Marsha Cope Huie 's annotated, typed version of the first membership book of the old family church, then called Lemalsamac Christian Church and now known as Lemalsamac Church of Christ.

Lemalsamac Christian Church--First Membership Book. 

Typed and annotated by Marsha Cope Huie.  Copyright 2008; all rights reserved by Marsha Cope Huie. No reproduction is to be tolerated (and Marsha Cope Huie is a lawyer licensed in Tennessee and Texas with plenty of time on her hands to enforce this prohibition).

Unfortunately, I must announce that no reproduction is allowed without violation of the law of copyright, as I've been astounded at the number of people, including a Church of Christ minister, who have copied and reproduced my earlier works as their own, without attribution to me. Perhaps "PLAGIARISM" is no longer pointed out to the younger generation in the schools as a wrong, perhaps even a crime.

Provenance of this the First Membership Book of Lemalsamac Christian Church, located about 5 miles east of Newbern in Dyer County, Tennessee:  Edwin Alexander McCorkle, 1799-1853, & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle, died 1855; their son John Edwin McCorkle, 1839-1924; John E McCorkle's son Glen Roache McCorkle; Glen McCorkle's daughter Annie Glen McCorkle, born 1916; Annie Glen McCorkle's first cousin-once-removed Marsha Cope Huie, born 1946.

I typed what was in the old book and added explanations in brackets attempting to identify the early members, almost all of whom were McCorkles either by consanguinity (blood) or affinity (marriage).

I, Marsha Cope Huie, descend from Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle; from their son Edwin Alexander McCorkle & his wife Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle); and from Edwin & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle’s son John Edwin McCorkle & John E’s 2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle.  The paternal grandparents of Sophie Joyce Huie Cashdollar & Marsha Cope Huie-Williamson were also members of the Lemalsamac Church:  viz., a daughter of John Edwin & Mary Cotton McCorkle: Sophie & Marsha's grandmother Sophie King McCorkle (Huie), 1882-1915, a member along with her husband Howard Anderson Huie, 1870-1935.  Until 1952, Sophie and Howard’s children Sarah Elisabeth Huie, 1904-1993, and Howard EWING Huie, 1907-1971, were members of Lemalsamac, by then called Lemalsamac Church of Christ. As a child, for the first ten years of her life, Sophie Joyce Huie (Cashdollar) attended Lemalsamac with her father, Howard EWING Huie, 19-7-1971, and Ewing Huie's sister "Aunt Beth" Sarah Elisabeth Huie,  while Marsha Cope Huie attended Mt. Carmel Methodist Church with her mother, Joyce Cope Huie. In 1952 Ewing Huie reluctantly left the old family church, and so did his sister Beth Huie.  Although leaders of the congregation also attempted to run off Ewing & Elizabeth Huie's uncle, Glen Roache McCorkle, Uncle Glen refused to leave his old family church.  When interdicted from praying publicly in the church, Uncle Glen R. McCorkle responded, "That's all right with me. I wasn't praying to them anyway.  I pray to God almighty."  And so he stayed.  --When I used to say that my father and aunt were run out of their own family's church, my mother (a Methodist) would always respond, "No, Marsha. The church belonged, and belongs, to God, not to the McCorkle family."  Mama always had more common sense than I. My father's main sin, you might ask:  he had led the singing in 1952 at a piano-playing Christian Church in Newbern at worship services conducted by his double-first cousin's son, Christian Church/Disciples of Christ minister "Bill" Wm. Maury Huie.

    It is, I adjudge, worthy of note that one of the earliest members of Lemalsamac Church --my great-great grandmother Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle (Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle) --  was a niece of [ through her mother Elizabeth Purviance (Mrs. William Thomas) ] "elder" David Purviance, who is counted after Barton W. Stone as a co-founder of the Christian Church/Disciples of Christ/Church of Christ.  An autobiography of David Purviance, written by his son Levi Purviance, is available for reading on the Internet. Also of interest is the web-site of Cane Ridge Meeting House, near Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky, site of the beginning of the Christian Church in about the year 1804.

     The "Restoration Movement" proposed to restore the tenets and practice of Christianity to only those stated in the New Testament; the movement began in earnest, influenced by Scotsman Alexander Campbell, at the Cane Ridge camp meetings held periodically from 1801-1804 outside Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.  David Purviance was one of the signators of the Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery; but many who at first joined the new movement eventually returned to Presbyterianism, and to the Baptist Church.

First Membership Book of

 the Lemalsamac Christian Church,

Dyer County, Tennessee, established August 1847-9  

Elsewhere in this compilation of materials is presented a Letter from RAH McCorkle to his sister Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roache stating that the family members had long met in their private homes; but lately had begun meeting together, reading the Scripture, singing hymns and not forgetting the poor saints (taking up a collection for them). RAH McCorkle's brother, Jehiel Morrison McCorkle, was selected as the first elder.  But note that "Jem" Morrison died in 1849.  Jehiel was a magistrate and a member of the first Dyer County Court, evidently being the clerk of the Dyer County Court as his handwritten court-minutes now lie in the archives of the University of Tennessee at Martin.  Local Dyer County historian Earl Willoughby recently told me that JMM Morrison was a member of the first Dyer County Militia. As stated, Jehiel Morrison McCorkle died in 1849.  RAH McCorkle's letter to his sister noted farther that their brother Edwin Alexander McCorkle, 1799-1853, was "our most efficient deacon." (Edwin was my great-great grandfather.)

It is said that Green Hill organized the church in 1847, and mention is made of a Mr. Van Dyke, 1848-1849.  The people met in [Eleazor Woods & wife Sarah Purviance Thomas (Woods)] Woods’ School House (Churchton Community).  "RAH" Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle manufactured the name by taking parts of names of the charter members.  Margaret “Peggy” Thomas Dickey gave the lot, 3 ½ acres of land, for construction of the worship house, which was built in 1856-1857Peggy Dickey's husband's name is not known to me at present, but she died childless and her will is of record in Dyer County and will give clues. Peggy Margaret Thomas Dickey was a sister to Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle (Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle); the sisters were born to Elizabeth Purviance (Thomas), Elizabeth Thomas being a sister to Restoration Movement co-founder David Purviance.

Jonathan Hall and Joe Gray Moore were the contractors for the new building.  (Jonathan & LouMira Hall were parents of, inter alia, the wife of Church of Christ preacher Rev. Thomas Elihu Scott; the Hall parents are buried in the McCorkle Cemetery.)

Some of the early preachers were Messieurs:  Holmes; Benton; Bob Trimble; Alex Cook; and Alf Carter, 1885-86.  Madison Fanning lectured in the graveyard when was refused the Presbyterian Church.  A noted Christian Church minister during the Civil War era was Tolbert Fanning, namesake of several McCorkle children.  During the war itself, "HRA" Hiram R. A. McCorkle when in Nashville as one of the Confederate soldiers (“Confederals”) went out to spend the night at the home of Tolbert Fanning; and HRA’s young son named Tolbert Fanning McCorkle suffered an early death when falling from his mother’s (Margaret A. L. Cowan McCorkle’s) lap in a surrey. I do not know the relationship to Madison Fanning to Tolbert Fanning, but assume kinship.

           The year  1917 saw formulation of plans for a new church building, and the appointed committee began the next day to solicit funds.  Committee members were:  J.L. Moore; J.C. [Clint] Rose (grandfather of inter alia Cheryl Rose Baker, born 1945); my father's father Howard Anderson Huie (wife:  née Sophie King McCorkle, granddaughter of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & Edwin's wife Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle); and J. W. Pope and Joe Hiram Pope (the latter being McCorkle-Pope descendants of "HRA" Hiram R A  McCorkle). 

            The last meeting in the old building was on 22nd July 1917.  The congregants then began meeting in a hall over the Churchton village blacksmith’s shop on 29th July 1917, continuing there until the second Sunday in December of 1917.  A heavy snow prevented the intended opening of services in the new house of worship.  Elder T. M. Carney of Union City, Tennessee, was one of those present, who were viz., Mr. Tom Miller and his three sons:  Ollie Miller, Richmond Miller, and Melvin Miller; Holland Moore and Eulen Moore; Mrs. Ora McCorkle Huie (widow of  Julius Adolphus “Dolph” Huie) and son Maury Adolphus Huie (a grandson of John Edwin McCorkle).  The scant crowd observed Communion. No, they did not call it "eucharist" and they did not believe in trans-substantiation or even, I think, consubstantiation. I think, rather, that to them the communion items are only emblematic (representational).

Miller Note:  Ollie Miller married Miss Irva London (Miller) and they had numerous children, most of whom live(d) in the Churchton-Newbern-Yorkville community.  My "Uncle Mutt" Maury Adolphus Huie, 1895-1973, was baptized in the pond of Mr. Tom Miller.  Quaere:  What kin was Mr. Tom Miller to Jennie Miller who married James Allen Scott, James having been born in 1839 as twin to Sarah "Sade" Scott Huie (Mrs. Julius M. Huie)?  Jennie Miller Scott & James Allen Scott removed to Cleburne, Texas.  Who were Jennie's parents?

            The cornerstone of the new building was laid on August 26, 1917.  A Bible, and the names of the officers, elders, and deacons, were placed under the cornerstone.  "AJ" Anderson Jehiel McCorkle (son of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle), then aged 84, was given the honor, as the oldest member of the congregation, of breaking the first shovel of earth for the church’s foundation. 


Now to the entries in the old book:


Name                                       Date When Joined:       How:                            Remarks


J.M. McCorkle                    August 26, 1849                                   died Dec. 6th 1849


[Jehiel Morrison McCorkle,

a son of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle;

“JEM” McCorkle’s wife was Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith (It may be that Betsy Smith (McCorkle) was a niece of the husband of Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache (that is, a niece of Dr. Stephen Roache Jr., of Middle Tennessee).  Jehiel & Betsy’s children:  R E McCorkle; Samuel Smith McCorkle who m. Margaret Wharey; Alexander “Dank” McCorkle, grandfather of inter alia Gov. Carl Bailey of Arkansas; Locke McCorkle (killed in  Civil War Battle of Atlanta); E.J. “Ed” McCorkle (killed in Civil War); “Clay” Henry Clay McCorkle (killed Civil War Battle of Brice’s Crossroads, Guntown, Mississippi); M. Caroline McCorkle (Greer) (Gregory) (Roach), a charter member of Lemalsamac; John Quincy McCorkle who m. Etheline Ellis; Margaret B. McCorkle; and an E. McCorkle.]


R.A.H. McCorkle                August 26, 1849                                   died Sept. 26th 1873


[Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle,

a son of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle, and grandson of:  (1) Alexander & "Nancy" Agness MONTGOMERY McCorkle, who are buried as Presbyterians in the Thyatira Presbyterian Church outside Mooresville near Salisbury, Rowan County, NC; and (2) RAH McCorkle was a grandson of Andrew Morrison & wife Elizabeth Sloan Morrison, Rowan-Iredell County, North Carolina.

RAH McCorkle's wife:  Tirzah Scott (McCorkle), a daughter of James Scott (1777-1853) and Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838) (Sarah Dickey Scott being a daughter of John Dickey of Pennsylvania and Albemarle, Virginia, then York District, South Carolina, and of John Dickey’s wife Sarah Robinson Dickey of York District, S.C., then the Newbern-Yorkville area.  --Addition of November 2007:  back in Yorkville, Tennessee, for the funeral of "Miss" Llewellyn Wyatt Jones, I tried to explain to the current U.S. Congressman for western Tennessee, John Tanner, that he descends from this Tirzah Scott McCorkle & RAH McCorkle.  I'm shamefacedly hoping he can help us get the old McCorkle Cemetery declared to be an historic spot, as it truly is.

Earlier, RAH McCorkle had flirted with, but soon abjured, Mormonism. ]


J.F. Algea                                        August 26, 1849                                   withdrawn from July 25th 1858


[Jonathan Francis Algea,

errant husband of Sarah Elmira McCorkle,

a daughter of Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle & Tirzah Scott McCorkle. Two children by Sarah McCorkle: Fannie A. Wharey & Carrie Algea.]


Jane McCorkle                          August 26, 1849                                                   died Jan 20th 1855


[Jane Maxwell Thomas, married in 1802 in Lebanon, Wilson County, Middle Tennessee: Edwin Alexander McCorkle; Jane was a daughter of Elizabeth Purviance Thomas & William Thomas of NC then Wilson Co., Middle Tennessee. Jane’s siblings:  David Thomas, 1st attorney general of Republic of Texas and acting Secretary of War, and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence; John Purviance Thomas who m. Catherine Espy; Hiram Jacob Thomas, M.D., who removed to Yazoo, Mississippi and died there in 1878; “Peggy” Margaret Thomas Dickey, who granted the land for Lemalsamac Church; Sarah Thomas Woods (Mrs. Eleazor Woods.  Their mother Elizabeth Purviance Thomas’s brother, David Purviance, was a co-founder of the Christian Church-Church of Christ, at Cane Ridge Meeting House in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1804, born of the Great Camp Meetings there at Cane Ridge from1801-1804.  Every member of any of the 3 denominations (Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, Church of Christ) should make a pilgrimage to Cane Ridge near Paris in Bourbon County, Kentucky.


Tirzah McCorkle                          August 26, 1849                                                   died August 27th 1865


[Tirzah Scott, Mrs. Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle;

daughter of the above James Scott, 1777-1853 & wife Sarah Dickey Scott, 1777-1838.

Tirzah Scott McCorkle’s Siblings:

 (1st sibling of Tirzah Scott) Lemuel Locke Scott who m. Margaret Permelia McCorkle;

 (2nd sibling of Tirzah Scott) James “Jimps” Scott, who m. Violet B. Roddy and was the father of Rev. Thomas Elihu Scott, of “Sade” Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie & of Sade’s 1839-born twin James Allen Scott who married Jennie Miller and removed to Bastrop then Cleburne, Texas; of Allen “Tobe” Scott (father of Dr. Allen Gray Scott & Ida Scott (Parrish)(Moore); and of Clementine Tirzah Scott (Mrs. James)Trimble; and of Martha E. Scott who married Anderson Jehiel McCorkle; and of  Margaret Scott (died 1862), the first wife of David Purviance McCorkle;

(3rd sibling of Tirzah Scott) William Scott who removed to Hardeman County in the early 1800s, m. Nancy Edwards Wellborn (Scott) and fathered the 1st wife of John Edwin McCorkle, “Tennie” Tennessee Alice Edwards Scott McCorkle as well as other children who remained in Hardeman County.

(4th sibling of Tirzah Scott McCorkle)  John Dickey or John Dickie Scott who married a Williams woman and moved down to Hardeman Co., there his brother William had settled.  –I’ve come to wonder if the wife of John Dickey Scott  was somehow kin to the Benjamin Williams who married Jane M. Thompson (Williams), a granddaughter of Margaret Morrison & Robert McCorkle.


Sarah E. McCorkle                      August 26, 1849   married J F Algea                               [blank]


[This is Sarah Elmira McCorkle, a daughter of RAH & Tirzah Scott McCorkle. She had two daughters, viz., Fanny Algea Wharey and Carrie Algea.  After separation from Jno. Francis Algea, Sarah E. McCorkle returned to her parents’ home, that of RAH & Tirzah Scott McCorkle.  I used to believe she and her two daughters are buried in the Poplar Grove C.P. Church Cemetery just east of the railroad tracks on the Newbern-Yorkville Highway; but now I think Sarah Elmira McCorkle Algea is buried beside--same stone--her daughter Carrie Algea in the McCorkle Cemetery.]


Mary C. McCorkle                        August 26, 1849   : married O. Roach. Died.                  [blank]


[Mary Caroline McCorkle,

daughter of Jehiel Morrison McCorkle & “Betsy” Elizabeth Smith McCorkle;

Caroline married (1) Mr. Greer; (2) Mr. Gregory; then (3) James O. Roache, whom she married 6th March 1883.  She lost three brothers in the Civil War, viz., “Clay” Henry Clay McCorkle, Brice’s Crossroads, Guntown, Mississippi; and Locke McCorkle (Battle of Atlanta);  and Ed J. McCorkle.]


Margaret R. McCorkle                      August 26, 1849                        died Nov. 15th 1855


[ Who is Margaret R. McCorkle ??????  I suspect this to be Margaret B. McCorkle, a daughter of Jehiel Morrison & Elizabeth Smith McCorkle but am not sure.  I think there is confusion about (at least) the date of death of this Margaret R. McCorkle, confusion with the date of death of  Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott, who was born 14 January 1805, married Lemuel Locke Scott on 19 January 1833,  and died 19th November 1855; this latter Margaret–Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott—was a daughter of Robert & Morrison Morrison McCorkle.

Three good possibilities arise about the identity of Margaret R. McCorkle, all from the family of Jehiel Morrison “JEM” McCorkle & wife “Betsy” Elizabeth Smith McCorkle:

 (1st possibility) their daughter who is listed in our old family records as Margaret B. McCorkle (no dates available);

(2nd possibility) Margaret Wharey McCorkle, the wife of Samuel Smith McCorkle, a son of JEM & Elizabeth Smith McCorkle; and

(3rd possibility) Margaret Pitt McCorkle who married AlexanderDankMcCorkle,  a son of Jehiel Morrison & Elizabeth Smith McCorkle. (It was this Dank McCorkle whose grandson was the Governor Carl Bailey of Arkansas.) Children of Alexander “Dank” & Margaret Pitt McCorkle were: Jehiel McCorkle who m. Bettie Hall; Lee McCorkle who m. Emma Johnson; Robert Eusebius McCorkle, Christian Church minister who m. Nannie Smith; Alexander McCorkle who m. a Miss Baker; then Maggie Sturdivant; Margaret McCorkle (Mrs. Barnett)(Mrs. Bailey), the mother of Gov. Carl Bailey of Arkansas; Howard McCorkle who burnt to death; William S. McCorkle who m. Lizzie Sturdivant; Beulah McCorkle (Tucker); and Irving Adair McCorkle who m. Ida Mai Smith and lived in Newbern.]


Susan L. McCorkle                       Sept 13th 1829        married R.H. McNail            [blank]


[Susan L. McCorkle, Mrs. Robert McNail,

was a daughter of RAH & Tirzah Scott McCorkle

and a paternal granddaughter of Robert and Margaret Morrison McCorkle.

Children of Susan McCorkle & Bob McNail Robert Ed McNail; Will E. McNail who m. Alice Casey and moved to Detroit, Michigan; Thomas Addison McNail who m. Kitty Smith.]


Lemuel Scott                                   Sept 13th 1849                                                        died Sept  th 1866


[Lemuel Locke Scott was a son of James & Sarah Dickey Scott, of York District, S.C., then of this area, Presbyterians then after 1810 Cumberland Presbyterians.  He died 17 September 1866.  Some of his children by Margaret Permelia McCorkle: William Leander Scott, 1835-1885, who married Mattie J. Cowan then Addie Fernandes; “Bob” Robert Quincy Scott, 1837-1907 who married Sallie Owen; and Sarah “Sallie” L. Scott (1838-1876) who married Mr. Rodgers 22 April 1858 then “Dick” Richard W. Locke on Oct. 18th 1866. Other children of Lemuel Locke & Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott were:  John A. Scott, 1833-1854; James J. Scott, 1850-1853; David E. Scott, 1845-1853; L.E. Scott; and Margaret E. Scott, 1841-1873.


S. S. McCorkle                                                Sept 13th 1850                                                       


[Samuel Smith McCorkle, a son of Jehiel Morrison & Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith McCorkle; and a grandson of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle.  S S McCorkle m. Margaret Wharey (McCorkle) and moved to Yorkville. Their children:  Mary McCorkle; Leone McCorkle; James McCorkle; David E. McCorkle, superintendent of Dyer County Schools, Dyersburg, who m. Lulie Vaughn; Frances McCorkle; Ella McCorkle (Mrs. Joe W.) Pope, who died Oct 1, 1946; A.L. McCorkle (“Bud”) who shot but did not kill a man named Labe Cowsert; and Susan McCorkle.]


E.A. McCorkle                                 March 9th 1850                                      died Jan 10th 1853


Baptized on March 8th 1850, Edwin Alexander McCorkle was a son of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle. He was born in North Carolina in 1799, then moved to near Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., Tennessee; then to Dyer County, where he served as a Justice of the Peace.  He married Jane Maxwell Thomas in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee.  Children:  Hiram Robert A. McCorkle, 1827-1907; William Thomas McCorkle, 1829-1832; David Purviance McCorkle, 1830-1884, a member of the Confederate States of America Congress who m. (1st) Margaret Scott, a daughter of James Scott & Violet B. Roddy Scott, and (2nd wife ) Bettie Jackson of Obion County; Rebecca Elmira McCorkle Zarecor (Mrs. John C. Zarecor, 1832-1908); Anderson Jehiel McCorkle, 1834-1922; Elizabeth J. McCorkle (Mrs. Wyatt Reeves) of Gadsden near Humboldt, 1836-1905; John Edwin McCorkle, 17th May 1839-1st January 1924, married (1st) “Tennie” Scott on 14th January 1868, then (2nd) on 1st Sept. 1880 in Eminence, Kentucky, John Edwin McCorkle married Mary Elizabeth Cotton of Botland near Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky; and finally twins born 8th January 1844: twin Finis Alexander McCorkle  (died 16 July 1912) and twin “Tina” Margaret Latina McCorkle (Mrs. John Gregory) (died 22nd July 1883).


No. 13  Elizabeth McCorkle                       March 10th 1850                                                    died May 1879


[This is “Betsy” Elizabeth Smith McCorkle, Mrs. Jehiel Morrison McCorkle, a daughter-in-law of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle.  Something I read in the papers of the children of Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache (Elmira being another daughter of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle) speculates that Elizabeth Smith (McCorkle) was a niece of Dr. Stephen Roache, husband of Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roache.]


14.  A.J. Goodloe                                                                                                     Removed & died


15.  Johannah Goodloe                                                                                        Removed & died


[Eleazor Woods married Sarah Purviance Thomas (Woods), a sister of Jane Maxwell Thomas (Mrs. Edwin Alexander) McCorkle.  One of Eleazor & Sarah Woods’ children was William T. “Billy” Woods.  The first wife of W.T. “Bill” Woods was Cattie Doak or Doake (Woods); the 2nd wife of W.T. “Bill” Woods was Sue Goodloe (Woods).]  


16.  Margaret Dickey      [joined] March 31st  1850                                                                                                                                  died


[Peggy” Margaret Thomas Dickey was a sister to, inter alia, Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle, née Jane Maxwell Thomas.  Peggy Dickey gave the land for construction of Lemalsamac Church. Her will is of record in Dyer County, Tennessee.  I  do not know the name of her Dickey husband, alas !]


17.  Jonathan Hall                                        April 15th [1850]   


18.  Lemira L [or T]  Hall                               April 15th


[Jonathan & Loumira Hall are parents of Artie Hall (Scott), who married Rev. Thomas Elihu Scott.  They are buried in the McCorkle Cemetery.  Thomas Elihu Scott (a son of James & Violet B. Roddy Scott) was a paternal grandson of James Scott (Pennsylvania, York District SC, to Yorkville-Newbern), 1777-1853, & Sarah Dickey Scott, 1777-1838.  Thomas Elihu Scott was a brother to, inter alia, “Sade” Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie (Mrs. Julius M. Huie); Allan “Tobe” Scott; Clementine Tirzah Scott (Mrs. James) Trimble; James Allen Scott who m. Jennie Miller; Martha E. Scott (Mrs. Anderson Jehiel McCorkle); and Margaret Scott (Mrs. David Purviance McCorkle).]


19Jane M. Williams                     June 12th 1850                                                                       died


[Jane M. Thompson was a daughter of Rebecca Cowden McCorkle (Thompson) and Gideon Thompson, who died within two years of each other in Middle Tennessee, leaving two orphaned daughters, viz., Jane M. Thompson (later Mrs. Benjamin Williams) and Mary “Polly” Thompson (later Mrs. Matthew Dickey).  Jane M. Thompson & Mary Thompson were raised by their uncles Edwin Alexander McCorkle (and wife Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle) and Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle (and wife Tirzah Scott McCorkle), with considerable influence from their mother’s mother, Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert McCorkle) until the grandmother’s  death in 1848.  Jane died in 1850 and is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery as “consort of Benjamin Williams.”  A letter from her grandmother Margaret Morrison McCorkle notes that Jane’s sister Mary Thompson (later Mrs. Matthew Dickey) had gone to live at a Mr. Holmes’ to learn the tailor trade; but it is not now known where Mary Thompson lived out her life as Mrs. Matthew Dickey.

Children of Jane M. Thompson Williams:

John Gideon Williams.. ... ...]




20.  Margaret P. Scott                 June 13th 1850                           died Nov. 19th 1853


[Margaret Permelia McCorkle married Lemuel Locke Scott.  She was a daughter of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle.  They were instrumental in starting a church in Neboville, south of the village of Yorkville, but evidently retained their membership at Lemalsamac.]




21James Scott                                              Aug 12th 1850                                                        died


[This is one of three possible James Scottsgrandfather (1777-1853), son nicknamed "Jimps Scott" (1810-1872), and grandson James Allen Scott (born 1839).  I think it is the son (1819-1872), because at least some of the son’s children were members of this denomination (viz., my Huie great-grandmother“Sade” Scott Huie; Thos. Elihu Scott; "Tobe" Allen Scott, father of e.g., Allen Gray Scott….)  The James Scott (son) who lived circa 1810 to 1872ish was nicknamed "Jimps" Scott and was a brother to inter alia  Lemuel Locke Scott, Lemalsamac charter member and husband of Margaret Permelia McCorkle (Scott).  The “son”  James Scott (1810-1872) first married Violet B. Roddy and was the father of Sade Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie; Rev. Thomas Elihu Scott; Allen “Tobe” Scott and others listed above in entry number 18.

 –I cannot tell whether this is the son James Scott who married Violet B. Roddy then [perhaps] 2nd  someone named M L Scott [Mary Landers?] ; or his father James Scott [the grandfather] who lived from 1777-1853 and whose first wife was Sarah Dickey (Scott), 1777-1838; was it the grandfather James Scott who married as 2nd wife in 1838 in Gibson County: Mary Landers (?). 

It is possible that this is the third James Scott, that is, James Allen Scott who was born in 1839 (as a twin brother to Sade Sarah Scott Huie); but this is extremely unlikely as the grandson James Allen Scott has his own listing in the Lemalsamac membership booklet (below).    – I’m certain it’s one of the above three James Scott grandfather-son-grandson line.  I’m surprised to find any one of the three James Scotts here, because the older two are buried in the old Yorkville Cumberland Presbyterian Church cemetery, and James Allen Scott, born 1839 after marrying Jennie Miller, removed to Cleburne, Texas. ]


22.    John B. McGinn                                     Aug 12th 1850                                        removed by letter


[The oldest male child of Scots-Irish immigrants Alexander McCorkle & wife “Nancy” Agness Montgomery McCorkle was Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, D.D., Presbyterian minister at Thyatira Church, Rowan Co., NC.  Samuel Eusebius McCorkle & wife Margaret Gillespie McCorkle had a daughter Harriet E. McCorkle (Mrs. Amzi McGinn).  Harriet E. McCorkle McGinnn was a 1st cousin to Edwin Alexander McCorkle, to RAH McCorkle, to Jehiel Morrison McCorkle, to Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott, Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, et al.  Harriet McGinn removed to the Newbern-Yorkville area for awhile, but then moved on.  Perhaps this is a son?]


23.           Benjamin Williams                       August 12th 1850                                  removed by letter

[This is a McCorkle in-law.  Benjamin Williams was a son-in-law of Rebecca Cowden McCorkle Thompson (sister of Edwin Alexander McCorkle, of RAH McCorkle, of Jehiel Morrison McCorkle, of  Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott, and of Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roaches, et al.).   Gidon Thompson & Rebecca Cowden McCorkle had two daughters, Jane M. Thompson Williams (Mrs. Benjamin Williams), who died in 1850 and is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery; and Mary Thompson Dickey (Mrs. Matthew Dickey).  Benjamin Williams moved on after the death of his wife Jane, but I don’t know where.]




24.  E.W. Moore                                                   Aug. 13th                                died March 1884


[Could this be Eulen Moore ?]   EW Moore is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery.  


25  J. S. [G?[B?]] Moore                                 Sept 29th 1850                        died Oct 28th 1876


26.  A. J. McCorkle                                         Nov 11th 1850                        [died 17th Jan 1922]


[Anderson Jehiel McCorkle was a son of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle).  1st wife: married on 1st Nov 1855 Martha E. Scott, a daughter of James Scott & Violet B. Roddy (Scott).  2nd wife: Lou Fox.  Son by Martha Scott McCorkle:  John Thomas “John Tom” McCorkle who married Della Smith, and who was killed by oncoming train at Newbern-Yorkville R.R. tracks. John Tom taught school.  I've always been told that Uncle Anderson McCorkle kindly helped raise some of his Scott wife's nephews--surnamed Trimble and Hundley.]


27.  John A. Scott                                           Nov 11th 1850                        died  July 12th 1854

[John A. Scott was a son of Margaret Permelia McCorkle & Lemuel Locke Scott.  John A. Scott was born 3rd Nov 1833 and died 12th July 1854.  His siblings were:  William Leander Scott, born 7th March 1835-died 22nd Nov 1885; “Bob” Robert Quincy Scott, born 18th Jan 1837- died May 1907;  James J Scott, 1850-1853;  David E. Scott, 1845-1853;  L.E. Scott … ;  Sallie L. Scott, 22nd April 1838-8th March 1876 (became Mrs. Rodgers on 22nd April 1858) (then became Mrs. Richard W. Locke—Dick Locke died 3rd May 1884); and (last sibling) Margaret E. Scott, born 28th Dec 1841-died 27th Jan 1873.]


28.  J.S.B. Algea  [G S B?]                                Nov 11th 1850                                       died 1862

[I presume this is some kin to Jno. Francis Algea, M.D., husband of Sarah Elmira McCorkle Algea. Is this so?  Did this person die in or consequent to the Civil War???]


29 Addison A. McCorkle                            Nov 11th 1850                                       died June 5th 1854

[Addison A. McCorkle, who died young, was a son of Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle & wife Tirzah Scott (McCorkle). He is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery.  His father wrote his sister Elmira about Addison’s  death, “Addison’s flesh mortified.”]


30.  A.F. McCorkle                                          Nov 11th 1850                                       removed

[A grandson of Jehiel Morrison McCorkle & wife Elizabeth Smith (McCorkle). A F McCorkle was a son of Jehiel & Betsy’s son Samuel Smith McCorkle & wife Margaret Wharey (McCorkle).  ]