Here’s an update about JANE M. THOMPSON WILLIAMS
 (Mrs. Benjamin Williams), the granddaughter about whom
 Margaret Morrison McCorkle has written
in letters transcribed elsewhere in this compilation as OLD LETTERS.  
The grandmother describes young, orphaned Jane as blithe and as merry as a lark;
and she catalogues the birth of first child John Gideon Williams.
This update was made possible by entries placed on :
Who was Benjamin Williams, the one who indisputably was the 
husband of Jane M. Thompson?
It is recorded in the First Membership 
book of the Lemalsamac Christian Church
that he joined in 1850 but "removed by letter"
upon the death of his wife in 1850. Where did he go?
Jane Williams, a McCorkle granddaughter of Margaret
Morrison McCorkle & husband Robert McCorkle,
died in 1850, because that’s what her
grave marker says at the McCorkle Cemetery.
It lists her as “Consort of Benjamin Williams.”
We know she and her sister Mary Thompson (Mrs. Matthew
Dickey) were orphaned in Middle Tennessee upon the
death of parents within two short years: Rebecca Cowden
McCorkle Thompson & husband Gideon Thompson. But, alas, 
I do not know the antecedents of 
Jane's husband Mr. Benjamin Williams.
Someone has placed information new to me 
on  It lists children of JANE A THOMPSON. 
Her middle initial was M,  not A; that I know
from her grandmother’s letters about her. It seems a census-taker
erroneously listed Jane's middle initial as "A."
The only child whose name I had was JOHN GID WILLIAMS,
and I got that name of John Gid from from a letter
(transcribed in this compilation) from 
Margaret Morrison McCorkle. Also, I once read something
my great-aunt Katie Pearl McCorkle Fox had recorded somewhere
saying that she had only lately learned why she one of the
Trimble (Dyer County)residents named WILLIAMS "Cousin."
Here's what's on with bracketed comments by me:

[Jane M. Thompson Williams] Born:
14 Apr 1814 in Tennessee. Died: 26 Aug 1850 [Marsha
Cope Huie adds: McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer County.]
John Gid Williams 
3 Dec 1836 in  Hardeman Co, Tennessee
R J Williams 
1838 in Tennessee
Benjamin F Williams 
1840 in Tennessee
Robert V Williams 
1842 in Tennessee
James K Williams 
13 Dec 1844 in Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Stephen R Williams 
1847 in Tennessee, USA
Marsha Cope Huie adds:
Generation One:  Alexander McCorkle & Nancy Agnes Montgomery McCorkle
Generation Two:  Robert McCorkle & 2nd wife Margaret Morrison
Generation Three:  Rebecca Cowden McCorkle & Gideon Thompson; 
each parent having died in Rutherford County, Tennessee
Generation Four:  Jane M. Thompson (Mrs. Benjamin Williams), died 1850,
McCorkle Cemetery in Dyer County, Tennesesee; and sister Mary “Polly” 
Thompson (Mrs. Matthew Dickey)
Generation Five:  Children of Jane M. Thompson and husband Benjamin Williams:
1. John Gideon Wililams, born 1836 in Hardeman County and died 1927 in Newbern,
Tennessee; Jane called him “John Gid,” her grandmother Margaret Morrison McCorkle
wrote in an 1836 letter from Dyer County.
John Gid WILLIAMS b: 3 DEC 1836 in Hardeman Co., Tennessee.”
The same entry says this about JOHN GID WILLIAMS:
He was born 3rd December 1836
in Hardeman County, Tennessee,
and died 6th February 1927 in Newbern, Tennessee.
He married Edline [Adeline?] HAMILTON, born 24 March 1847
in Tennessee and she is buried in the Poplar Grove Cemetery;
she had the following children:
   1.    Asa Williams, born 1862
   2.    Ella Williams [Moore] born 1867--lived Trimble, Dyer County, Tennessee.
   3.    BENJAMIN Williams, born 1870
   4.    Nettie Ann Williams, born 1871
   5.    Jennie Williams, born 1877
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Williams, John Gid Born ca 1837



















Benjamin Williams
dau. of Rebecca Cowden
 & Gideon Thompson ]
John Gid Williams married 1st
 Mattie E. Crofford
Children of John Gid Williams and Mattie E. Crofford
Ira Williams.
John Gid Wms married 2nd
Spouse: Edline Hamilton