Frontispiece   ۞        Letter from Bowden Cason (Casey) McCorkle in San Leandro, California, to me, Marsha Cope Huie, Sept. 7, 1984, when I was living in Memphis, just before moving to Cambridge, England, after which time I moved, in August of 1986, to San Antonio, Texas


We can begin only with proper attribution to the honored memory of our cousin Casey McCorkle, late of San Leandro, California:





Dear Miss Marsha:


I enclose herewith a sampling of the Roach-McCorkle letters.  There are many more as it seems there was an extensive correspondence carried on for several generations.  I have no idea how these originals were preserved and came to my branch of the family.  They are now collected in a display folder.  Some of them are fairly delicate but in general well preserved.  Copying has been haphazard or what remains is the residue from extensive copying the disposition of which is unknown to me.


Obviously these papers should not be the exclusive property of any branch of the McCorkle family.  I should think complete copies should be made and the originals preserved and made available to all.  So far many have expressed agreement but no one has expressed interest in doing the job.  Perhaps you may have some ideas along these lines.


I realize there may be much similar material in existence and available to you.  I will be interested in hearing from you and your reaction to the letters.


It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you and I will be looking forward to hearing from you again.  [It was tedious work, back then before the Internet, but I dialed so many telephone numbers in California that I finally located Casey McCorkle.  He was a gracious gentleman, I thought.]


We will be out of town for a month but will return early in October.  I hope this finds you and yours well and happy.

                        Kindest personal regards,

                        B.C. McCorkle


[San Leandro, California, 1983]"                                                                                                                   



Casey” McCorkle was a son of Homer McCorkle (who moved from Newbern, Tennessee, to Center Point near San Antonio, Texas, and finally to California). Casey was a paternal grandson of Finis Alexander McCorkle of Dyer Co, Tenn., & of Finis’ 1st wife Sarah “Sallie” Josephine “JoJackson (McCorkle). Casey McCorkle was a great-grandson of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle; and a g-g-grandson of Margaret Morrison McCorkle (died 1848) & Robert McCorkle (died 1828).  --A photograph I possess of Homer McCorkle in his last years bears a remarkable resemblance to Homer's 1st cousin, my father's maternal uncle Errett Cotton McCorkle, 1888-1976.  Homer McCorkle and Gentry Purviance McCorkle, brothers, married as their first wives two CASON sisters from the area of Henderson, a town south of Jackson, Tennessee.


Casey McCorkle’s 1st wife was Floy Disney (mother of Carter McCorkle, male; and of Lynn McCorkle, female) and his 2nd wife was  Lois Miller. His children: Carter McCorkle, son; Lynn McCorkle, daughter; and Kathleen McCorkle Brudno.


One of Casey's aunts, Jennie McCorkle Carter, upon her father Finis A. McCorkle's remarriage, chose to live with her uncle, my great-grandfather John Edwin McCorkle & wife Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle.  Jennie married Dr. E. E. Carter of Arkansas and, I think, died in 1902 in Hot Springs, way too young. In the 1895 photograph below, she sits on the porch holding a musical instrument. Jennie sits beside her special friend and first cousin, my grandmother Sophie King McCorkle (Huie).


Below:  Photograph taken in 1895 of the John Edwin McCorkle Home, Built circa 1868, Newbern-Yorkville Highway (now Tennessee Highway 77)



Solicitation of funds for keeping up the McCorkle Cemetery east of Newbern, Tennessee:

These old papers reveal that all these California emigrants from West Tennessee continued to contribute to, and correspond with, trustees of the Dyer County, Tennessee, McCorkle Cemetery Please note the crafty way in which I here solicit funds for our cemetery from all whose ancestors lie therein.

Dear McCorkle Cemetery Family,     As your McCorkle cemetery trustees, we have authorized and enthusiastically endorsed the fund raising effort of Dr. Max E. Gregory and his sister Mrs. Anna Lois Gregory Kuykendall. We have tried to be good stewards in the maintenance of McCorkle Cemetery. We believe this fund raising project is a unique opportunity for McCorkle Cemetery to establish a firm financial base into the future. If you have questions regarding this program, please get in touch.

It has been a number of years since we have asked our McCorkle families to contribute to the up-keep and maintenance of the final resting place of our ancestors and loved ones.

Max Gregory and sister Anna Lois Gregory Kuykendall have volunteered to match all gifts and contributions up to $10,000 from any family/friends of the McCorkle Cemetery. Marsha Huie has promised to give $5,000.  Presently, there are over 400 individuals buried in our beloved cemetery and we hope we will get a positive response to the Gregory/Kuykendall matching gift program.

Max, who is a retired professor from North Carolina State University, has agreed to head up the effort. He will be sending out letters and contacting potential contributors directly, as well as receiving responses and depositing gifts to the McCorkle Cemetery fund. He will be reporting his efforts directly to the McCorkle Cemetery Trustees.

We, your McCorkle Cemetery Trustees, ask that you consider your commitment to this fund rising project to establish what we have been needing for a long time – a solid financial base for the welfare and up-keep of the final resting place of our families that we hold in such great affection.

Sincerely yours,    

McCorkle Cemetery Trustees.

John Ewing Huie, 731-627-0591 ____________________

Bobby Gregory, 731-692-4080 _____________________

Tanya Messer Sandlin, 731-627-2970 ________________

Richard Flatt, 731-643-6557 _______________________

[Parker Ditmore Cashdollar, Ph.D., Dyersburg, although not a trustee is acting as financial advisor.]


[from Dr. Max E. Gregory:]  Status report of stock certificates for McCorkle Cemetery Fund as of 11/8/2005