin. It was a sister of Uriah C. Hendricks who 
married a Mr. Chaffin.
The 2nd wife of Uriah C. Hendricks (not the mother
of his children) was “Aunt Tempey” Temperance MacMahan BEAN
(Hendricks).  Uriah C. Hendricks went up to
Clermont County, Ohio, to marry his 1st wife, Mary “Pollie”
 MacMahan (Hendricks), who had earlier lived
in Rowan-Davie County, NC. Evidently, Mary McMahan's McMahan
family --I don't know her parents' names--removed from NC
to Ohio.
Uriah and Mary McMahan Hendricks moved to Dyer County,
as did Uriah’s father Daniel Hendricks & mother Isabel
Uriah C. Hendricks was a son of Daniel Hendricks
[for convenience I call the father Daniel Hendricks, Sr.]
Daniel Hendricks Sr.’s wife was Isabel Pen[d]ry Hendricks,
and husband and wife were, at least before coming to
West Tennessee, of Rowan County, North Carolina—later
Davie County, NC.  A brother to Uriah C. Hendricks,
another son of Daniel & Isabel Pendry Hendricks, was Daniel
Roland Hendricks, who is also buried in the Dyer County,
Tennessee, McCorkle Cemetery. It is this middle name of ROLAND
that makes me think Daniel Hendricks (who m. Isabel Pendry)
was a son of Mary Roland Hendrix 
& her husband, an older Daniel Hendrix/Hendricks.
The following Temperance Hendricks (Chaffin)
is evidently a sister of Uriah C. Hendricks:
on 13 Feb. 1829, in Rowan County, NCby CASWELL HARBIN.
MARCH 3, 1829.
Hendricks.  North Carolina marriage records
show this marriage in 1829 of Temperance Hendricks:
1829, in Rowan County, NC, by CASWELL HARBIN. MARCH 3, 1829.
This is what I think about "our" Daniel Hendricks who m.
an older woman named Isabel Pendry:
I. Gaspar Roland, anglicized later to Casper Roland
II. Mary Roland, wife of an elder Daniel Hendrix or Hendricks
of Rowan-Davie County, NC
III. "our" Daniel Hendricks/Hendrix born 1784 who m.
Isabel Pendry b. 1777; they removed from Mocksville, Davie
Co., No.Carolina, to become early settlers in the newly opened
western district of Tennessee. They are buried in the McCorkle
Cemetery east of Newbern.
IV.  "Sis" Narcissus Elizabeth Hendricks (Cope); Harriet
"Hattie" Hendricks Wyatt; Mark Hendricks of Trimblek father of
Kate Pennington, Tucson, Arizona; George Hendricks
of Trimble--Civil War;
Albert Hendricks of Trimble-Newbern;
JC or Jerry Hendricks who was killed young in Trimble, 
After Uriah C. Hendricks was widowed
(by death of Mary “Pollie” MacMahan Hendricks),
he went up to Indiana/Ohio to claim Temperance McMahan,
the sister of his deceased wife Mary McMahan (Hendricks).
It was the first wife of Uriah who was the mother of his
children, who called the new Mrs. Uriah C. Hendricks
“Aunt Tempey.”  Dyer County, Tennessee, marriage records
show the marriage of Uriah C. Hendricks to Temperance
[MacMahan] Bean.