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For information about the McCorkle Cemetery (west of Yorkville and east of Newbern, Tennessee), please see down below.



Above: Parker Louis Cashdollar Blackwell.

Below: Claude Monet - Camille Claude Monet, La Senora de la Sombrilla Verde; as depicted in Jose Pijoan's Historia del Arte, 3 vol., Published by Salvat Editores Barcelona (1949).

This webpage aims to preserve the genealogy and correspondence (from 1829) of these families, and of many more: immigrants Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle; William Morrison (1704-1771) & wife Margaret (maiden name unknown), who were the paternal grandparents of Margaret Morrison McCorkle alias Mrs. Robert McCorkle, 1770-1848, buried McCorkle Cemetery east of Newbern, Dyer County, Tennessee; James Huie & son Benjamin Huie, 1798-1879, known to have been in Cabarrus then Rowan-Iredell Counties, NC;  and Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard (Thomas) of Rowan/Iredell County, NC.  Many allied lines are considered. The above-mentioned families mostly came from Pennsylvania down the Great Wagon Road of the 18th century to Rowan County, North Carolina; then to Tennessee.


I. Correspondence of (“Peggy”) Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert McCorkle), 1770-1848.

This correspondence includes letters to and from one of her daughters, Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roache.   Margaret called her new home in Dyer County, Tennessee, “Verdant Plain,” and later a son, Robert Andrew Hope or RAH McCorkle, was to pen letters as having been written from “Verdant Grove.”

Please hold down "CTRL" and Click for the information outlined below:  Frontispiece.1984 Letter Bowden Cason (Casey) McCorkle to Marsha Cope Huie. Provenance of Old McCorkle Letters. Solicitation of Funds for McCorkle Cemetery east of Newbern, West Tennessee.

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 The Peregrinations of Robert McCorkle. His grandmother Martha Finley Montgomery's Finley Princeton University Connection. His maternal uncle Rev. Joseph Montgomery (1733-1794), a brother of "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle and a brother-in-law of Dr. Benjamin Rush.

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Alexander McCorkle Genealogy (1722-1800)    Introduction to the people who engaged in the McCorkle Correspondence that begins with Mrs. Robert McCorkle, 1770-1846, born Margaret Morrison of Rowan County, NC.  Margaret Morrison's paternal grandfather, William Morrison, 1704-1771, referred to himself as the first white "inhabitor" of the Third Creek area, now Loray community near Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.  The grandfather Wm. Morrison, 1704-1771,  attended parleys with the Indians and was active (with his son Andrew Morrison) at Fort Dobbs during the era of the French & Indian Wars.  Fort Dobbs lies just outside Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.  Robert McCorkle's 1st wife, Elizabeth Blythe (McCorkle) died (I think near Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church nearby Lexington, Kentucky, but may be wrong about this place of death) some time after giving birth to "Aleck" Alexander McCorkle, who died in infancy, & Elizabeth McCorkle (who later became Mrs. Thomas Anderson of Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn.); whereupon Robert returned to Rowan-Iredell County and claimed the hand of Margaret Morrison, whose Morrison land in what is now Iredell County adjoined some of the McCorkle lands.   Margaret Morrison McCorkle after marriage in Rowan County, NC, to Robert McCorkle (as Robert McCorkle's 2nd wife) removed to Rutherford County, Tennessee, where they lived at Bradley's Creek and Stone's River--and, it is thought, where some of Margaret's Morrison family members also lived at least temporarily, including her sisters Miss Rebecca Morrison and Mrs.  Mary Morrison Morrison (who married her own Morrison 1st cousin); then finally Margaret Morrison McCorkle and her blind husband Robert McCorkle removed, with their living, grown children, to  Dyer County, Tennessee, near the Gibson County Line and Yorkville.

The above hyperlink attempts to explain who Alexander McCorkle & wife "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery (McCorkle) were: Scots-Irish immigrants from Northern Ireland to, first, Pennsylvania, down the Great Wagon Road to Virginia, then to the Piedmont of North Carolina (Rowan County, a part of which was carved off in 1788 as Iredell County). This chapter explains as much as the author knows about the antecedents of Alexander and Agnes Montgomery McCorkle; then proceeds to examine genealogy of their children.  The writer's (Marsha Cope Huie 's) direct ancestor happens to be their son ROBERT McCorkle (born mid-1760s and died in the spring of 1828); but all of Robert's siblings are listed and, it is hoped, their children as well.

Click for: The Nomadic Nature of our McCorkle Ancestors, and allied families. Was James McCorkle the father of our immigrant Alexander McCorkle (1722-1800)? Why did so many Scots leave Scotland for Northern Ireland circa 1700?

Click for: All I know about Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800, and wife "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle and their Descendants  This may be repetitious.

Click for:  McCorkle-Anderson-McMurry-Leath Excursus: Progeny of Robert McCorkle by 1st wife Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle. Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson. Mrs James T Leath. Julia Anderson. Mrs Rev John MITCHELL McMurry. What happened to descendants of Robert Anderson of Holmes County, Mississippi (Mizpah Cemetery)?

Click for:  Genealogy of William Morrison (1704-1771), "1st inhabitor" of Third Creek, Rowan-Iredell Co., NC, and paternal grandfather of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848

Click for:  Genealogy of Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard Thomas, parents of Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle née Jane Maxwell Thomas

Click for:  Old Letters from Margaret Morrison McCorkle from 1829 to 1848; others' letters up to 1853, year of death of Edwin Alexander McCorkle, Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott, and James Scott (1777-1853)

Click for:  Second Part of Old Letters, Part II beginning in 1853 after death of Edwin Alexander McCorkle

Click for JANE M. THOMPSON WILLIAMS (Mrs. Benjamin Williams), a granddau. of Margaret Morrison McCorkle

Click for:  First membership book of the old family church, then called Lemalsamac Christian Church

Click for:  John Edwin McCorkle (1839-1924):  (1) one of his Civil War diaries, this one written just before and during the Civil War.  (He goes to the battle up at Columbus, KY); and  (2)  a sampler of his brother Hiram R A McCorkle's journals; and (3) a sampler of his daughter’s, Katie Pearl McCorkle (Fox)’s journals.

Click below for:

Union Grove Schoolhouse 1897 Photograph. Excursus on family of George Washington Smith & Cornelia Davie Smith of Churchton Community.

People in this photograph whose names are known are:   
1. John Flatt   
2. E. B. Wiley   
3. Geo. Holder   
4. Ira Mitchell Cope   
5. Lee Garner   
6. Arthur Van Eaton    
7. Ewing McCorkle 
8. John McCormick   
9. Dorsey Hendricks   
10. Ina (Ira?) Flatt   
11. Johnnie Grills   
12. Kitty Franklin   
13. Ola Allen   
14. Tommie Henley   
15. Sophie McCorkle (Huie), grandmother    
16. Minnie Green   
17. Cattie Morrow (Flatt),    
18. Jennie Wright   
19. Mary Trout   
20. Myrtle Hendricks   
21. Minnie Flatt   
22. Jennie McCorkle (Mrs. E. E. Carter) dau. of Finis A. McCorkle   
23. Allie Dickey   
24. Charlie Garner   
25. Lou Allen   
26. Avie Trout   
27. Muncie Smith, actually GEORGE Muncie Smith    Above Munsey was Onis Franklin (blurred beyond recognition)--Onis Franklin became a medical doctor and ended up in Oklahoma.   
28. ____ Charles   
29. Rosa Charles   
30. May Lancaster, sister of Nettie Jackson   
31. Maud Yates   
32. Lula Morrow (?), Mrs. Elmer Headden     
33. Connie Green   
34. Mollie Flatt   
35. Bessie Brady (Boady?)   
36. Emma Grills   
37. Zula Smith, Mrs. Rice     
37. Lula Townes [Stevenson or Stephenson]   
39. Notie Headden (Cope)   
40. Warner Spence   
41. Reuben Mayo   
42. Albert Jackson   
43. Clifford Litton   
44. Newt Hendricks    
45. Myrtle Hood   
46. ____ Charles   
47. Clyde Grills   
48. Walter Grills   
49. Irl Hendricks (?)   
50. Franklin Hall   
51. Ernest Moore   
52. Verna Pope (Mrs. Buck Arnold), a McCorkle-Pope descendant   
53. Willie Binkley
54. Cecil Hall   
55. Leonard Scobey    
56. Willie Travis   
57. Jay Trout   
58. Algie Woods   
59. Clyde Litton   
60. Errett Cotton McCorkle, 1888-1976   
61. Willie Edmiston   
62. Mollie Scobey   
63. Bettie Edmiston (?)   
64. Fleetie Taylor (?)   
65. Katie Woods   
66. Vada Spence (Trimble), mother of Menthia Trimble Hicks & Spence Trimble.    
67._____ ?
68. Gladys Headden (Mrs. Muncie Smith)   
69. Ben Anna Spence (Hundley), grandmother of inter alia LaNita Hall VanDyke  
70. Alice Mayo   
71. May Spence   
72. Ethel Moore   
73. Rada Headden (Mrs. B. Allmon, his 2nd wife).             
75. "Cap" Smith   
76. Otha Pope   
77. Frank Henley   
78. Oliver Alexander   
79. Charlie Headden   
80. Frank Smith

Click below for:

Maury Adolphus Huie's Typed Family Record from his mother's and aunts' records

Click below for:

Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle, including her Purviance roots.  The family of John Purviance & Mary Jane Wasson Purviance

Click below for:

Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle & Tirzah Scott McCorkle

Click below for:

The SCOTT family of  James Scott (1777-1853) & Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838), York District, South Carolina, then to the Dyer-Gibson County line .

Nota Bene. I think I erroneously placed the death date as 1872 for "Jimps" James Scott (born 1810). He appears in the 1880 census so probably died circa 1882, but I'm no longer sure about any date of his death. I erroneously thought the little, almost-gone stone (shown above, listing somebody's date of birth as 1810) that I found in the old Yorkville Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery showed the date of death of "our" James "Jimps" Scott.  I must have been wrong. But at least I did get a marker erected.

Click below for:

The Dickey Family of Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838), a daughter of Sarah Robinson Dickey & of John Dickey of York District, South Carolina.

Click below for:

John & Jane Tongue. William Tong & Ellen Ford. Joseph Ford Tong. Juliet Tong Cotton & John Cotton of Botland near Bardstown, Nelson Co., Kentucky.

Click below for:

Hendricks or Hendrix Excursus. Daniel Hendricks & Isabel Pendry Hendrix. of Mocksville, Rowan-Davie County, NC; Uriah C. Hendricks & the two McMahan sisters. Narcissus Elizabeth Hendricks Cope; Harriet Hendricks Wyatt; Mark Hendricks of Trimble; George Hendricks of Trimble; Albert Hendricks; JC "Jerry" Hendricks.

Click below for:

Hiram McCorkle--just a teaser from one of HRA McCorkle's Civil War journals

Click below for:

Old, superseded version of "Old McCorkle Letters." (Contains endnotes inadvertently omitted from later version. For the addicted these endnotes will be important.)

Click below for:

Parker Louis Cashdollar Blackwell (born 14 April 2006) to Brian Louis Blackwell & Jessica Huie Cashdollar)

Benjamin Huie/ Julius M. Huie/ Howard Anderson Huie/ Howard EWING Huie Home, built circa 1830. Situated just east of the Dyer-Gibson County Line on Highway 77, the Newbern-Yorkville Highway.  Today, Joyce Rebecca Cope Huie (Mrs. Ewing Huie) lives there.

Also: my Parents, Howard Ewing Huie, 1907-1971, and Joyce Rebecca Cope Huie, born 1915.

My parents, Howard Ewing Huie & Joyce Rebecca Cope Huie

Photo Gallery:    Left to right: I think this is either Benjamin Huie, 1798-1879 or James Scott, 1777-1753, or James Scott's son "Jimps" James Scott, born 1810;

then: Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle;

 then a montage with Bettie Huie Gregory and John Bowden (bottom right) and left UNKNOWN, top right a James Scott and in the center a little Maury Adolphus Huie, born 1895;  blank; then a Jim Scott in a hat--but is it James Scott born 1777, or his son "Jimps" James Scott born in 1810 or "Jimps" Scott's son James Allen Scott born 1839? 

Far right:  I think this is the James Allen "Jim" Scott born in 1839 as twin to SADE Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie but it may be his father born 1810

Left:  William Leander A. McCorkle, a son of Tirzah Scott & RAH McCorkle

Blank but supposed to be Deana Glen and brother Jimmy Glen, grandchildren of Gentry Purviance McCorkle

Howard Harris Roahce, died around Trenton at train station from mortal wound incurred at Battle of Shiloh; his brother Robt. Quincy Roache & Sunderland wife; and another photo of HOward Harris Roache

Blank but supposed to be my husband Ralph Ervin Williamson and his father J C in 1963 in Midland, Texas

Far Right:  Sarah Zarecor Dunagan and her three children Nancy, Nick, and Anita.  Descendants of "Becky" REBECCA McCorkle Zarecor (Mrs. John C Zarecor, a Daughter of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle

Click below for:

Some Records of Our People in Middle Tennessee

Click below for:

Morrison Genealogy of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848

Click below for information on Frelinghuisen McCorkle; Caleb McCorkle; and Jeff Bean are buried in the McCorkle Cemetery. Gideon King, founder of Eminence, KY. Early Members of N.C. Dialectic Society. Our Finley-Montgomery-McCorkle Princeton University Connection through “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery McCorkle (Mrs. Alexander McCorkle, last of Rowan Co, NC). Letter from Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache to Dr. James Scott Roache in Newbern, detailing her ancestors.  Some early Sumner Co., Tenn., Marriage Records. Where are William Thomas & Elizabeth Purviance Thomas buried? Where is her father, John Purviance, buried? John's wife Mary Jane Wasson Purviance, who died in 1810?   --All the above are under Miscellany, below. Former Chapter 14. Click here, below:

Miscellany. Former Chapter 14.

Click below for:

Will of Samuel Rosebrough. Mentions: Benjamin Huie; Jacob Huie ("Hughey"). And a JOHN DICKEY attests to 1820 will.

Click below for:

Somebody else's PURVAIANCE / Purviance Record of "Col." John Purviance, 1743-1823. Husband of Mary Jane Wasson and father of inter alia Elizabeth Purviance Thomas (Mrs. Wm. Thomas) and grandfather of inter alia Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle (née Jane Maxwell Thomas)


Parker Louis Cashdollar Blackwell, pictured above on 31 October, Halloween, 2009.
We thank a gracious God for the birth on November 20, 2009, of Parker Louis Cashdollar Blackwell's baby brother: WYATT EWING Cashdollar Blackwell


Above:  Baby Wyatt Ewing Cashdollar Blackwell, almost 3 months, Feb. 2010, held by father Brian Louis Blackwell. 

Baby Wyatt descends from WYATT folks.  We know that way way back in Mocksville, Davie County, North Carolina, occurred intermarriages between Joyce Cope Huie's (my mother's) Cope and Wyatt folks; and Cope and Banks folks.  Little WYATT's "Ewing" comes from his mother's grandfather Howard EWING Huie, 1907-1971, my father and the father of Sophie Joyce Huie Cashdollar, little Wyatt's maternal grandmother. ---Jennifer Jones Kinnard and her late sister Mary Llew Jones McGuire, as well as Diane Wyatt and Diane's sister Sarah Blanche WYATT Bundy, descend also from Wyatt-COPE folks (as well as from the marriage of Sarah "Sallie" COPE to Ransom Rivers BANKS).  Well, the point is made:  Baby WYATT Ewing Cashdollar Blackwell got himself FOUR (4) family names, and that's special for him.

Dianne Wyatt    

Above: Diane Wyatt, as Assistant Dean of University of Tennessee Health Sciences Allied Sciences. Descendant of Sarah "Sallie" Cope & Ransom Rivers Banks. Dianne's sister is Sarah Blanche Wyatt BUNDY, who (Sadie) had one son: Christopher Wyatt Bundy. above right:  unnamed subject was in personal album of "Sade" Sarah SCOTT Huie (Mrs. Julius M. Huie), 1839-1893. Was she a SCOTT ? a HUIE? a friend?

This webpage aims to preserve the genealogy and correspondence (from 1829) of the following families, and of many more:

Immigrants circa 1730 to Pennsylvania (from Northern Ireland): Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800, & wife "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle, d. 1789. Although parentage is as yet unproven, Alexander was probably the son of Scots-Northern Irish immigrant James McCorkle who with his wife Jane (??maiden name??) McCorkle ventured into the American colonies with son Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800. We know that either Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800, or Alexander's father (James? McCorkle) had a sister who became Mrs. ?first name unknown??? McCorkle Sloan (This sister was the mother of Elizabeth Sloan Morrison alias Mrs. Andrew Morrison, the Andrew Morrison who died after 1815 in Middle Tennessee). Source: an old letter from Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roach (a daughter of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848, Margaret being daughter-in-law of Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800).

The other candidates besides James McCorkle for being father of the 1722-1800 Alexander McCorkle are Samuel McCorkle and William McCorkle.  Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800, did name a son each Samuel and William, perhaps not after his father but after uncles; I do not know. (Parenthetically, record of a James McCorkle exists--is he in fact "ours?"--in the area of Mecklenburg County, NC, around today's Charlotte, which was also the locale in the mid-1750s of my Huie ancestors.)

Major Francis McCorkle: Assuming arguendo that James McCorkle begot Alexander McCorkle (1722-1800), and I'm far from certain about that, then Alexander McCorkle (1722-1800) was not as some have written a brother to Francis McCorkle.  (Francis McCorkle was a Revolutionary War major in the North Carolina line.) That would make Francis McCorkle, rather, a 1st cousin to "our" Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800.  Francis McCorkle married a Brandon woman; and Alexander McCorkle (1722-1800) himself took a second wife named Rebecca (McNee?) Brandon.  Francis & Alexander (1722-1800) would have been what southerners call "own" cousins. 

Mr. Joe M. McCorkle in Ireland has an excellent web site investigating McCorkles-McCorkells on the other side of the pond, at this hyperlink: https://sites.google.com/site/ulstermccorkells/welcome  He gives clues to the parentage of "our" Alexander McCorkle in that he shows parish marriages and christenings in Eire (Ireland) & Ulster (Northern Ireland).

Discussed on this web site, also, are the ff. people, and more:

'Nancy" Agnes McCorkle's MONTGOMERY ascendants: John Montgomery & Martha FINLEY (Montgomery).

Has anybody been to the town of MORRISON situated between Manchester and McMinnville, Tennessee? 

William Morrison (1704-1771) (son of JAMES MORRISON) & William Morrison's wife Margaret (maiden name unknown) Morrison, were the paternal grandparents, by their son ANDREW MORRISON who married Elizabeth SLOAN, of:

granddaughter      (1) Margaret Morrison McCorkle alias Mrs. Robert McCorkle, 1770-1848, buried in the McCorkle Cemetery some 5 miles east of Newbern, in Dyer County, Tennessee.  William & Margaret Morrison's other grandchildren included, through their son ANDREW MORRISON & his wife ELIZABETH SLOAN (Morrison), not in proper birth order:

grandson                 (2)William Hays Morrison, 1767-1837 (buried McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer Co., Tennessee, right next to his sister Margaret McCorkle). This William Hays Morrison m. Mary Haynes (who predeceased him and is buried easterly in Bedford Co., Tenn., part of which county was carved out as Coffee County, Tennessee); and

grandson                    (3)Andrew Sloan Morrison who on 11 March 1801 married Mary Haynes' sister Sarah Haynes, born Dec. 31, 1780.

A preacher, presumably Presbyterian, Andrew Sloan Morrison wandered into Tennessee on his journeys and appears as owning property in several places, including the Chilhowee Mountains. His sister Margaret Morrison McCorkle wrote daughter Elmira Sloan McCorkle (Roache) in 1838 that she --Margaret--thought her brother ANDREW was probably in Virginia "attending to an old lawsuit there." One of the children of Andrew Sloan Morrison was Presbyterian minister Andrew Alfred MORRISON (1807-1884), who was born in Iredell Co., NC, and died in Salina, Kansas Andrew Sloan(e) Morrison himself may have died a resident in Indiana, but as to his meanderings I must defer to his descendant, today's Jean Morrison of Cincinnati.

Here is a hyperlink to a web site that includes Andrew Alfred Morrison: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jcplummer/clotiaux/2/50172.htm; and

grandson                  (4)George Morrison, 1771-1854 who remained behind in Iredell Co., NC, and fathered, inter alia, George Milton Morrison, who sired several children; and

granddaughter         (5) Elizabeth Morrison Lowrie of Iredell Co., NC; and

granddaughter         (6) Rachel Morrison Brown alias Mrs. Robert Brown(e) who died 1 July 1835 (probable date of Rachel's death according to an old letter from Rachel's sister Margaret Morrison McCorkle to Margaret's daughter Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache).  Rachel Morrison Brown's only daughter (I think) was Matilda McKee Browne, who in good Iredell County, North Carolina, MORRISON late 18th-century and early 19th century fashion married her Morrison 1st cousin (first-cousin-once-removed). Matilda Brown(e) married a son or grandson of her uncle William Hays Morrison, 1767-1837: either Joseph Pinckney Morrison or a son of Joseph Pinckney Morrison; and

granddaughter         (7) Mary Morrison (Mrs. John Morrison) who m. a son of her uncle Patrick Morrison; and

granddaughter         (8)  Rebecca Morrison who probably never married (for her last name remained Morrison; but note (above) that Rebecca's sister Rebecca Morrison married a first cousin, John MORRISON), and Rebecca died between 1851 (mentioned in 1851 letter as being alive) and 1860 (by 1860 she was no longer present in the Coffee County, Tennessee, census although her sister Mary was).  Presumably Rebecca Morrison died as resident near Hillsboro in Coffee County, Tennessee.  Noted here is Mary Morrison Morrison's statement in a letter transcribed herein that her nephew EDWIN ALEXANDER McCORKLE (my g-g grandfather) had, not too long before Edwin's death in early 1853, generously sent his aunts Mary and Rebecca Morrison one whole U.S. dollar. I also note herein that Margaret Morrison McCorkle stated in a letter to her daughter Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache that Edwin had loaded up a wagon in Dyer County, West Tennessee, and trekked all the way easterly to Coffee County in a vain hope to remove his two aunts from their penury and take them with him to reside with Morrison-McCorkle family pioneers residing in West Tennessee (then the "frontier).

Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache's letter to her nephew, Dr. James Scott McCORKLE of Newbern, Tennessee, stated that her Elmira's grandfather, ANDREW Morrison, had raised eight (8) children; also that these Morrisons were "strict Presbyterians."

It is a good thing for us today that the above George Morrison, 1771-1854, did remain behind in Rowan-Iredell County, North Carolina, because a Dr. Langenaur ?? or Langenhauer? ? (I think that's who did it) dutifully recorded what he could of the relatives of George Morrison and placed this information for the public to use, in the genealogy room of the Statesville public library (Iredell County).   

Hyperlink to MORRISONs of MONTGOMERY County, TENNESSEE:  Click for www.lulu.com/items/volume_1/114000/114011/1/preview/Family_Tree_Preview.pdf -

The immediately above hyperlink (MORRISONs of MONTGOMERY County, TENNESSEE) picks up:

Generation I. James Morrison, born circa 1675 in Scotland.  Wife:  MARY---;

Generation II. William Morrison, 1704-1771, who called himself the "first inhabitor" of Loray community near Statesville, in what is now Iredell County, North Carolina. [Iredell Co. was carved from ROWAN County in 1788.]  This William Morrison's Wife:  MARGARET ____--  ;

 III. Patrick Morrison, a brother to "my" Andrew Morrison. That is, this Patrick Morrison was brother to the Andrew Morrison who married Elizabeth Sloan (Morrison). This PATRICK MORRISON was therefore an uncle to Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert McCorkle), 1770-1848. The life of Margaret MORRISON McCorkle began in the Iredell County (carved from Rowan in 1788) part of ROWAN COUNTY, North Carolina, and ended at what she called VERDANT PLAIN, now Churchton community in eastern Dyer County, Tennessee, just west of the Gibson County line. I think her father, the Andrew Morrison who married Elizabeth SLOAN(e) (Morrison), died in 1815 in Bedford County, Tennessee, probably in the part that was to be carved out as COFFEE COUNTY. 

Source of the ff. information is an old letter from Elmira Sloane McCorkle (Roache) to her mother Margaret Morrison (McCorkle):  Elmira inquired, Whatever happened to Uncle Patrick's son [the son's name was JOHN MORRISON, but Elmira didn't name him] and "Aunt Mary" 's "poor children," if there were any?  --That meant Margaret Morrison McCorkle's sister MARY MORRISON married John Morrison (yes, I'm afraid it's true: the bride Mary Morrison and the groom John Morrison were, in the usual MORRISON fashion back then, first cousins).  It turns out that the "son of Uncle Patrick" who married his first cousin was John Morrison --this John Morrison was the son of Margaret Morrison McCorkle's uncle, Patrick Morrison (Patrick being a son of "first inhabitor" William Morrison, 1704-1771). I do not know if Mary Morrison Morrison had a son named James Morrison in Coffee County, Tennessee; but it's likely because this James was the family with whom Mary Morrison Morrison and sister Rebecca Morrison were living,  in penury (the poverty is according to Mary's wailing letters to West Tennessee to her nephew RAH McCorkle, Margaret Morrison McCorkle's son RAH McCorkle).  It's likely but just speculation now, by me at least, that the James Morrison with whose family Mary & her sister Rebecca Morrison lived in their oldest ages, in Coffee County, Tennessee, was a son of John Morrison & Mary Morrison.

  IV. William Morrison

V. Josiah Morrison  -- environs of Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee.

Also discussed on this web site:

James Huie (flourished 1800) & son Benjamin Huie, born c.1798 in Cabarrus County, NC - d. 1879 in Newbern, Tennessee, in the home of his son Joseph G. Huie--James Huie & son Benjamin Huie each known to have been in Cabarrus then Rowan-Iredell Counties, NC.  I hope "my" James Huie, father of Benjamin Huie, was not the slave-trader in the area of Iredell County circa 1800, but I'm afraid he was, for I've wondered how "my" Benjamin Huie got the money to come to West Tennessee and buy up land in Dyer.

The Huguenot Cross of Languedoc, France, to the right:



Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Thomas & wife Margaret Brevard (Thomas) of Rowan/Iredell County, NC, whose son William Thomas married Elizabeth Purviance Quaere:  Was Margaret BREVARD (Thomas) a daughter of ZEBULON BREVARD, as some have written in handwritten and/or typed files placed in the Statesville Public Library in Iredell County, NC, in the genealogical room in Iredell County, North Carolina?  I do not know who the parents of Margaret Brevard (Mrs. Jacob Thomas) were, but if she was (subjunctive mood: were) a daughter to Zebulon Brevard & Ann Templeton, that makes her a TEMPLETON descendant of a passenger on the Mayflower.  From Winchester, Tennessee, Sir John Templeton of the Templeton Growth Investment Fund went on to endow Templeton College at Oxford University in England.  Good grief, BREVARD relatives!!! He graduated from Winchester high school in 1930.

Templeton Foundation Press     Five Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 120   100 Matsonford Road   Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087  www.templetonpress.org    HERMANN, author.  art II: The Making of a World-Class Investor 93    8. The Winchester [TENNESSEE] Years 95    A trip through Winchester • John’s parents and grandparents • Reminiscing    with John’s brother • A remarkable upbringing • Educational trips •    Marriage to Irene Butler • Eight weeks in Europe in a Volkswagen bus John’s mother’s spiritual influence    9. Reaching Out: Yale, Oxford, and across the World 109    Selling magazines to raise money for college • Studying economics at Yale •  Attending Oxford as a Rhodes scholar • Founding Templeton Foundation    College at Oxford years later • A post-graduation around-the-world tour •  This book chronicles the life of a man of extraordinary vision. John Templeton set the pace on Wall Street with an astounding record of mutual fund achievement, and also startled his contemporaries with his keen insights about market forces and his optimism about the growth of the economy. But John Templeton has made the real goal of his life the elaboration of a new concept of spiritual progress. While recognizing and appreciating the great religious insights of the past, he envisions a new era of spiritual discovery that may rival the astounding physical discoveries of the past few centuries brought to us through science.   "Sir John Templeton drove a small red rental car out of the long sweeping drive of the big brick house at 600 South High Street in Winchester,Tennessee, and proceeded down High Street. It was the beginning of two days of travel down memory lane—to recount for me some of his experiences growing up in a small town in middle Tennessee. The big brick house had been built by John’s father for his parents, Dr. John Wiley Templeton of Beech Grove, Tennessee, and Susan Jones Templeton, formerly of Canton, Mississippi. Dr.Templeton had received one year of medical training in Nashville, and had been a regimental surgeon in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. After the war he practiced general medicine for some forty years in Wartrace, Tennessee, and then retired to live in Winchester.  His mother VELLA's  family. Her father, Robert Clinton Handly, had been a businessman in Winchester, with a busy grain mill on Boiling Fork Creek. The Handlys were also prominent politically. John’s maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Marks, was the sister of Colonel Albert Marks, governor of Tennessee. John can even boast of a Revolutionary War-hero ancestor, Virginia-born Samuel Handly, whose parents emigrated from northern Ireland in 1740.

Elizabeth Purviance (Mrs. William THOMAS) was a daughter of "colonel" John Purviance of the North Carolina line in the Revolutionary War & of John Purviance's wife, Mary JANE WASSON (Purviance). John Purviance Snr was, I think, a lieutenant in the NC line, although his brother Captain James Purviance ranked higher. ] [John Purviance and Mary Jane Wasson Purviance had a son also named John Purviance. In 1792 this son John Purviance was scalped by hostile Indians near today's GALLATIN in Sumner County, Tennessee, leaving a widow who had watched the murder. John Purviance Jnr's widow was "Mattie" Martha King Purviance.  Mattie King (Mrs. John Jnr. Purviance)(then, soon, Mrs. William McCorkle) died all too soon, before 1800, after re-marrying and becoming Mrs. William McCorkle, becoming therefore daughter-in-law to immigrant Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800, & wife "Nancy" Agness Montgomery McCorkle. SAMUEL KING had signed, as A.D. 1800 witness back in Rowan-Iredell County, NC, the will of Mattie King (McCorkle's) new father-in-law Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800. A King Family Genealogy is on the Internet from the Cumberland Presbyterian organization which includes these King folk.

Two of the THOMAS daughters of Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard (Thomas) married brothers named SHERRILL Elizabeth Thomas m. Samuel Wilson Sherrill (Elizabeth Thomas Sherrill). And Elizabeth's younger sister Anne alias Annie Thomas m. Abel Sherrill (Anne Thomas Sherrill). The youngest from the union of Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard were JACOB THOMAS, Jr.; and ANNE THOMAS SHERRILL. My ancestor, WILLIAM THOMAS who m. ELIZABETH PURVIANCE, was one of the children of Jacob & Margaret BREVARD THOMAS, also. (Click here for BREVARD, THOMAS, and SHERRILL Families of the piedmont of North Carolina.) --Ora Huie and Katie Pearl Fox were McCorkle sisters: my Aunt Ora McCorkle Huie and Aunt Katie Pearl McCorkle Fox's records list an Ann Thomas (Sherrill) but fail positively to identify Anne Thomas SHERRILL as a child of Jacob & Margaret Brevard Thomas (which Anne was). Our old McCorkle/Huie genealogical records kept in Dyer Co., West Tennessee, contain Sherrill records, but in the midst of them my Aunt Katie Pearl McCorkle (Fox) has interlineated: "I don't understand all of this."

Click below for a hyperlink to ZEBULON BREVARD, probably the father of Margaret Brevard (Mrs. Jacob THOMAS).  I did not write any of the following; this is merely a hyperlink: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~passages/Brevard.html

Many allied lines are considered in this web site, e.g., the Scott family of James Scott, 1777-1853, and Sarah Dickey (Scott), 1777-1838, Sarah Dickey Scott being a daughter of John Dickey & Sarah Robinson Dickey of York District, South Carolina; James & Sarah Dickey Scott having lived at one time in York District, South Carolina I suspect that James Scott, 1777-1853, began his life in Pennsylvania and that his father was the immigrant, but am not certain.  --Their descendant Glenn Smith Scott of Yorkville, Tennessee (Gibson Co.) died in the spring of 2009, leaving behind children and his brother Wm. Aaron Scott. --Annie Maude Scott (Mrs. Brown) died in Henderson, Tennessee, in the year 2009; born in West Tennessee, Annie Maude married a man from Guntown, Mississippi, then moved to Henderson to be near the family of her brother's widow, Yvonne Scott (Mrs. Rev. THOMAS Elihu Scott).

Another example of allied lines is the Archibald Wasson -Elizabeth Woods Wasson family. Someday I hope to include a section on the WOODS-WASSON genealogy.

Stuart Hoyle Purvines's big red PURVIANCE / PURVAIANCE book of the year 1984, to which I provided much information about the Tennessee descendants of Revolutionary War "colonel" John Purviance (serving as soldier in the North Carolina line during the war) and wife Mary JANE Wasson (Purviance), of Rowan Co., NC, says the "colonel" 's parents, JOHN PURVIANCE who m. Miss McKNIGHT came from people who were originally Huguenots at Royan near La Rochelle, west coast of France, and who had fled up to Castlefinn in Northern Ireland to escape the  Roman Catholic persecution. Also, someone has placed on www.ancestry.com that James MORRISON came from Castle Finn.  This JAMES MORRISON was father of our WILLIAM MORRISON, who called himself the "first inhabitor" of the Loray community area near Statesville, Rowan County (later, in 1788, IREDELL county), North Carolina. This Castlefinn business--of the immigrant John Purvaiance / Purviance/ who m. McKnight, and of immigrant James Morrison:  I do not know anything about. Nevertheless, here's the WIKIPEDIA information on Castlefin alias Castlefinn of County Donegal in the northwestern-most part of Ireland. County Donegal is yet a part of EIRE, the REPUBLIC of Ireland; County Donegal is not a constituent part of the Northern Ireland that is a part of the United Kingdom but is part of Eire (the Republic of Ireland): 

"Castlefin (Irish: Caisleán na Finne), (sometimes spelt Castlefinn) is a market town in the Finn Valley of County Donegal, Ireland, an Ulster county within the Republic of Ireland. The town has a population of 810 (2006) and is located between Ballybofey and Lifford. The River Finn flows by the town. The town is located in along the main N15 national primary road, which runs from Bundoran to Lifford. The town lies 6 miles from Lifford and 8 miles from the twin towns of Ballybofey /Stranorlar. It has close links to the twin towns of Ballybofey/ Stranorlar, Letterkenny and has strong links with West Tyrone in Northern Ireland, especially with the towns of Strabane and Castlederg." ... ... ... "Castlefinn is in the parish of Donaghmore, barony of Raphoe, 4.5 miles from Lifford."

 centerMap highlighting County Donegal

The above is from the Wikipedia entry, at <http:www.wikipedia.org>. Look to the central right boundary of County Donegal to see Castlefinn.

John Purviance m. Mary Jane Wasson, my, Marsha Cope Huie's, ancestors.  This John was son of another John Purviance (who m. McKnight).  One of John & Jane Wasson Purviance's children was Elizabeth Purviance alias Mrs. William Thomas, and another child was church "elder" David Purviance, who aided in starting the Disciples of Christ/ Church of Christ at Cane Ridge, Kentucky.  Elizabeth Purviance m. William Thomas and produced, inter alia:  (1) Sarah Purviance Thomas who m. Eleazor Woods and (2) Jane Maxwell Thomas who m. Edwin Alexander McCorkle.  William Thomas died in 1833 very soon after removing westerly to Dyer County, and his widow applied for a Revolutionary War widow's pension from Dyer County, with the help, the application states, of her son-in-law Edwin Alexander McCorkle, 1799-1853, who was a Justice of the Peace for Dyer County.

The John Purviance who married Mary Jane Wasson was in 1775 a member of the Rowan County, NC, Committee for Safety, meaning that he was a revolutionary.  Yet, he would not leave his Presbyterianism and join the new "restoration movement" of Barton W. Stone and his own son, "elder" David Purviance, the latter of whom is considered a co-founder of the Christian Church / Church of Christ in that he spread the movement in Kentucky and, partially because of opposition to slavery, northward to Ohio (settling in "New" Paris, Preble County, Ohio).  This John Purviance did, however, join the new CUMBERLAND Presbyterian movement begun in 1810 in Middle Tennessee.  --So, the reader may wonder, was this "colonel" John Purviance really a revolutionary; or did he like many Scots-Irish in the American colonies merely jump on a chance (the revolutionary movement) to get back at the British who had long discriminated against Presbyterianism in favored of an established anglican church?

It's not clear to me why he--"our" "Revolutionary War colonel" John Purviance--is of 1811 record in Giles County, Tennessee, which is down on the southern border of Tennessee, a border shared with Alabama, Giles County's main city today being Pulaski, Tennessee. "Colonel" John Purviance deeded 450 acres of land to Samuel Woods, grantee, who by then was up in New Paris, Preble County, Ohio, near "elder" David Purviance, son of John & Mary JANE Wasson Purviance. I suppose "colonel" John Purviance had received this acreage as remuneration for his Revolutionary War efforts, but this is speculation. -- New Paris, Preble County, Ohio, was the locale to which John & Mary Jane Wasson Purviance 's son "church elder" David Purviance had removed, from, first, Rowan Co., NC; to, second, Sumner County, Tennessee, in or near Old Shiloh Presbyterian Church just outside today's Gallatin; to, third, near Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky (because John & Mary Jane Wasson Purviance's son named John Purviance Jr. had been scalped in 1792 in Sumner County, Tennessee); to, fourth, New Paris, in Preble County, Ohio.)  Please see Deed Book A, page 205, Giles County, Tennessee, Deed Books, this deed having been registered on 25 Sep 1811. The 450 acres lay on a tributary of the Elk River called Indian Creek.  Acting as witnesses to grantor John Purviance's deed were brothers of the grantee: William Woods and David Woods.  --Parenthetical note about land-owning in Giles County, Tennessee: "our" Alexander McCorkle Jr, son of immigrant "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery d. 1789 & immigrant Alexander McCorkle, 1722-3 to 1800, lived at one time after moving from the Piedmont of North Carolina in GILES COUNTY, TENNESSEE, also.  This Alexander McCorkle Jr.--brother to "our" Robert McCorkle, the Robert who m. Margaret Morrison, then moved on to Henry County, Tennessee, the main city of which is Paris, Tennessee.  There, after having a son also named Alexander McCorkle, he began to refer to himself as Alexander McCorkle Sr.  I know he was in Giles County for a while because he wrote a letter back home to his sister McCorkle-Ramsay which appears in the RAMSAY papers housed in the U of North Carolina Archives at Chapel Hill.

Click here for a bit of information about DAVID PURVIANCE.

Click below for an excerpt from Levi Purviance's biography of his father, "elder" David Purviance, describing his--Levi's--grandfather, Revolutionary War soldier "colonel" John Purviance who married Mary JANE Wasson (Purviance). This John might have been born at Castle Finn, Northern Ireland, as his father (another John Purviance) had been; but probably was born in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.  Was "colonel" John Purviance who m. JANE WASSON (Purviance) an emigrant from Northern Ireland? The de PURVAIANCE family in France had become Huguenots seeking refuge in the west coast city of La Rochelle, France, after Louis XIV stupidly revoked the toleration implied by the Edict of NANTES; and from Royan / La Rochelle, the Purviances had sailed seeking freedom in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In France, a name using "de (plus a locale)" implies nobility; so I suppose at some point Jacques de Purvaiance, or some kinsman, had been "made" noble in return for some favor bestowed. That fits, as "Purvaiance" means "purveyor" or "purveyance."

Click to the right for: Levi Purviance's description of his grandfather JOHN PURVIANCE & his grandmother Mary JANE WASSON Purviance

The above-mentioned families mostly came from Pennsylvania down the Great Wagon Road of the 18th century to Rowan County, North Carolina; then westerly to Tennessee.  Tennessee attained statehood in 1796 (take that, you Johnny-come-lately Texans who appropriated not only "UT" but also our mascot orange color); the western-most lands of Tenn. were not opened for white settlement until decades later.

This web site includes some of the Correspondence of (“Peggy”) Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert McCorkle), 11th August 1770 - 21 Nov. 1848 This correspondence includes letters to and from one of her daughters, Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roache.   Margaret Morrison McCorkle called her new home in Dyer County, Tennessee, “Verdant Plain,” and later one of her sons, Robert Andrew Hope alias RAH McCorkle, was to pen letters as having been written from “Verdant Grove.”

Please hold down "CTRL" & click here for:  CHOLERA Strikes in 1833, on August 10th, presumably in ROCKVILLE, INDIANA, to which town Margaret Morrison McCorkle's daughter ELMIRA SLOAN McCORKLE ROACH had removed from Dyer County, Tennessee.

Please hold down "CTRL" and Click for the information outlined below:  Frontispiece.1984 Letter from Bowden Cason (Casey) McCorkle to Marsha Cope Huie. Provenance of Old McCorkle Letters. Solicitation of Funds for McCorkle Cemetery east of Newbern, West Tennessee.

Please hold down "CTRL" and Click for the information outlined below: Title Page and Vague Table of Contents.  Copyright Notice.  Welcome to site of Marsha Cope Huie !!!

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The Peregrinations of Robert McCorkle. His grandmother Martha Finley Montgomery's Finley  / Princeton University /  Connection. His maternal uncle Rev. Joseph Montgomery (1733-1794), a brother of "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle and a brother-in-law of Dr. Benjamin Rush.

Hold down "CTRL" and Click for the information outlined below. This is a huge file so please wait:

Alexander McCorkle Genealogy (1722-1800) Introduction to the people who engaged in the McCorkle Correspondence included here that begins with Mrs. Robert McCorkle, 1770-1846, born Margaret Morrison of Rowan County, NC.  Margaret Morrison's paternal grandfather, William Morrison, 1704-1771, referred to himself as the first white "inhabitor" of the Third Creek area, now Loray community near Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.  The grandfather Wm. Morrison, 1704-1771,  attended parleys with the Indians and was active (with his son and/or brother Andrew Morrison) at Fort Dobbs during the era of the French & Indian Wars.  Fort Dobbs lies just outside Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.

Click for: The Nomadic Nature of our McCorkle Ancestors, and allied families. Was James McCorkle the father of our immigrant Alexander McCorkle (1722-1800)? Why did so many Scots leave Scotland for Northern Ireland circa 1700?

Here, someday, will be a link to records from the Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church, an early church in Kentucky, in southeastern Fayette County not far from Lexington. Elmira Sloan McCorkle (Mrs. Dr. Stephen Roach) wrote that her father Robert McCorkle was in the second company of white men to foray into Kentucky.  And we know that, before 1800,  brothers Robert McCorkle, John McCorkle, and Joseph McCorkle were all three at Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church.  For now, here is the website of Walnut Hill church--but it's not a hyperlink: http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/lexington/wal.htm

THYARITA Presbyterian Church, Rowan County, North Carolina, in Mill Bridge community near Mooresville near Salisbury, North Carolina. A Sloan's Mill stands nearby. Preacher of note:  Dr. Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, son of "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery & husband Alexander McCorkle.  Samuel Eusebius McCorkle graduated from the precursor of Princeton College, having studied at Nashua Hall under his maternal uncle Dr. Joseph Montgomery, 1733-1799, who--Joseph Montgomery--was a member of the Continental Congress from Pennsylvania. Samuel Eusebius McCorkle's brother was my ancestor, Robert McCorkle.  Samuel's wife was ne Gillespie.  Her father was killed at Fort Dobbs outside today's Statesville, NC.  Her mother remarried and became Elizabeth Maxwell STEELE, after whom a DAR chapter was named as she gave all her specie to General Nathaniel Greene at a low point in the Revolutionary cause.   --There was once a Thyatira Presbyterian Church (now, defunct) in Cannon County, Tennessee, near the Rutherford County line. It is now only Thyatira burial ground and is situated a bit north and west of Bradyville, near the Rutherford County line.  As mentioned, there is a MORRISON, Tennessee, which lies on the road from McMinnville running southwest to Manchester, in Warren County, Tennessee.

Click for: All I know about Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800, and wife "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle and their Descendants This may be repetitious.  Pictured below is one of their grandchildren, through their son Robert McCorkle by Robert's 2nd marriage, to Margaret Morrison (McCorkle), viz., Margaret Permelia McCorkle (Scott):


Does Ray Scott of Yorkville, Tennessee, look like his Scott-McCorkle ancestors, above? For the answer see him below, bottom right. Ray stands bottom right, in the front row, amongst some of the 1952 Matriculants at Yorkville School, and the Yorkville High School Class of 1964, Yorkville, Gibson County, Tennessee, at their gathering held 19 October 2008.


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McCorkle-Anderson-McMurry-Leath Excursus:  Progeny of my ancestor Robert McCorkle by 1st wife Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle (not my ancestor). Those children were: Infant Aleck; and daughter Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson, whose children by her husband THOMAS ANDERSON were:  Martha ( Mrs James T Leath). Julia Anderson. Elizabeth (Mrs. Rev. John MITCHELL McMurry) (Cumberland Presbyterians).

What happened to descendants of their brother,  Robert Anderson of Holmes County, Mississippi (interred Mizpah Cemetery)?

The children by his first wife Lizzie BLYTHE (McCorkle) of "our" Robert McCorkle ended up being more "high society"  than did the children by Robert's second wife, my ancestor Margaret MORRISON McCorkle.  The Robert McCorkle about whom I'm writing now is Robert the son of Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery (McCorkle), that is, the Robert who died in 1828 really soon after removing from Middle Tennessee to Dyer County, in the newly opened Western District of Tennessee.  James T Leath, e.g., was ruling elder for the whole Memphis area of the Presbyterian Church. --I suppose we were "no class" because where the second set of children, speaking generally, ended up living, and the area where I was born, has NO SOCIETY.  Farmers aren't big on "class," just on getting the crops planted and harvested--or that's my impression at least. I do have to admit, though, that in my childhood--the 1950s--the white McCorkle descendants around home thought they were Big Cheese.

Click below for:

Genealogy of William Morrison (1704-1771), who called himself the "1st inhabitor" of Third Creek, Rowan-Iredell Co., NC, and of William's granddaughter  Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848.

Also, here is a hyperlink to the Montgomery Co., Tennessee, descendants of Margaret Morrison McCorkle's uncle Patrick Morrison: www.lulu.com/items/volume_1/114000/114011/1/preview/Family_Tree_Preview.pdf -

Click below for:

Genealogy of Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard Thomas, parents of Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle née Jane Maxwell Thomas. William & Elizabeth Purviance's son DAVID Thomas was first attorney general (ad interim) of the Republic of Texas. He's buried outside Houston, at San Jacinto Battleground, in the de Zavala Cemetery, in a hero's grave.

At roughly the same time that David Thomas was acting secretary of war and attorney general for the nascent Republic of Texas,  David Thomas's first cousin-once removed JAMES HOUSTON THOMAS was attorney general of the State of Tennessee (1836-1842). According to the Political Graveyard source, this James Houston THOMAS then became U.S. Representative from Tennessee 6th District, 1847-51, 1859-61; Delegate from Tennessee to the Confederate Provisional Congress, 1861-62. James Houston Thomas died near Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tenn., August 4, 1876. Interment at St. John's Cemetery, Ashwood, Maury County, Tennessee.

Quoting the Nashville Daily American:  August 6, 1876  "James Houston Thomas born N.C., 1808; moved with family to Maury Co., Tenn. about 1815; an attorney-general for several middle Tennessee counties; elected to U. Congress in 1846 and 1848. Died recently.  [BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1971, Washington, D.C., 1971, pages 1805-1806: THOMAS, James Houston, a Representative from Tennessee; born in Iredell County N.C. September 22, 1808;  attended the rural schools; was graduated from Jackson College, Columbia Tenn., in 1830; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1831 and commenced practice in Columbia,  Tenn.; attorney general of Tennessee 1836-1842;  elected as a Democrat to the Thirtieth and Thirty-first Congresses (March 4, 1847-March 3, 1851);  unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1850 to the Thirty-second Congress; elected to the Thirty-sixth Congress (March 4, 1859- March 3, 1861);  resumed the practice of law in Columbia,  Tenn.; died near Fayetteville,  Lincoln County,  Tenn., on August 4, 1876;  interment in St. John's Cemetery, Ashwood, Maury County, Tenn.]

Hyperlink to DAVID THOMAS, Texas Politician on Wikipedia

One of Jacob & Margaret Brevard Thomas's great-grandsons was Hiram Robert A. ("HRA") McCorkle.  HRA McCorkle was a son of Jane Maxwell THOMAS McCorkle. The "Hiram" in HRA McCORKLE is from his mother's brother, Hiram Jacob Thomas, M.D., of Lebanon, Wilson County, Tenn; then of Vernon, Miss.; and last of Yazoo, Mississippi.):

THe following Letters You DO NOT WANT TO MISS:

 Click to the right for:  Old Letters from Margaret Morrison McCorkle (1770-1848) dating from 1829 to 1848; others' letters up to 1853 ,the year of death of my great-great grandfather Edwin Alexander McCorkle, of Edwin A.'s sister Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott (Mrs. Lemuel Locke Scott), and of Margaret Permelia McCorkle's father-in-law James Scott (1777-1853)

This James Scott was the husband of first, the mother of his children, Sarah Dickey, 1777-1838, of York District, South Carolina, born to John Dickey & wife Sarah Robinson (Dickey), York District, South Carolina, then, second, husband of Mary Landers (Scott).  It is this James Scott (1777-1853), whom "old friend Scott" (James Scott) married circa 1838 in Gibson County, Tennessee "to the satisfaction of all his friends."

Click for: S e c o n d P a r t of O l d L e t t e r s, Part II beginning in 1853 after death of my great-great grandfather Edwin Alexander McCorkle on 10th February 1853.

Letter from Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle. Click right for:  Year 1845: Admonitory Letter about the Latter Day Saints from RAH alias Robert McCorkle to his nephew Robert QUINCY Roache (son of Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache).

Included here is the much later Obituary of RAH McCorkle's son Joseph Smith "Joe" McCorkle. I note that my own father, Howard EWING Huie, 1907-1971, served as a pallbearer for this man whom he called "Uncle Joe McCorkle." The obituary erroneously lists my father Ewing as grandson to Joe; Ewing Huie's grandfather John Edwin McCorkle was a first cousin to Uncle Joe.


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The two daughters of  Rebecca Cowden McCorkle alias Mrs. Gideon Thompson (Rebecca who died circa 1819 being a sister to my great-great grandfather Edwin Alexander McCorkle, and sister to RAH or Robert McCorkle, and sister to Jehiel Morrison McCorkle alias Major JM McCorkle of the Dyer County militia, and sister to Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott alias Mrs. Lemuel Locke Scott),  JANE M. THOMPSON WILLIAMS (Mrs. Benjamin Williams) was a granddaughter of Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Jane is interred 1850 in the  McCorkle Cemetery as "Jane, consort of Benjamin Williams") about 4 miles east of Newbern, just north of the Newbern-Yorkville Highway) Jane Williams's sister was  Mary C. [Cox? Cowden?] Thompson alias Mrs. Matthew Dickey (Mary's inhumation was at the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, just east of Newbern on the Newbern-Yorkville Highway, also known as Highway 77.)    A.D. 2010 update:  long-seasoned now in the old McCorkle letters, I have come to believe Mary C. Thompson Dickey (Mrs. Matthew Dickey of Dyer Co., Tenn.) was the MARY COX about whom her grandmother wrote in an early letter just after settling in Dyer County, in the newly opened Western District of Tennessee.  Margaret Morrison McCorkle apprised her daughter Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache that Mary Cox had finally recovered from the ague.--Some COX people appear as do these McCorkles in the Rutherford County, Middle Tennessee, land records of the early 1800s.

Please click here for the April 2009 contribution of Thad Williams of Bolivar, Tennessee, about the Williams Family of BENJAMIN P. WILLIAMS, consort of McCorkle grand-daughter, Jane M. Williams Thompson (Williams)

Click below for:

First membership book of the old family church, then called Lemalsamac Christian Church

Click to the right for: Sue McCorkle Lee: recollections of Lemalsamac and Churchton circa 1925;  with lovely note appended by Linda Kelley of Chattanooga; also a newspaper article on the McCorkle Family of Churchton

Click for:  circa 1890 community contributions to construction of Mt. Carmel Methodist Church about 5 miles east of Newbern & northerly just a tad on the Trimble-Lemalsamac road.  Below: Mrs. Ira Mitchell Cope alias Notie Headden Cope, 1886-1983, devout member at Carmel Church after she moved there when the nearby Union Grove Presbyterian Church gave out for lack of membership, & her only surviving child on the right, daughter Joyce Rebecca Cope Huie, born 11 Nov. 1915 & died late in the night of 24 Dec. 2009 (my mother, of blessed memory);

and on the left Joyce's Cope 1st cousin Mildred Grills Caldwell (daughter of Delia Cope Grills and Riley Matthus Grills)

Click for: 1850 Census of the Churchton, Dyer County, community, including HENDRICKS alias Hendrix folks

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John Edwin McCorkle (1839-1924):  (1) one of his Civil War diaries, this one written just before and during the Civil War.  (He goes to the battle up at Columbus, KY; and  (2)  a sampler of his brother Hiram R A McCorkle's journals; and (3) a sampler of his daughter’s, Katie Pearl McCorkle (Fox)’s journals. Across the Mississippi River on the Missouri side, it is thought that John Edwin McCorkle & Hiram HRA McCorkle's first cousin (a son of their aunt, Jane M Thompson (Mrs. Williams)) was killed in battle; this is family lore.

CHURCHTON COMMUNITY, east of Newbern & west of Yorkville, Tennessee. 

Click below for:

Union Grove Schoolhouse 1897 Photograph. Update: 1905 photograph of UNION GROVE SCHOOL.

Click below for:

 Excursus on family of George Washington Smith & Cornelia Davie Smith of Churchton Community.

 Also, a bit is included here on the Miller family of Churchton Click to the left, please.  As far as I know they are not kin to me except for Mrs. James Allen Scott (née Jennie E. Miller) whose husband Jim Scott removed to Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas. (It's possible Jennie had died before her husband removed to the glory land promised by the Texas publicity.)

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Maury Adolphus Huie's Typed Family Record from his mother's and aunts' recordsThis is difficult to read. Uncle Mutt incorrectly read the birth date of Margaret Morrison McCorkle as 1772. It's beyond cavil, from Margaret's own letters transcribed herein, that she was born in August of 1770.

Click below for:

Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle, including her Purviance roots.  The family of John Purviance & Mary Jane Wasson Purviance.

Click here for:

Alternate Version of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle. Contains some photographs I couldn't get in the above version.

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Robert Andrew Hope or RAH McCorkle & wife Tirzah Scott McCorkle, a daughter of James Scott (1777-1853) and wife Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838) of York District, South Carolina, then of the Yorkville-Newbern community.

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The SCOTT family of  James Scott (1777-1853) & Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838), removing from York District, South Carolina, to, ultimately, the Dyer-Gibson County line.

This photo of the old Yorkville Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, above, can be better seen on the web page entitled "photos."  Nota Bene. I think I erroneously placed the death date as 1872 for "Jimps" James Scott (born 1810). Jimps Scott appears in the 1880 census so probably died circa 1882, but I'm no longer sure about any date of his death. I erroneously thought the little, almost-gone stone (shown above, listing somebody's date of birth as 1810) that I found in the old Yorkville Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery showed the date of death of "our" James "Jimps" Scott.  I must have been wrong. But at least I did get a marker erected to honor these people, however ridded with inaccuracies it is.

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The Dickey Family of Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838), a daughter of Sarah Robinson Dickey & of John Dickey of York District, South Carolina.  Sarah Robinson Dickey and John Dickey are also ancestors of Vice President Dick Cheney; would they claim him, do you think?

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John & Jane Tongue. William Tong & Ellen Ford. Joseph Ford Tong. Juliet Tong Cotton & John Cotton of Botland near Bardstown, Nelson Co., Kentucky.

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Hendricks or Hendrix Excursus.  Daniel Hendricks (Hendrix) & Isabel Pendry Hendrix of Mocksville, Rowan-Davie County, NC; Uriah C. Hendricks & the two MacMahan sisters, Mary & Temperance. Uriah C. Hendrick's children: Narcissus Elizabeth Hendricks Cope; Harriet Hendricks Wyatt; Mark Hendricks of Trimble; George Hendricks of Trimble; Albert Hendricks; & JC "Jerry" Hendricks.

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Hiram McCorkle--just a teaser from one of HRA McCorkle's Civil War journals

Update:  Now, his journals have been microfilmed by the Tennessee State Archives in Nashville.  They are in pencil and extremely hard to read, unfortunately. Hiram rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest. -- Somewhere in one of his journals he writes that his brother Finis Alexander McCorkle has ridden off to find "Old Bedford." When Hiram cannot or does not write in his own journals, his brother John Edwin McCorkle's handwriting often makes entries.

Above: My parents, Howard Ewing Huie, 1907-1971, and Joyce Rebecca Cope Huie, 1915-24 Dec. 2009.: My parents, Howard Ewing Huie & Joyce Rebecca Cope Huie, of blessed memory

The true addict who enjoys footnotes (like me) should click below for: Old, superseded version of "Old McCorkle Letters." (Contains endnotes inadvertently omitted from later version. For the addicted these endnotes will be important.)

Howard Anderson Huie, 1870-1935, married Sophie King McCorkle (Huie). She was named after the wife of her mother's first cousin, viz., Sophia Woodruff King (Mrs. Gideon King) of Eminence, Kentucky.  Howard & Sophie Huie are my paternal grandparents. Some of his business  records lie in the Archives of the University of Tennessee at Martin Library:

MS 028  
AUTHOR : W. R. Ozier & Co.
TITLE : W. R. Ozier & Co. records,
DATES : 1890-1901.
SIZE : 1 volume (70 pages); 22 x 36 cm.
ARRANGEMENT: Ledger in series; arranged by author. Inventory avaliable online.
HISTORY NOTE : W.R. Ozier & Co. was a hardware merchandise store that conducted business in Yorkville and Newbern, Tennessee during the later part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century. The company was founded by W.R. Ozier and H.A. Huie in 1890. The company changed names to Huie Bro. & Co. in 1895 and to Huie's & Pope's Trading in 1899. H.A. Huie was one of the initial founders of the Dyer County Cattle Company.
CONTENTS : Account balance sheets, stock investments, expenditures, and miscellaneous financial records. Includes the mission statement, constitution, and by-laws of the Dyer County Cattle Company.
SUBJECT : Gibson County (Tenn.) -- Manuscripts.
Dyer County (Tenn.) -- Manuscripts.
Yorkville (Tenn.) -- Manuscripts.
Newbern (Tenn.) -- Manuscripts.
Tennessee -- History -- Sources.
Hardware stores -- Tennessee -- Gibson County.
Hardware stores -- Tennessee -- Dyer County.
Dyer County Cattle Co.
W. R. Ozier & Co.
Huie Bros. & Co.
& Pope's Trading Co.
Back to U T Martin's List

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Last Will & Testament of the Husband of Sarah Huie (Mrs. Wilson Hall)--emigrants from Rowan County, North Carolina, to Dyer County, western Tennessee. Sarah Huie Hall was a sister to, inter alia, Benjamin Huie (1798-1879).  Her husband's will was transcribed by Natalie Huntley, manager of the Dyer County rootsweb website. I think Sarah Huie Hall is buried in the CENTER CHURCH CEMETERY east of Newbern. Also included are some more wills.

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In 1882 the Railroad Comes to Newbern

Please help me post photos of the Civil-War Era McCorkle Siblings of eastern Dyer County, Tennessee, east of Newbern & west of Yorkville:

Click below for the descendants of

Hiram R. A. McCorkle, who according to the journals of his brother, John Edwin McCorkle, "made a company" during the war. Of HRA's nephews, the one whom I knew who looks most like the above picture of HRA McCorkle was Glenn Roache McCorkle, father of Annie Glen McCorkle & Sue Alice McCorkle Lee.

John Edwin McCorkle, 1839-1924. Born in prime years for becoming Civil War cannon fodder, just after receipt of a baccalaureate from the soon-defunct Bluff Springs Academy.  (The situs of the Bluff Springs Academy?  I think it was in Milan or nearby McLemoresville, Gibson County, West Tennessee.)

 --His first wife was "Tennie" Scott (Tennessee Alice Scott, born to William Scott of Hardeman County (ultimately, although he was a sojourner in Gibson/Dyer County); William Scott being a son of JAMES SCOTT, 1777-1853, & wife Sarah DICKEY Scott, 1777-1853. Wm's siblings:  Tirzah Scott McCorkle of Dyer Co, Lemuel Locke Scott of Dyer-Gibson Co., James "Jimps" Scott of Gibson-Dyer Co., John Dickey/Dickie Scott ofGibson/Dyer then Hardeman Co.

John Edwin McCorkle's 2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Cotton (McCorkle), below. She is my father Ewing Huie 's maternal grandmother, that is, Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle was mother to, inter alia, Sophie King McCorkle (Huie). She died in 1929:


above: Mary Elizabeth Cotton (Mrs. John Edwin McCorkle, his second wife, after "Tennie" Tennessee Alice Edwards Scott McCorkle, 1850-1879). "Mollie" Mary was born in Nelson Co., Kentucky (in Botland near Bardstown) to John Cotton (died 1852, Botland, Nelson Co., KY) & Juliet TONG Cotton (Juliet was interred while visiting her daughter in Tennessee in the McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer Co., Tenn.).

Finis A. McCorkle:

[Under construction--to be added later-]twin to "Latina" or "Tina" Margaret Latina McCorkle (Mrs. John T. Gregory)

First wife: "Sallie Jo" Sarah Josephine JACKSON (McCorkle), who is interred at Mt., just north of Newbern, Tennessee, in contiguous OBION County. We do not know whether Finis himself is buried there with his first wife, or in the McCorkle Cemetery in Dyer County (west of Yorkville and east of Newbern)

Second wife: "Mag" Margaret HART, about whom I've heard nothing good.  Finis's son GILLUM McCorkle around the turn of the century committed suicide in his bed, which he shared with brother HOMER McCorkle.  In 1984 I telephoned Finis's last surviving child, centenarian Maida McCorkle Montgomery, then living in California, whose mind sounded lucid. Maida or MADA told me, no, she had no memory of the burial place of her father FINIS McCORKLE. Maida was Mrs. Howell Montgomery and she had one daughter Margaret Montgomery, a librarian who died after 1984 without issue, in California.


Finis's twin Margaret Latina "Tina" McCorkle (Mrs. John T. Gregory)

[Under construction--to be added later-]

"Becky" Rebecca McCorkle Zarecor (Mrs. John C. Zarecor):

Under construction--to be added as I can. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!!!!

In 1873 a John ZŰrcher of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, received a U.S. patent on a certain improvements on looms for weaving.  This was at a time when I know "our" John C. Zarecor (who m. "Becky" Rebecca McCorkle) was already living in Dyer-Gibson County, Tennessee). I do wonder, though, if the Pennsylvania inventor was kin to our Zarecors.  The diary of my g-great grandfather, John Edwin McCorkle, records that he ate many a dinner with his sister "Becky" McCorkle Zarecor and her husband, John C. Zarecor, around the time of the Civil War; so many meals that I would imagine that John C. Zarecor was relieved when his brother-in-law, John E. McCorkle, married.

Why did the Zarecor family quit being interred in the family McCorkle Cemetery? "Aunt" Becky McCORKLE Zarecor, their ancestor, is interred there. It is a sadness to me that they went elsewhere for family interment. It was usual back then for the bride to leave her religion and take up her groom's. Thus "Becky" McCorkle became a Cumberland Presbyterian.

Please click here for hyperlink to Aunt Becky Zarecor information.

Elizabeth McCorkle Reeves who removed to Gadsden near Humboldt, Gibson County, Tennessee, Click here

Some names to watch for coming from Elizabeth McCorkle REEVES: Priestly, Jones

Until about 1986 I was proud to correspond with an elderly lady, Kate Priestley BLANCHARD (Mrs. Fred Blanchard), a descendant of Elizabeth McCorkle REEVES.  She died in 1988.  Kate had to move from Gibson County, Tennessee, to El Paso, Texas, because Mr. Blanchard was afflicted with tuberculosis, and in the early 20th century Tennessee physicians liked to send TB patients for the dry air of Texas.  We should all read Leonardo daVinci on physicians; basically, he cautioned Stay Away!. Kate's husband, Fred Ewing Blanchard, 1891-1932, was not cured, sad to say.

Restlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, El Paso Texas:

1000  BLANCHARD Earl G.   8/26/2002  
1001  BLANCHARD Charles A. 1869 1933  
1002  BLANCHARD Lilly 1866 1950  
1003  BLANCHARD Fred Ewing 1891 1932  
1004  BLANCHARD Kate Priestley 1898 11/3/88  
1005  BLANCHARD Margaret A. 1878 11/29/59  
1006  BLANCHARD Fletcher Joseph 1914 12/16/1959   
1007  BLANCHARD Ida E.   1/1/1975  
1008  BLANCHARD Katheryn 3/9/1903 11/20/1977

TEXAS CHURCHES - EL PASO    "Brief History of the Montana Street Church of Christ" by Kate Priestly Blanchard (1951 booklet),  STORED BY THE CENTER FOR RESTORATION STUDIES AT ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.

David Purviance McCorkle, who removed a bit north to Obion County in the environs of Mt. Moriah.  If you find the old cemetery you will see his marker at Mt. Moriah.  His first wife was Margaret SCOTT, who died in 1862.  Margaret Scott McCorkle was a sister to, inter alia, my Scott-Huie great-grandmother Mrs. Julius M. Huie ("Sade" Sarah Elizabeth Scott Huie).  David Purviance McCorkle then married ELIZABETH JACKSON.  (I think Elizabeth Jackson (Mrs. David Purviance McCorkle) was a sister to the first wife of Finis Alexander McCorkle (Sarah Josephine Jackson), but may be wrong about this.

[Under construction--to be added later-]

Anderson Jehiel McCorkle, Confederate States of America soldier during the Civil War: My My My  My father Ewing Huie's father, Howard ANDERSON Huie, was in part named after Anderson J. McCorkle.  Howard Anderson Huie's mother, Sarah Elisabeth Scott, was a sister to the first wife of A J McCorkle.

AJ McCorkle's first wife was a Scott.  So,  back to the Scott family of  James Scott, 1777-1853, & his first wife Sarah DICKEY (Scott), 1777-1838.--of York District, South Carolina.  --  James & Sarah Dickey Scott had one child who was "Jimps" James Scott, born circa 1810 and died circa 1886.  This "Jimps" Scott married as first wife VIOLET B. RODDY.  I've not been able to discover Violet's RODDY family, although I have gleaned a clue:  somewhere, after futile research I read that Violet B. Roddy came from Dancyville in Fayette/Hardeman Co., Tennessee, down toward Memphis.  This would make sense (although I'm not sure about it) because William Scott (father of the first Mrs. John Edwin McCorkle: Tennie Scott) and William Scott's brother JOHN DICKEY / DICKIE SCOTT who m. a Williams woman--each removed from Gibson-Dyer County, Tennessee, where their parents had finally settled down to Hardeman County, Tennessee.

One of the daughters of JIMPS Scott & wife Violet B. RODDY (SCOTT) was MARTHA SCOTT.  This Martha Scott was the first wife of A J McCorkle.  Second, AJ McCorkle married Lou FOX.

[Still under construction--more to be added later-]

Generation IV. Hiram Robert Andrew McCorkle: 1827 - 1907 Confederate States of America soldier during the Civil War: I call HRA McCorkle "Uncle Hiram" because my father Ewing Huie did. Uncle Hiram died in 1907, the very same year my father  Howard EWING Huie was born, but believe me  most of the West Tennessee relatives used to talk about their other relatives both alive and long-dead.  And my father often mentioned his "Uncle Hiram,"  usually in the context of Civil War stories.  There IS a "Yankee" (that's what they said in my childhood) buried in our (defunct) pond toward the highway (the Newbern-Yorkville Highway, Highway 77), loosely in front of the little house (originally built in 1952 for my maiden aunt, Sarah Elisabeth BETH Huie.  My daddy always told me the victim of gun violence buried in the pond was a Yankee renegade scaveging along the road.  Now, in my old age, I'm not sure what that meant exactly.  -- Actually, to set the family record straight, Hiram R. A. McCorkle was my father's great-uncle.

1st wife: Margaret A. L. Cowan; 2nd wife: Jenette Menzies (mother of Mr. Eddy McCorkle, i.e., V. Edwin Archibald McCorkle, who m. Dona McCutchen)

HRA McCorkle's children by 1st wife Margaret Cowan: V.O.P. or O.F. McCorkle, infant; V. Winfield Purviance McCorkle, who removed to Eminence, Ky., where he m. Mary "Mamie" King, daughter of Gideon King & 2nd wife Sophia Woodruff (King), Gideon King being a COTTON first cousin to the 2nd wife of Generation IV John Edwin McCorkle: Mary Elizabeth Cotton (McCorkle). V. Almeda McCorkle POPE (Mrs. Eugene Priest Pope); V. Elizabeth Jane McCorkle m. Johnny CAWTHON V.  Lula McCorkle m. her 2nd cousin, Johnny R. Woods, died young; V. Tolbert McCorkle, killed when young.

More on V. Winfield Purviance McCorkle (who according to his father's journal cried during the Civil War when the Yankees stole his mule) & Winfield's wife Mary "Mamie" King (McCorkle):  VI.  their son Graham King McCorkle became president of Illinois Bell Telephone Co. & he was a contemporary of my great-uncle Errett Cotton McCorkle, 1887-1976, and I know they used to meet and visit when each was working in Chicago; they were first cousins-once-removed, as IV. HRA McCorkle was V. Graham's grandfather & IV. John Edwin McCorkle was V. Errett Cotton McCorkle's father.  V.

More on V. Elizabeth Jane McCorkle Cawthon, who m. Johnny Cawthon.  Her children were VI.  Kate Kurl Cawthon (Mrs. B. W. PACE), mother of VII. Harry Pace; VI. Daisy Lou Cawthon (Mrs. John Israel Rodgers, mother of VII. William Rogers and VII. John Rogers; VI. William I. Cawthon, who m. Olive Noel and had 3 children, VII. Norma Cawthon, VII. Carolyn Cawthon, & VII. Kate Noel Cawthon; VI. Mamie McCorkle Cawthon (Mrs. Clint ATKINS), mother of VII Bettie Jane Atkins Caldwell (Mrs. Charles Caldwell), VII Bettie Jane being mother of one child Generation VIII David Walker Caldwell; and VI. Bettie Love Cawthon, who died young.

More on V. Edwin Archibald McCorkle 1873-1950, who married in 1897 Dona McCutcheon, 18877-1967.  Eddy & Dona's four children were:

VI.  Lula MADGE McCorkle, 1901-1972, who m. "Rich"  Richard F. Smith, 1900-1967, a brother to, inter alia, Mr. OK Smith & Leland Smith & Muncie Smith;   Rich & Madge McCorkle Smith had VII. Eddie Sue Smith Dunnevant, born 1917  (Mrs. Charles Dunnevant) (no issue); VII. Helen Smith, b. July 16, 1919, and Helen Smith m. 1st Norvell L. Williams; and 2nd Joe Phillips of Starkville, Mississippi.  Helen Smith's children by Norvy Williams:  VIII. Sarah Ruth Williams & VIII.  Norvell Scobey Williams.  Helen Smith's children by Joe Phillips: VIII.  Joe Samuel Phillips & Eddie Sue Phillips.  And Rich & Madge Smith had: Generation VII. Sarah Catherine Smith, b. 1913, who married Ray Phillips, Junior, and Sarah & Ray Phillips had one child, namely, VIII. Richard Ray Phillips.

More descendants of VI. Lula MADGE McCorkle, 1901-1972, & Rich Smith:  VIII.  Sarah Ruth Williams, b. 1939, m. 1st Warren Kleban & had 4 children (immediately below) then m. 2nd Arthur Falbo.

VI.  Mamie Porter McCorkle, born 1907 & married Albert Gallatin "Spoots" HARRIS, Jr. son of Edith Wadlingson & husband Albert G. Harris.  Mamie & Spoots Harris had VII. Virginia HARRIS (Mrs. James L. McClain), mother of & and VIII. Edith "Edie" HARRIS (Mrs. Jere FORD)(Mrs. Phillip Turner);  and Mamie & Spoots Harris had VII

VI.  Tommye McCorkle, female; and

VI.  Hiram Robert Andrew McCorkle II.

[more to be added later, God willing...]

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McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer County, Tennessee, east of Newbern and west of Yorkville. Who lies therein? according to Joyce Cope Huie, 1915-2019, and her daughter Marsha...

McCORKLE CEMETERY on McCorkle Cemetery Road.  Located about 5 miles east of Newbern, just north of the Newbern-Yorkville Highway (Hwy 77).  Inscriptions were read by the late James Woodley May 2000.

With much gratitude to the late Mr. Woodley, I am attempting to begin adding what I know--more aptly, what my mother Joyce Cope Huie knows--about the folks interred in the McCorkle Cemetery.     http://www.marshahuie.com/index.htm

Please help us add to the store of information about the people buried here.  Many old markers have disappeared.  Please email me at MarshaHuie@aol.com with any applicable information.  Also, I welcome corrections.

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Some MONTGOMERY-FINLEY McCorkle Pennsylvania Musings

Click here for:  Some Freed-Men & Freed-Women connected to the McCorkle - Scott- Huie families

John Conwell  alias John Conwill, Civil War veteran from Bibb Co., Alabama. Not kin to me, but paternal great-grandfather of my husband Ralph Ervin Williamson

Click below for:

1952 Matriculants of Yorkville School Get-together Oct. 2008 

To the Right Are supposed to be: Photos. (Please click here)

Below: Claude Monet La Señora de la Sombrilla Verdeas depicted in Jose Pijoan's Historia del Arte, 3 volumes, published by Salvat Editores, Barcelona, 1949


Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, who moved up north, became wealthy; while her siblings who remained down in Tennessee did not. The lives of the descendants of Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roach (who removed up north to Indiana with her husband), on the one hand; and, on the other hand, the bucolic siblings, sister Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott (who died in late 1853, the same year as her brother Edwin), & brothers Edwin Alexander McCorkle (my father's great-grandfather who died in early 1853) & Jehiel Morrison McCorkle (who died in 1849), took dramatically different turns, as best I know.

The cosmopolites became wealthy, and the farmers scraped by. Even though the farmers may have become land-rich, they would nonetheless have been cash-poor, the fate of many white folks in the post-bellum South, while at the same time the black folks were abandoned by promisors of 40 acres and a mule and forced relentlessly back into near-slavery by twisted enforcement, or by outright non-enforcement of post-war laws that had been enacted with the intent of aiding them. Perhaps the whites' poverty paid but an inadequate installment on the longtime debt incurred by their ancestors' sin, and their sin, of fostering antebellum slavery.  If ever an historic epoch showed the danger of good citizens' sitting idly by, afraid to speak out, it is the time after post-war Reconstruction when decent white folk allowed the Negro to be betrayed and pushed back into near-slavery and fear of being  lynched.  The election of 1876 ended de facto although not de jure the Civil War, when Tilden who had won the popular vote swapped his victory for getting an agreement to end Reconstruction occupation of the South. Rutherford B. Hayes became president, and the northern troops left the South.

Somewhere I've read that Elmira's husband, Dr. Stephen Roach, did not like the South in which he had been born (NC) before 1800, because of the institution of slavery, and determined to move northerly.  There, mostly in Indiana, his children who survived became educated and wealthy, while as far as I know Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott's and Edwin Alexander McCorkle's & Jehiel Morrison McCorkle's children possessed little access to formal education--although the Dyer County parents sent them off to school to Yorkville (5 miles) and a place called Bluff Springs Academy (in Gibson County, I think, near Milan? perhaps in McLemoresville?). We are certain that Edwin's son John Edwin McCorkle, 1839-1924, at least, received a baccalaureate, because I possess his B.A. diploma from Bluff Springs Academy; and we know John Edwin McCorkle's brother Finis Alexander McCorkle attended Bluff Springs Academy,  but Finis's college education would have been interrupted by the Civil War, during which Finis rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest.  --Generally, for the most part, the Tennessee farmers were a very long way removed from the Princeton College in which their Finley-Montgomery-McCorkle elders had been educated; and their fortunes declined after the Civil War and bitter Reconstruction, except for the few who were smart enough to head north, e.g., my great-uncle Errett Cotton McCorkle.  John Edwin McCorkle's son, Errett Cotton McCorkle, 1887-1976, I've been told by my elders, was pushed by his mother Mary, née Cotton and a native Kentuckian, to go live at her sister Laura Cotton Hunter's alias Mrs. John Crittenden Hunter's home in Louisville and read law.  And sure enough, Uncle Errett prospered  as he moved on to St. Louis and then Chicago, as the personnel manager for Renard Linoleum & Rug Co.  He lost his fortune twice during "panics" but twice regained it.  But most of Margaret's and Edwin's children remained on the land in Dyer and Gibson Counties of West Tennessee.  I've read in the old papers that uncle Hiram R. A. McCorkle made a good bit of money during and after the war by trading horses and generally being a good mercantilist, but Hiram was the exception, I think, of his generation in post-war West Tennessee.  And times for the grandchildren of the Civil War fighters did not improve by much, if at all, for they might have been land-rich but were cash-poor.  It really wasn't until the next generation (mine; I was born in 1946) that the Tennessee farmers' children were able to get the kind of educations available to Elmira's children in Indiana; correspondingly it is my generation of McCorkle descendants who have prospered in time.  Of course, I am speaking above in sweeping generalities; exceptions to the rule, as always, existed.

    "PLC" Parker Louis Cashdollar __x__, living child born 14th April 2006 to my niece Jessica Huie Cashdollar, as infant:



above: "Ellie" Ellington __x__ : Becky Huie Cornelius's granddaughter by daughter Beth. Ellington "Ellie" __X___ is Edwin Alexander McCorkle & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle's descendant.  Ellie comes to us through John Edwin McCorkle & 1st wife Tennessee Alice Scott, 1850-1879, by their daughter Ora, that is through "Dolph" Julius Adolphus Huie & Ora Alice McCorkle (Huie). Ora and Dolph Huie were parents of Maury Adolphus Huie, 1895-1973, and Maury & Nell Campbell Huie were parents of Rev. Bill Huie, who died in 2001. Bill Huie was father of Billy Huie who m. Jeanne Kegley and of Iris Rebecca "Becky" Huie Cornelius. Becky Huie Cornelius is the mother of Beth, and Beth & husband Steve are parents of "Ellie" ...


Easter 2008 photograph of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle's descendants through their son John Edwin McCorkle, 1839-1924. Descended through Julius Adolphus Huie & "Dolph" Huie's wife Ora Alice McCorkle (Huie): John Beverley __ (living) __ IV, left, & Jackson Huie ___(living)_____, sons of Mackenzie Huie & husband John Beverly __X___ III.  These fine boys are grandsons of John Ewing Huie, born 1952, & wife Joan; and great-grandsons of Edward Campbell Huie (died 2001) & Drucilla Garner Huie (d. July 2008). On horses: John Ewing Huie's granddaughters: Aubrey Huie (on the left) and Allie Huie; their little sister is MADELEINE HUIE.

HAYNES-MORRISON  This is a link to HAYNES information I found on the Web and did not write AT ALL.  Please recall: HAYNES-MORRISON. Two Morrison brothers, William Hays Morrison and Andrew Sloan Morrison, married two HAYNES sisters.

BREVARD-THOMAS-McCORKLE family information. I did not write this at all, either.

For safety--in fear of rootsweb freepages not keeping the following material on the Internet--I copied the above two files (HAYNES-MORRISON & BREVARD-THOMAS-McCORKLE). I, Marsha Cope Huie, had absolutely nothing to do with compiling this information.

Chronic Fatigue. Epstein Barr Virus. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Recently, in August 2009, a blood test revealed I had a very high number of active Epstein Barr Virus; my score was 30 times what it should have been (30 times high-normal).

Treatment was infusions of Alpha Lipoic Acid for 5 days (an anti-oxidant, as best I understand it); followed by oral dosage (pills) of Alpha Lipoic Acid (purchased from the health-food store) and Pantothenic Acid (3 pills twice a day), plus lots of vitamins to bolster my immune system.

Here is what I took, but please note that I am NOT giving medical advice, merely describing the course of treatment administered to me:


Rebuild-- osteopososis formula:   a multivitamin from Metabolic Maintenance Company:  6 capsules daily.

Selenium 22 mcg tablets.  I took two a day.

Vitamin D  --I take the 5000 IU strength because I suffer from chronic/acute pain. People without pain wouldn't want to do that, I imagine.

Magnesium Citrate  from Metabolic Maintenance Co. 500 mg.

Alpha Lipoic Acid   --Carlson Co. or Metabolic Maintenance Co.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is no joke.  For months before diagnosis--yes, I went to several doctors who did not test for Chronic Fatigue--I slept and slept yet still wanted to sleep even more.  Four months later, in December 2009, I don't feel the desperate need to sleep. I'm not a medical professional, and make absolutely no warranties or guarantees, but I want to give some help to anyone suffering as I was.  There is hope.  I am posting this in the hope that this information will help somebody somewhere.

Yorkville, Tennessee, YORKVILLE, TENNESSEE, in Gibson County.  is an historic little village.  [<<<Please click to the left for Marsha Cope Huie on Yorkville.]

Hyperlink: Yorkville, Tennessee.   See also:  http://coolplaces2go.com/tn/dyer/mccorkle-cemetery.html

McCORKLE CEMETERY McCorkle Cemetery Index collected by Natalie Huntley 's Dyer County, Tennessee, web site. The McCorkle Cemetery is located in Dyer County, TN ... On McCorkle Cemetery Rd, off Hwy 77 East From Newbern & west from Yorkville.  Before the Civil War and more particularly before the railroads, Yorkville was the better town. First grave there:  Robert McCorkle, 1764-1828, husband of Margaret Morrison (McCorkle), 1770-1848, also interred there; also beside Margaret Morrison McCorkle lies her brother William Hays Morrison, 1767-1837.  Recently discovered:  a brick in the pre-Civil War "black folks" portion of the cemetery that reads BEAN. That means JOYCE COPE HUIE, 11 Nov. 1915-24 Dec. 2009, my mother, was correct in telling me long ago that JEFF & ELLA [McCORKLE] BEAN and perhaps their son ROSCOE BEAN are interred in the McCorkle Cemetery.  --  The McCorkle Cemetery some 5 miles east of  Newbern, in Dyer County, and west of Yorkville. First grave in April 1828: Robert McCorkle, 1764-1828, husband of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848

hyperlink  for Inventory of Cemeteries, Dyer Co., TN Inventory of cemeteries located in Dyer County TN ... McCorkle. Dist. 9. Map. See Inventory. McCoy. Dist. 12. Map. See Inventory. McCullough Chapel

... McCorkle, Moses Headden, Alexander McCullough, Edwin Alexander McCorkle, Dr. Stephen Roach m. Elmira Sloane McCorkle (Roache), ...

End of Index. End of Index. End of Index to www.MarshaHuie.com

PHOTOS BELOW --  Top left: EWING McCORKLE, alias John Ewing McCorkle, died 27 February 1900 at age 16.  Son of John Edwin McCorkle & Mary Elizabeth Cotton McCorkle, Ewing was born 14 November 1884 and died 17 Feb. 1900. 15 years 3 months; height 6 feet weight 153. Photo found in effects of Ewing's younger brother Errett Cotton McCorkle upon Errett's death.

Top right photo from Churchton community, Dyer County, Tennessee:  Left--Fred Hunt; center: Errett Cotton McCorkle, 1888-1976, Beaure Townsend on right; little girl belonged to? Orta Bond or? Octa Bord. Names written on back of photo by Errett C. McCorkle. Botton photo:  Bettie McCorkle, wife of Jehiel McCorkle and mother of Hall McCorkle. Picture made in Greenfield, West Tennessee. Bettie's husband Jehiel was son or grandson of Jehiel Morrison McCorkle (Major J M McCorkle of the first Dyer County militia) and wife "Lizzie" "Betsy" Elizabeth Smith (McCorkle).



Whose house was this?  I have two ideas but do not know:  one, was it the old Mose Headden - Elizabeth Boyette Headden house? two, was it Glen Roache McCorkle's house?

Uncle ERRETT COTTON McCORKLE's best friend in St. Louis/ Chicago/ was John S. Moore; John S. Moore's son was James W. Moore, pictured above in 1945 (WWII uniform)(in aviation)  I found a 1918 ad in the New York Times saying to BUYERS that Renard Linoleum & Carpet Co. (St. Louis, Chicago) would be in New York City on a certain date.  Uncle Errett Cotton McCorkle was personnel manager for Renard Co.

Above: Family of Joseph Headden Huie & wife Ann Livingston Huie at the old Charles & Dona Headden Garner House, Cool Springs community near Trimble-Yorkville, Gibson Co., Tenn., July 2008 or '09. Joe Huie's mother, Drucilla Garner Huie, was nέe Drucilla GARNER. Drucy's mother Dona HEADDEN Garner and my mother Joyce Cope Huie's mother, Notie HEADDEN Cope, were first cousins.  Dona was born to Uncle Dave a k a David Crockett Headen and Notie was born to Winfield Scott Headden.


Above:  Little John Warren (grandson of John & Joan Huie),

one of two sons of Mackenzie Huie (Warren) & John Warren

ellie white

Above Ellie, granddaughter of Becky Huie & Bill Cornelius Christmas 2009

Huie, Billy & Jeanne Kegley 

Billy & Jeanne Kegley Huie at Montgomery Bell State Park --John Edwin McCorkle Reunion. Their two daughters: Kathryn Huie, Vanderbilt graduate biologist, US Forest Service; Heather Huie Hatley, SMU grad living in Wisconsin; and son Jay Huie, Case Western Reserve U engineering graduate.

Whatever became of the VAUGHAN family of Yorkville?  There used to be a Vaughan house about a mile west of Yorkville on the Newbern-Yorkville Highway.  The 1900 census, Civil District 8, Gibson County, Tennessee, lists the people in the household of HUGHIE Vaughan; one census spells it (Huie Vaughan):  Son Roger M. Vaughan, 17 (1882); son Ran J. Vaughan, 15; son Frank Vaughan, age 13; Lucy Vaughan, 26; and Fred Vaughan, aged 6.


Ralph E. Williamson taking photo of Jane Brown (left) and his wife, Marsha Huie (right).  This is how the wrong side of 60 looks.

Click below to view documents from notes taken by Marsha Cope Huie, May 2008, UNC Chapel Hill Archives--the Robert Ramsay Papers.  N.B.  the McCorkle Place edifice at UNC:

Document_01 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill ARCHIVES:  Ramsay Papers.  Generation II Agnes "Nancy" McCorkle married Robert Ramsay.

Document_02  Letter from Generation TWO  Alexander McCorkle (Iredell Co., NC; to Giles Co, Tennessee; to Henry Co., Tennessee) who m. Catharine MORRISON.

Document_03  Letter from William Graham, Upper Oxford, Chester County, Pennsylvania, about land

Document_04  Letter from Hugh & Hannah Robinson in Middle Tennessee to Robert Ramsay in Iredell Co., NC

Document_05  Same--letter from Hugh ROBINSON

Document_06  Letter from Generation Two Alexander McCorkle (son of Alexander, 1722-1800)

Document_07  Generation II Alexander McCorkle (traveling from western NC to Middle Tennessee); James McCorkle Generation TWO--last to be born and last to die of Generation II.

Document_08  Some Latta genealogy; some John Gen II to son Gen III Joel to Gen IV John FINLEY McCorkle

Document_09  Letter from Betsy ANDREWS to Gen. II Agnes "Nancy" McCorkle RAMSAY in Iredell Co., NC

 Document_10 Letter from Generation II Agnes "Nancy" McCorkle Ramsay (then, spelled R-a-m-s-E-y) to her brother James McCorkle by then removed from Indiand to OHIO (I think recipient is JAMES)

Document_11  Letter from Joseph KNOX to Robert Ramsay (husband of Gen. II Agnes "Nancy" McCorkle RAMSAY)

Document_12  Letter from Generation III Joel McCorkle (son of II. John McCorkle) to his father John McCorkle's brother-in-law, Robert Ramsay.

  Mentions land bought by II. Alexander McCorkle; mentions a Dr. Newman.

Document_13  Letter from Thomas Knox in Rutherford County, Middle Tennessee; to Robert Ramsay in Iredell Co., North Carolina;

mentions impoverished condition of Gen. II. WILLIAM McCorkle in Middle Tenn.

Document_14  Record of a Mr. Samuel B. Judah, McCorkle descendant in Vincennes, Indiana.  Please see also Document 17 infra.

 Document_15 Brief McCorkle Genealogy in the Ramsay Papers Collection

Document_16  Mentions Thorntown, Indiana; mentions William A. McCorkle, former governor of West Virginia (or Virginia?)

Document_17  Continuation of Document 14 above--record of a Mr. Samuel B. Judah, McCorkle descendant in Vincennes, Indiana

Document_18  Some genealogy (some of which is in error); mentions Colonel Francis McCorkle of N.C.

Document_19  Miscellaneous.  Joseph McCorkle (Gen. II) married Margaret SNODDY, for example.

Document_20  Miscellaneous.  Generation II James McCorkle (Ohio at death); Gen. II Joseph McCorkle (Ohio at death).

Click below for:

Letter 01 John Edwin McCorkle to Mary Elizabeth Cotton 1880

Letter 02

Letter 03

Letter 04

Letter 05

Letter 06

Letter 07

Letter 08

Letter 09

Letter 10

Chapter One. Welcome to my web site !!!

The actual old letters themselves, with explanations of who the writers were, as well as of the people-written-about in the letters. --This is a huge file that takes a seemingly endless time to load so please be patient. It's worth the wait, I promise. Please contact me with information you would like to add, at MarshaHuie@aol.com

McCorkle Correspondence beginning with Mrs. Robert McCorkle (1770-1848), née Margaret Morrison of Rowan County (Iredell County after 1788), NC, then Rutherford County, Middle Tennessee, then finally of Dyer County, Tennessee, near the Gibson County Line & the then-better town of Yorkville

--transcribed, compiled, and edited by Marsha Cope HUIE (alias Mrs. Ralph Ervin Williamson)

Copyright claimed not of the old letters themselves, which should be distributed and enjoyed by all, nor of work herein attributed to other people, but of all expression written by M. C. Huie, including her explanations of relationships & of who the  people in the letters were.


(c) 2011 by M C Huie

Also, happy reading from my niece Jessica Huie Cashdollar (Mrs. Brian Louis Blackwell) of Cordova, Tenn., and Little PLC Blackwell, born 14 April 2006


With significant contributions by

(1)       Natalie Cockroft Ragon & husband James Ragon of Jackson,Tennessee;

(2)       Mr. and Mrs. James M. Richmond of Napierville, Illinois; and

(3)       Margaret Dickey seekr@flash.net, the person who placed the Dickey Genealogy. Internet at http://members.fortunecity.com/gen4m/Dickey8.htm  entitled: Descendants of Robert Dickey (1463 - 1538)  Glasgow, Scotland. Genealogy Report 1463  1900; [1] and by (4) Joseph H. Howard --Margaret Dickey in turn makes attribution to the work of Joseph H. Howard  e-mail: jhhoward@erols.com  Their Dickey work astounds me; how could they have done such a masterful, comprehensive job with a name so hard to research?  I found the name “Dickey” as hard to research as “Thomas,” and I had almost given up on Sarah Dickey Scott’s lineage until James Ragon of Jackson, Tennessee, told me of the above work.  Please read the Endnote below citing more Dickey work of the above people. [End of Marsha Huie’s Acknowledgment to Dickey Family Researchers.]

 And with special thanks to Carol McCorkle Branz (Mrs. Roger Branz) of Spokane, Washington, for copies of  old McCorkle relics/correspondence/ supplied for transcription by me.  Carol is a descendant of Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle & wife Tirzah Scott McCorkle, through their son Joseph Smith McCorkle & wife Mary Frazier McCorkle, who lived in "downtown" Yorkville, Gibson County, Tennessee.

Published by Marsha Huie in March 2005. 


First, how is your compiler Marsha Cope Huie kin to Alexander McCorkle & wife "Nancy" Agnes(s) Montgomery McCorkle; and their son Robert McCorkle & Robert's 2nd wife Margaret Morrison McCorkle?


The compiler Marsha Cope Huie's paternal g-g-g-g-grandfather  was Alexander McCorkle [Sr.]  of Rowan County, NC.  This is the Alexander McCorkle who died in 1800 and is buried at Thyatira Presbyterian Church cemetery outside Mooresville, North Carolina.

This kinship is through:

Marsha Cope Huie's father, Howard EWING HUiE, 1907-1971, who married Joyce Rebecca Cope, 11 November 1915-24 Dec.. 2008.

Marsha Huie's paternal g-g-g grandparents were Robert McCorkle & wife Margaret Morrison,  each originally of Rowan County, North Carolina, then residents in Rutherford County, Middle Tennessee, and at the last residents of Dyer County, West Tennessee.

     One of Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle's sons, Robert McCorkle, & Robert's 2nd wife, "Peggy"  Margaret Morrison (McCorkle), finally settled around 1825-7 in Dyer County, Tennessee, when the Western District was opened for white settlement.  You will find many of their land transactions in Deed Book "A" of Dyer County.

     Margaret Morrison McCorkle considered their principal town to be Yorkville in Gibson County.  Her husband Robert McCorkle died in the spring of 1828 (April), very soon after losing land-title litigation in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee, a lawsuit involving his father Alexander' McCorkle's Revolutionary War Land Grant.

     Loss of the Rutherford County Revolutionary War land grant, marked off initially near "Murphreesborough," caused Robert McCorkle & Margaret Morrison McCorkle in old age, after he was blind, and accompanied by their surviving (grown) children, to have to remove to Dyer County in West Tennessee in order to accept land substituted in lieu of the lost Middle Tennessee land. 

Many more folk as named herein descend from Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle.

In particular, Marsha Cope Huie and her sister Sophie Joyce Huie Cashdollar, and others, descend from Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle's son Edwin Alexander McCorkle.

Edwin A. McCorkle was born to Margaret Morrison McCorkle circa 1799 in Rowan County, NC, and EA McCorkle died in Dyer County West Tennessee) on 10th January 1853.

        Edwin's wife, Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle), was born in 1801 or 1802 and died in 1855;  Jane was born in Wilson County, Middle Tennessee, to parents William Thomas (son of Hiram Jacob Thomas & wife Margaret Brevard). (William Thomas, who died in 1833 in Dyer County, had been a soldier in the NC continental line, Revolutionary War).  William Thomas's wife was: Elizabeth Purviance (Thomas), Elizabeth being a daughter of Revolutionary War soldier "colonel" John Purviance & Mary Jane WASSON (Purviance) of Rowan Co., NC.  Mary Jane Wasson Purviance & husband John Purviance were last of Middle Tennessee.  She died in 1810 (the year of formation of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination) and he died in 1843, a CUMBERLAND Presbyterian (no longer just a Presbyterian).  This John who m. Mary Jane Wasson was a son of another John Purviance and wife Margaret McKnight (Purviance), from Castlefinn, County DONEGAL, Ireland.  --Mary Jane Wasson and her sister married two PURVIANCE brothers, viz., "colonel" John Purviance and his older brother James Purviance (a captain--a true captain--in the NC line of the Revolutionary War).  I think "my" John Purviance (father of Elizabeth Purviance THOMAS) was not really a colonel but was given an honorific after the Revolutionary War.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents. I. :

ΆΩ                   At the end of Chapter One is the first membership book of Lemalsamac Christian Church, as it was then known, typed with annotations by me.  In a sense this was a THOMAS-MORRISON-McCORKLE family church, but it was formed for God, not family.

I.                Correspondence of (“Peggy”) Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert McCorkle)

This correspondence includes letters to and from one of her daughters, Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roache.   Margaret called her new home in Dyer County, Tennessee, “Verdant Plain,” and later a son, Robert Andrew Hope or RAH McCorkle, was to pen letters as having been written from “Verdant Grove.”   These old letters are mostly in Chapter Two of this compilation. 

In colonial times (1762), Margaret Morrison McCorkle’s father, Andrew Morrison [wife: Elizabeth Sloan Morrison] had received a land grant from the Earl of Granville for certain land in North Carolina. Andrew's father, William Morrison, born circa 1704 and died in  1771, & Andrew's mother, a Margaret (maiden name unknown) Morrison, were at Third Creek, Rowan-Iredell County, at least as early as around 1750 A.D., and William and Andrew Morrison took shelter at Fort Dobbs (just outside Statesville, now in Iredell Co., NC) in the time of the French & Indian Wars (in Europe  called the Seven Years War, ending in 1763).

-- Fergus Sloan owned land at the site of Fort Dobbs and is buried in an early grave in the Fourth Creek Meeting House Cemetery, which now lies in the center of the town of     Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina.  I suspect kinship between Fergus Sloan and Elizabeth Sloan (Mrs. Andrew Morrison), the latter being the mother of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, inter alia; but I cannot prove kinship of Fergus Sloan & Elizabeth Sloan Morrison. -- In colonial times, at least in the South, only the Anglican denomination was allowed to call its worship place a "church." Presbyterians had to be content with the cognomen "meeting house."

An example of the correspondence in this compilation, mostly in Chapter Two:

In this series of correspondence transcribed herein, Margaret Morrison McCorkle wrote her brother-in-law James McCorkle:

       “I think you do me injustice to imagine me opposed to the abolition scheme at least I know that I am unfriendly to slaveholding amongst us I am not sufficiently acquainted with the politics of the times to judge of the measures pursued by the  abolitionists therefore I wish them success only just so far as they are trying in a right manner to do what I believe to be a good work, one thing I can say with certainty that it would truly rejoice me to see all my dear posterity settled in a free state.” 

--The above is quoted from a letter written by Margaret Morrison McCorkle to her brother-in-law James McCorkle, the youngest brother to Robert McCorkle et al. James McCorkle was born 4 May 1768.  James McCorkle moved to Ohio [John Hale Stutesman wrote that his removal was to escape slavery], but James McCorkle died residing in Frankfort, Indiana, dying on 2 December 1840.  This correspondence reveals that Margaret’s daughter, Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, was in Indiana near her uncle James McCorkle, at least for a while.

Another example of the correspondence in this compilation, mostly in Chapter Two:

One of Margaret's letters is to her grandson, Addison Locke Roache, Senior, depicted below as justice of the Indiana Supreme Court

Below is a sampler, a letter from Addison Locke Roach

aged about ten years at the time of writing.  Addison's family--Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roach(e) & Dr. Stephen Roach(e)--had moved up north to (I think) Indiana.  The letter is written to his uncle Edwin Alexander McCorkle in Dyer County, Western District of Tennessee.  Edwin's sister Elmira Sloan(e) McCorkle (Roache) was mother to the young writer Addison:

Letter to Edwin Alexander McCorkle in Dyer County, Western District of Tennessee, from his nephew (Edwin’s sister Elmira’s son) Addison Locke Roache, Senior

 "Dyer Co. Ten  1827

"Dear uncle        we are well in common health, father has had the ague, he had three very severe shakes, at first we thought it was the influenza for 4 or 5 days

We have moved up to Andrews Creek and are living in the house that Humphrey Tome-llson [Tomlinson? Tomelson?] used to live in.  

James Franklin [Travers? Roache?] & myself are going to school to Mr. Absolam Knot [Absalom Knox?], James can read tolerable well and father has promised to give him a penknife if he will get to the pictures and I am sure he will get to the pictures

 Jane M. Thomson [Thompson] is going to school to Mr Alamer Hill to learn the grammar the short way.

[Jane M. Thompson is a 1st cousin to Addison. Jane Thompson (Mrs. Benjamin Williams) was one of the two orphaned daughters of Addison’s mother Elmira’s sister Rebecca Cowden McCorkle (Thompson), Jane M. Thompson being a child of Mrs. Gideon Thompson & Gideon Thompson.] Jane M. Thompson Williams  named her first child "John Gid Williams."  The other orphaned daughter was Mary "Polly" Cowden Thompson (Mrs. Matthew Dickey), who is buried in the Poplar Grove CP Church Cemetery just outside Newbern, Dyer Co., Tennessee.  Jane M. Thompson Williams is interred McCorkle Cemetery east of Newbern.]

 I must close my short epistle.

Give my respect to [your wife] Aunt Jane & all who may inquire after me. 

 Yours sir with affection

 Addison L Roach

 May the 14th 1827

Another example of the correspondence contained in this compilation, mostly in Chapter Two:

Here is part of a Letter from Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert McCorkle) in Dyer County, Western Dist. of Tenn., to her daughter Elmira Sloane McCorkle Roache (Mrs. Dr. Stephen Roach, Jr.), presumably living at the time in Indiana:

Dear Elmira,

Your letter to [your son residing with us in West Tenn.] Quincy and myself dated January 26th [18[?3][?]] came to hand in due time.  I feel glad to hear that you enjoy health, peace, and competence in your new residence, and it gives me still greater pleasure to have reason to hope that you bear the absence of your children with fortitude.----- have some knowledge how a mother feels to be parted from one or more of her children, but I have not realized that odd situation you mention you are in, viz, that of having none to call you mother.----I suppose the thought of having them qualified for acting in a high sphere of life; that is that forthcoming great, and respectable men, buoys up your mind, and enables you to bear with [firmneß ? ] [finesse?] the present privation-----                                                         

     Well I suppose this is a laudable wish, and therefore, I say, may fortune favor your most sanguine anticipations.  I need  not hardly remind you of the neceßity of always striving to impreß upon their minds, that in order to be truly great, they must be good.  However this piece of advice by the way, is more to evince my anxiety about their welfare, than to excite you to duty-----for in reality a desire to have them become worthy citizens, lies near my heart-----and my decided opinion is, that the most expanded intellects, and splendid acquirements, must be united with goodness of heart, and a strict adherence to moral rectitude in order to form an eminent character-------And now my dear child, will you suffer your mother to give you a word of [to page 2] exhortation.  

Table of Contents. II. :

II.    Letters of Margaret’s son Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle, variously Robert McCorkle [Jr.] or RAH McCorkle, who married Tirzah Scott [McCorkle].  Tirzah Scott McCorkle was born in South Carolina to James Scott (1777-1853) & wife Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838).  Sarah Dickey Scott's parents were John Dickey of York District, SC, and wife Sarah Robinson (Dickey), not "Nancy" Purviance as I had earlier thought.  --These letters are in Chapter Two of this compilation. 


A letter-poem written by RAH McCorkle to Mormon leader Joseph Smith lies in the Mormon archives in Salt Lake City Utah.  Google this and you will find it.

Table of Contents. III. :

III.  ۞   Letters of  Margaret Morrison McCorkle’s grandson John Edwin McCorkle

                          – John E. McCorkle's correspondence concerning the estate of his maternal uncle David Thomas.   David Thomas of Republic of Texas fame was a brother of Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle, née Jane Maxwell Thomas.  [Jane Maxwell Thomas was a daughter-in-law of Margaret Morrison McCorkle. Jane’s father was William Thomas, a Revolutionary War soldier in the Piedmont of North Carolina, and Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle’s mother was Elizabeth Purviance Thomas née Elizabeth Purviance.]  Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle’s husband, Edwin Alexander McCorkle, was born in N.C. on the 18th  of March 1799 and died in Dyer County, Tennessee, on the 10th of January 1853.

At the time David Thomas (son of William Thomas & Elizabeth Purviance) was attorney general of the nascent Republic of Texas, his THOMAS cousin-once-removed was attorney general of the State of Tennessee.

Table of Contents. IV. :

IV. ۞      One of the Civil War-time Diaries of John Edwin McCorkle, 1839-1924, a grandson of Margaret Morrison McCorkle; also a sampler of the journals kept by John E. McCorkle’s daughter “Aunt Kate” Katie Pearl McCorkle (Fox).  John E. McCorkle was my father H. Ewing Huie's maternal grandfather.

   – The Civil Wartime journal transcribed here covers parts of 1860 and 1861, also 1863. Other journals kept by John E. McCorkle, which my sister and I view to have been wrongfully converted initially, are now in the possession of the University of Tennessee at Martin Archives; ditto some of the records of our paternal grandfather Howard Anderson Huie (1870-1935) particularly his HUIE & OZIER HARDWARE COMPANY records of Newbern, Tennessee, circa 1900.

The wartime diaries of John Edwin McCorkle’s brother HRA (Hiram) McCorkle are  generally not included, although a "teaser" is inserted after Chapter Fifteen of this compilation.  In July 2007 the Tennessee State Library and Archives microfilmed Uncle Hiram's diaries so that they are now available to the public.

In the year 2003, Hiram R.A. McCorkle’s diaries are in the possession of David Caldwell of Newbern, Tennessee, the only child of Betty Jane Atkins & Charles Caldwell.

[Generation 1.Robert McCorkle;   2. Edwin A. McCorkle;    3. Hiram R.A. McCorkle;   4. Bettie McCorkle Cawthon;    5. Mamie Cawthon Atkins;    6. Betty Jane Atkins Caldwell;     7. David Caldwell ]

In the summer of 2006, Tanya Messer Sandlin (maternal great-granddaughter of John Edwin McCorkle through Uncle Will McCorkle & Will’s daughter Julia McCorkle Montgomery) and Earl Willoughby (local Dyer County historian) photocopied Hiram’s diaries, and we hope to transcribe them for the public.

The following offers a sample of Hiram McCorkle’s journal entries, about six (6 ) years before Hiram died in 1907:

            September 12, 1901: DEATH OF FRELIN McCORKLE.

            “ Frelinghuisen McCorkle (col’d) died, aged 57 years and 8 days.”

Next entry:    “We attended Frelin’s funeral at the McCorkle cemetery.  Quite a number of colored people there as also were a goodly number of white neighbors.  All of his young Masters and Mistresses in slave time who were in reach were there.  Frelin was born andraised and married and raised a large family on the old McCorkle farm. [Hiram means his grandparents’ - Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle’s -- farm, I guess.]  Never lived anywhere else except, I think, maybe he was hired out a few times when he was fifteen or sixteen years old.  Frelin was a good boy, a good obedient slave and after being freed he was a good colored citizen.  Always polite, truthful, honest and industrious, providing well for his wife and a large family of children, all girls, but one.  Although he had been a believer in the Christian religion for quite a number of years, he never obeyed the gospel until a few years ago.  Since which time, up to his death he has lived, as best he knew how, a Christian life.  Let us all drop a tear and let the curtain fall.  Frelin’s gone where good negroes go. 

A freedman named Caleb McCorkle was buried there, too.

And it is beyond cavil that freedman JEFF BEAN, and wife ELLA McCorkle BEAN, respected farmers in the Churchton community, are interred in front of the white-folks' fence at the old McCorkle Cemetery, in the old section reserved for slaves and former slaves.

--My mother Joyce Cope Huie's "Aunt Tempe" McMahan (widow Bean) Hendricks brought Jeff Bean with her when she came down from Ohio or Indiana to marry my mother's paternal great-grandfather, Uriah C. Hendricks, originally of Mocksville, Davie County, NC, as his 2nd wife.  Aunt Tempe's sister, Mary McMahan Hendricks, had been Uriah C. Hendricks' 1st wife; Uriah had gone from NC up to Clermont County, Ohio, to marry Mary McMahan after her people had moved northwardly from Rowan-Davie County, NC. They married in 1833 in Clermont County, Ohio. 

Mary McMahan (Hendricks) (whose family once had been near Mocksville in Davie County, NC, next to the Hendricks family--spelled variously: Hendrix) was the mother of Narcissus Hendricks Cope, Narcissus "Sis" being the mother of Ira Mitchell Cope, my maternal grandfather; and the mother of Daisy Cope Henley and Delia Cope Grills.

I think Mary "Polly" MacMahan's father's name was George MacMahan of Clermont County, Ohio, and I think the mother's name was Harriet Harbin MacMahan, but I'm not certain.

Tennessee State Library and Archives - History & Genealogy - Recent Additions

[July 2007] Recent Additions to the Tennessee State Library and Archives ... H.R.A. McCorkle Journals, written from 1848-1907-- Dyer County [microfilm #1834]; 
www.state.tn.us/tsla/history/recent.htm - 11k

20th TN Cavalry CSA -- Biographical Information [M] 

H.R.A. McCorkle Company G. Enlisted December 1, 1863 in Dyer Co., TN, by Col. [Tyree Harris] Bell for 3 years or the war. Roan horse valued at $900. ...

20th TN Cavalry CSA -- Rosters

Rosters (by company) of Russell's 20th Regiment Tennessee Cavalry CSA. ... Finis Alexander McCorkle [1,9]. "Clay" Henry Clay McCorkle [2], Hiram Robert A. McCorkle [1], Ed M. Smith [1, 6D] ...

[ [My, Marsha Cope Huie's, great-grandfather's journal (John Edwin McCorkle's) states at one point during the Civil War that his brother Hiram "is making a company."]


James Douglas Anderson Papers, collection of the Tennessee Historical Society, ...... McCorkle, H.R.A., to Douglas Anderson, n.d. [1897], i.e., 1897:  letter from Hiram Robt. A. McCorkle ordering first part of Centennial Album:  at 13-10.


McCorkleH.R.A., to Douglas Anderson, n.d. [1897], re: ordering first part of Centennial

Album, 13-10

McCorkleH.R.A., to Douglas Anderson, n.d. [1897], re: ordering first part of Centennial

Album, 13-10

McCorkleH.R.A., to Douglas Anderson, n.d. [1897], re: ordering first part of Centennial

Album, 13-10


The Dyersburg, Tennessee, State Gazette - July, 1907 reprints Hiram R. A. McCorkle's obituary from the Newbern Tennessean:

DEATH OF H. R. A. McCORKLE; NEWBERN TENNESSEAN--On Monday morning, July 1st, 1907

The obituary is unsigned, but I know from the muy flowery writing style that it was composed by Hiram's niece, Ora Alice McCorkle Huie (Mrs. "Dolph" Julius Adolphus Huie), a daughter of John Edwin McCorkle.  Ora's pen name was "Victor." :  The "Hiram" was for his mother Jane Maxwell Thomas's brother, Dr. Hiram Jacob THOMAS, medical doctor of Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tennessee; then Vernon, Mississippi; then Yazoo, Mississippi.  The Robert was for his father Edwin Alexander McCorkle's father, Robert McCorkle (1764-1828).  The "Andrew" was for his father Edwin Alexander McCorkle's mother's father:  Andrew Morrison (the one who m. Elizabeth Sloan).


--On Monday morning, July 1st, the spirit of H. R. A. McCORKLE was called from the tenement of clay to return to God, who gave it. When the sad news, "Uncle Hiram is dead, " was flashed across the wires, many hearts were saddened. Had Mr. McCORKLE lived until November 6, 1907, he would have reached the 80th milestone of life's journey. More than 50 years ago he accepted Christ as his Savior and was buried in baptism by Elder James HOLMES. On Tuesday morning, the funeral was held at the church [Lemalsamac Christian Church] where "Uncle Hiram's" seat was seldom vacant, conducted by Elder N. B. HARDEMAN. His body was then taken to the McCorkle Cemetery to Mother Earth. Three children, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren are left to mourn his loss.

This introductory chapter, Chapter One, includes a genealogy of Alexander & Nancy Agnes(s) Montgomery McCorkle and as many of their children as practicable.  I don't know how to do an Ahnentafel.

This introductory chapter, Chapter One, also includes a genealogy of Margaret Morrison McCorkle's Morrison Family of Rowan-Iredell County, North Carolina.                               

Genealogical discussion is given of the Jacob Thomas & Margaret Brevard Thomas family of Iredell County, NC; and of the family of John Purviance & Mary Jane Wasson Purviance; and of the James Scott (1777-1853) & Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1838) family.

Several photographs are placed at the end of this Chapter One.  Placed after the 1897 Union Grove Schoolhouse Picture, Dyer County, Tennessee, naming as many of the pictured students as are known, comes a  discussion of the Churchton community family of George Washington Smith & wife Cornelia Davie Smith. 

 V.   Frontispiece   ۞        Letter from Bowden Cason (Casey) McCorkle in San Leandro, California, to me, Marsha Cope Huie, Sept. 7, 1984, when I was living in Memphis, just before moving to Cambridge, England, then moving in August of 1986 to San Antonio, Texas. 

We can begin only with proper attribution to the honored memory of our cousin Casey McCorkle, late of San Leandro, California:



Dear Miss Marsha:

I enclose herewith a sampling of the Roach-McCorkle letters.  There are many more as it seems there was an extensive correspondence carried on for several generations.  I have no idea how these originals were preserved and came to my branch of the family.  They are now collected in a display folder.  Some of them are fairly delicate but in general well preserved.  Copying has been haphazard or what remains is the residue from extensive copying the disposition of which is unknown to me.

Obviously these papers should not be the exclusive property of any branch of the McCorkle family.  I should think complete copies should be made and the originals preserved and made available to all.  So far many have expressed agreement but no one has expressed interest in doing the job.  Perhaps you may have some ideas along these lines.

I realize there may be much similar material in existence and available to you.  I will be interested in hearing from you and your reaction to the letters.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you and I will be looking forward to hearing from you again.  [It was tedious work, back then before the Internet, but I dialed so many telephone numbers in California that I finally located Casey McCorkle.  He was a gracious gentleman, I thought.]

We will be out of town for a month but will return early in October.  I hope this finds you and yours well and happy.

                        Kindest personal regards,

                        B.C. McCorkle

[San Leandro, California, 1983]"

Casey” McCorkle was a son of Homer McCorkle (who moved from Newbern, Tennessee, to Center Point near San Antonio, Texas, and finally to California), & Casey was a paternal grandson of Finis A. McCorkle of Dyer Co, Tenn., & of Finis’ 1st wife Sarah “Sallie” Josephine “Jo” Jackson (McCorkle). Casey McCorkle was a great-grandson of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & wife Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle; and a g-g-grandson of Margaret Morrison McCorkle (died 1848) & Robert McCorkle (died 1828).  --a photograph I possess of Homer McCorkle in his last years bears a remarkable resemblance to Homer's 1st cousin, my father's maternal uncle Errett Cotton McCorkle, 1888-1976.

Casey McCorkle’s 1st wife was Floy Disney (mother of Carter McCorkle, male; and of Lynn McCorkle, female) and his 2nd wife was  Lois Miller. His children: Carter McCorkle, son; Lynn McCorkle, daughter; and Kathleen McCorkleBrudno.

Below:  Photograph taken in 1895 of the John Edwin McCorkle Home, Built circa 1868, Newbern-Yorkville Highway (now Tennessee Highway 77


These folks were Scots-Irish emigrants from Northern Ireland to:

(1)      Lancaster County & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania [Harrisburg is now in Dauphin County].  Please see references to Robert McCorkle’s maternal uncle Rev. Joseph Montgomery, 1733-1794, in Dauphin County.  A Presbyterian minister, Joseph Montgomery was a member of the Continental Congress, was connected with Princeton University, and married as one of his wives Rachel Rush (widow of Angus Boyce), a sister to the Dr. Benjamin Rush of Revolutionary Era fame (and of a wee bit of notoriety for improvident persistence in using leeches to bleed hapless patients);

(2)      down the Great Wagon Road of the 18th century to Rockbridge County, Virginia, in the area of Lexington, whence the McCorkle and Thomas and Houston families are thought to have traveled together;  some remained there; others (ours) migrated on down to:

(3)      Rowan County, NC (Iredell Co. was carved off in 1788) and other sites in the Piedmont of North Carolina near Salisbury and Statesville near Charlotte—particularly around the Thyatira Presbyterian Church near today's Mooresville.  Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, the eldest son & fortunate enough to have studied at the precursor of Princeton with his uncle Joseph Montgomery, was a founder of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

 [2007 update:  This past winter I found a piece of paper from Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, at my mom's old house, which states that her father Robert McCorkle was "educated at Chapel Hill."]  I believe it was from Rowan County NC that Robert McCorkle and two of his brothers (Joseph and William) went directly exploring into Kentucky in the environs of today's Lexington.  They appear on the records in the formation of Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church.  Some records, but not ours, indicate that at least three McCorkle brothers joined Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church, viz., Joseph, William, and Robert McCorkle.  Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache wrote that her father Robert McCorkle, with brothers Joseph and William, was in the "second company" of [white] men to move into Kentucky, that they had many perilous adventures during their insurgency, often taking refuge within a primitive fort.  I doubt Elmira meant that her father was in the militia. 

     Evidently, some of these folks, excluding Robert, William, and Joseph McCorkle, went directly from Rowan County, NC, to Middle Tennessee.  Most of Northern Middle Tennessee at that time was known as Sumner County (today, the county seat of Sumner Co. is Gallatin, and the county seat of Wilson Co. is Lebanon); and they lingered a while

(4)      Sumner County, Tennessee, near Lebanon and Gallatin (Northern Middle Tennessee excluding Nashville and Davidson County).  When Wilson County .  We should look for some of them at the organization circa 1793 of Shiloh Presbyterian Church just outside today's Gallatin.

      The Barr family was prominent amongst the members of Shiloh Presbyterian Church, but I'm not sure exactly of the degree of kinship these Barr folks had to Robert McCorkle's sister Elizabeth McCorkle Barr (I think she herself was at Shiloh Presbyterian Church, and I know her brother William McCorkle, died 1


Some of our McCorkle - Thomas - Purviance- Sherrill People in Wilson County, Tennessee.

WILSON COUNTY was carved from SUMNER COUNTY, TENNESSEE.  The ff. is from Goodspeed's History of Tennessee:

      "WILSON is one of a group of counties which form the bottom of the great Silurian basin of Middle Tennessee. The Cumberland River washes the northern boundary of the county for a distance of twenty-five miles, and besides the numerous springs all over the county there are the following important creeks: Cedar Lick, Spring, Cedar, Barton, Spencer, empty into the Cumberland; Sugg, Stoner, Hurricane and Fall empty into Stone River; Smith Fork, Round Lick, Spring and Fall Creeks have their source near each other in a group of hills in the southeastern part of the county, while the other creeks head in the numerous valleys. Beyond an occasional migratory and venturesome hunter, trapper or scout, who passed through the vast forests and canebrakes in quest of the abundant game or in pursuit of marauding bands of Indians, the presence of white man was unknown in Wilson County previous to l790. At the close of the Continental war the State of .North Carolina made grants of large bodies of land to her soldiers in pay for gallant service in time of battle. The land so granted was situated in Tennessee, then a portion of North Carolina, and it was by the owners of the land that Wilson (then Sumner) County was settled. The following are the names of the parties to whom land was granted in Wilson County during the years between 1780 and 1790: William Ray. 1,000 acres; Isadore Skerett, 640 acres; James Kennedy, 640 acres; Cornelius Dabney, 640 acres; John Burton, 1,168 acres; John Williams, 640 acres; John Conroe, 640 acres; Hardy Murfree, 1,000 acres; Nicholas Conroe, 640 acres; Thomas Evans, 640 acres; John Davidson, 274 acres; Stephen Merritt, 640 acres; James C. Montflorence, 1,000 acres; John Kain, 571 acres; Walter Allen, 912 acres; Redmond T. Barry, 640 acres; William Hogan, 500 acres; and Andrew Bostane, 220 acres. Between 1790 and 1800: Robert Stewart, Jonathan Green, John Boyd, Philip Shackler, John Haywood, William Lytle, Alexander Mebane, Jeremiah Hendricks, James Rodgers, John Brown, William Fleming, Bennett Searcy, Ambrose Jones, Edward Harris, Henry Barnes, George Kennedy, Jacob Patton, Reeves Porter, James Menees, Thomas Evans, Gideon Pillow, Delilah Roberts, David Douglas, Johnson Hadley, Joseph Cloud, Daniel Wilbourn, James Barron, Vachel Clark, Jesse Cobb, Samuel Churchhill, Boyd Castleman, Ephraim Payton, and Alexander Denny, 640 acres each; William Hogan, 500 acres; Willie Cherry, 228 acres; Archibald Lytle, 1,000 acres; Lazarus James, 337 acres; John Wright, 2,000 acres; Henry Ross, 274 acres; John Dabney, 228 acres; William Martin, 1,280 acres; David Gibson, 1,000 acres; Thedford and George Brewer, 1,000 acres; John Boyd, Jr., 228 acres; Samuel Barton, 1,000 acres; and Absolom Tatum, 300 acres.

                Many of the above never became settlers of the county and numbers of the pioneers of Wilson County purchased of them the lands on which they settled. The first settlement of Wilson County was made in the year 1797 at Drake's Lick, near the mouth of Spencer Lick Creek on Cumberland River, which was afterward the northeast corner of Davidson County, by William McClain and John Foster. Two years later John Foster, William Donnell and Alexander Barkley made a settlement of Spring Creek, seven miles southeast of the present town of Lebanon. During the same year settlements were made on Hickory Ridge, five miles west of Lebanon, by John K. Wynn and Charles Kavanaugh, both of whom came from North Carolina, and on the waters of Round Lick Creek, by William Harris and William McSpadden, of North Carolina, and James Wrather and Samuel King, of Virginia, and also on the waters of Spring Creek, about eight miles south of Lebanon, by John Doak. John Foster, David Magathey, Alexander Braden, the Donnells, and probably others. At the time of these settlements the land was covered with vast forests and thick canebrakes, and game of every specie from the bear, panther and deer down to the squirrel and rabbit existed in abundance. Several years before, however, the Indians as a tribe had been driven back. and only friendly ones as a class were met with by the settlers.


The man called Eleazor PROVINE in the ff. paragraph is really Eleazor PURVIANCE. WILLIAM THOMAS in the ff. paragraph of Goodspeed's History of Tennessee is my father Howard EWING Huie's mother's (Sophie King McCorkle Huie's)  father's (John Edwin McCorkle's) grandfather.  This William Thomas (fought in NC line in the Revolutionary War) was a son of Jacob Thomas & wife Margaret Brevard (Thomas) of first Cecil Co., Maryland, then last of Iredell Co., North Carolina.  This William Thomas married Elizabeth Purviance (Thomas), and one of their children was Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle), who in 182_ married Edwin Alexander McCorkle, 1799-1853.

"From 1799 the settlement of the county was rapid. The lands lying on the waters of the various creeks being the richer and easier of cultivation were naturally the first settled, and hence in giving the following list of names of the early settlers, they have been grouped into creek neighborhoods. On Barton Creek: Charles Blaylock, Elijah Trewitt, Levi Holloway, Henry Shannon, Snowdon Hickman, William Eddings, Thomas Mass, Eleazer Provine, John Lane, Byrd Wall, William Thomas, Samuel Wilson, George Swingler, John Goldston, Benjamin Esken, Jeremiah Still, Thomas Sypert, George Wynn, Benjamin Wineford, William Peace, James Mayes, John Cage, Alexander Chance, Josiah Martin, Henry Reed, William Elkins, James Menees [There are MENIUS people buried at Thyatira Presbyterian Church in Rowan Co., NC.], John Allcorn, Thomas Congers and probably others.

On Spring Creek: James Cannon, Soloman Marshall, James Chappell, Walter Carrouth, Martin Talley, George Alexander, Joseph Moxley, Hugh Morris, Bartlett Graves, Spencer Talley, John Forbes, William Bartlett, William Sherrill--two sisters to William Thomas married two Sherrill men:  Annie THOMAS Sherrill and Elizabeth THOMAS Sherrill .]  John Steinbridge, Josiah Smith, Alligood Wallard, Thomas Williams, Purnell Hearn, John Jones, John Walsh, Samuel Elliott, Benjamin Mottley, Richard Hawkins, Gregory Johnson, William Steele, Henry Chandler, Arthur Dew, Daniel Cherry, Adam Harpole, and others.

The "John Provine" in the ff. paragraph is either the father of Elizabeth Purviance (Thomas), Elizabeth being the mother of Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle); or the John Purviance who was a brother to Elizabeth Purviance (Thomas). The brother named John Purviance, you will recall, was scalped by hostile Indians in the year 1792.  The scalping was the reason the John Purviance whose wife was Mary Jane Wasson took his family up to the environs of Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky, for a while.  And there, Bourbon County, is where John and Mary Jane Wasson Purviance's son, David Purviance, at Cane Ridge Meeting House became "co-founder of the Christian Church" behind Barton W. Stone.

On Cedar Creek: Hugh Roane, John Provine, Alex Aston, Samuel Calhoun, Perry Taylor, John L. Davis, Mathew Figures, David Billings, Irwin Tomlinson, Joseph Trout, Hooker Reeves, Nathan Cartwright, Lewis Chambers, Andrew Swan, William Harris, William Wilson and Joseph Weir.

On Spencer Creek: John Walker, William White, Brittain Drake, Lewis Kirby, William Gray, Joel Echols, Robert Mitchell, Philip Koonce, James McFarland, Moore Stevenson, Jere Hendricks and Richard Drake.

On Cedar Lick Creek: Theophilus Bass, Clement Jennings, John Everett, John Gleaves, Reuben Searcy, Joshua Kelley, James Everett, James H. Davis, Thomas Davis, Howell Wren, William Ross, Edmund Vaughn, George Smith, Harmon Hays and Daniel Spicer.

On Cumberland River: Edward Mitchell, Elijah Moore, William Sanders, Caleb Taylor, Bartholomew Brett, William Johnson, Josiah Woods, W. T. Cole, Joseph Kirkpatrick, Henry Davis, James Tipton, Thomas Ray, Reuben Slaughter, Daniel Glenn, James Hunter, Ransom King, Henry Locke, Ephraim Beasley, Sterling Tarpley and William Putway.

On Stoner Lick Creek: Blake Rutland, Zebulon Baird, John Graves, Benjamin Graves, Thomas Watson, John Wilson, John Williamson, Henry Thompson, Thomas Gleaves, Ezekial Cloyd, Anderson Tate, Jacob Woodrum, Ezekial Clampet, Andrew Wilson, James Cathom and James Kendall.

On Suggs Creek: Benjamin Hooker, Acquilla Suggs, William Warnick, William Rice, Benjamin Dobson, Hugh Gwynn, Jenkin Sullivan, John Roach, James Hannah, Hugh Telford, Green Barr, Peter Devault, John Curry, Thomas Drennon, Joseph Hamilton and Joseph Castlemen.

On Pond Lick Creek: Robin Shannon, John Ozment, Lee Harralson, John Spinks and John Rice.

On Sinking Creek: Thompson Clemmons, William Bacchus, David Fields, Lewis Merritt, Frank Ricketts, Fletcher Sullivan, James Richmond, Robert Jarmon, John Winsett, Jesse Sullivan, William Paisley, John Billingsley, Seldon Baird, Dawson Hancock and Jonathan Ozment.

On Hurricane Creek: William Teague, John Gibson, William Hudson. Nicholas Quesenbury, Charles Warren, Jacob Bennett, Elisha Bond, Robert Edwards, John Edwards, Bradford Howard, George Cummings, John Merritt, Joseph Stacey, Frank Young, Henry Mosier, Charles Cummings, John Woolen, Absalom Knight, Thomas Miles, Peter Leath and Gideon Harrison.

On Fall Creek: William Warren, Samuel Copeland, Joseph Williams, Jacob Jennings, William Allison, Hardy Penuel, Joseph Sharp, Sampson Smith, Frank Puckett, James Quarles, Roger Quarles, Mathew Sims, Shadrack Smith, James Smith, Charles Smith, Aaron Edwards, Hugh Cummings, Isaac Winston, William Wortham, Burrell Patterson, Absalom Losater, John Alsup, Lard Sellars, Joseph Carson, Charles Gillem, Arthur Harris, Walter Clapton, William Smith, John Donnell, Adney Donnell and William Lester.

On Smith Fork: Dennis Kelley, David Ireland, John Adams, David Wasson, John Armstrong. Isaac Witherspoon, John Allen, Richard Braddock, Edward Pickett, E!isha Hodge, Thomas Flood, James McAdoo, Samuel McAdoo--notable in early Cumberland Presbyterianism-- Abner Bone, Thomas Bone, William Richards, George L. Smith, Samuel Stewart, William Beagle, James Johnson, John Knox, William Knox, John Ward, Solomon George, Reason Byrne, .James Godfrey, Henry Payne, James Thompson, James Thomas--brother to William Thomas, the William Thomas who m. Elizabeth PURVIANCE-- Thomas Word, James Ayers, William Jennings, Charles Rich, Abner Alexander, William Oakley and James Williams.

On Round Lick Creek, including Jennings Fork: John W. Peyton, Arthur Hankins, James Wrather, Samuel King--a Samuel King in 1800 served as witness to Alexander McCorkle's will in Rowan Co., North Carolina.  Alexander, born 1722, died in 1800 in Rowan County  -, William Haines  --? Is this William HAINES kin to the two HAYNES sisters, Mary and Sarah, who married two Morrison brothers of Margaret MORRISON McCorkle, the Margaret who lived 1770-1848:  namely, Andrew SLOAN MORRISON, who became a Presbyterian minister and died in Indiana, and William Hays Morrison, 1767-1837, who is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer County, West Tennessee, while his wife née Mary Haynes is interred Bedford Co., Tenn.--

 John Bradley, William McSpaddin, William Coe, Abner Spring, William Harris, John Phillips, Benjamin Phillips, Edward G. Jacobs, John Green, Samuel Barton, Alexander Beard, Jordan Bass, Soloman Bass, John Lawrence, Evans Tracy, Joseph Barbee, Shelah Waters, George Clarke, James Shelton, William Neal, Joshua Taylor, Isaac Grandstaff, Daniel Smith, Jacob Vantrase, Duncan Johnson, Joseph Foust, James Hill, Joseph Carlin, George Hearn, John Patton, John Bradley, William New, Robert Branch, James Edwards, William Howard, Edmund Jennings, John White, John Swan, Thomas Byles, William Palmer, Park Goodall, Jerre Brown, Thomas B. Reece--Mary Evelyn Smith, b. circa 1923, daughter of OK Smith & Lady Ruth Herndon Smith, married a REESE man whose roots were near Gallatin, Tennessee -- James Scaby, James Hobbs, James Newbry and John Caplinger.

 The first corn-mill erected in the county was built by Samuel Caplinger some time in 1798. It was a small horse-power affair, the horse being hitched to a pole or shaft and driven around in a circle. The building was a small, unhewn-log house, and stood on the farm now owned by Roland Newby, in the Eighth Civil District. Very good corn meal is said to have been ground by this mill, and the patronage was drawn from a large scope of country. Subsequently the mill was removed to a site on Jennings Fork, and converted into a water-power. The first water-mill is supposed to have been built by Thomas Conger, some time in the same year, on Barton's Creek, about three miles northwest of Lebanon. A horse-power mill was also erected about that time by one of the Donnells, near Doak's Cross Roads, eight miles south of Lebanon.

Before these mills were erected the settlers went to Davidson County for their grinding, or converted the corn into meal by means of the old-fashioned mortar and pestle.

The circuit court clerks have been as follows: Harry L. Douglas, 1810-15; Samuel C. Roane, 1815-17; Henry Shelby, 1817-18; Harry L. Douglas, 1818-21; John S. Tapp, 1821-27; Samuel Yerger, 1827-32; William L. Martin, 1832-42; John W. White, 1842-44; James H. Britton, 1844-48; Harris H. Simmons, 1848-49; Calvin W. Jackson, 1849-54; Plummer W. Harris, 1854-58; Joseph T. Manson, 1858-70; William McCorkle, 1870-73;*   Samuel G. Stratton, 1873-82; W. W. Donnell, 1882-86.


* This is not the William McCorkle who was a son of our immigrants Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle; that is to say, this was not the William McCorkle who died in Rutherford Co., Tennessee, in 1818.

Update:  James Richmond, whose wife descends from the William McCorkle who died in 1818, recently reported that William's son MILES McCORKLE of Middle Tennessee was physician to Andrew Jackson.

(5)      then with escape by some [for example, "colonel" John Purviance & wife Mary Jane Wasson (Purviance), parents of Elizabeth Purviance Thomas and maternal grandparents of Jane Maxwell Thomas (McCorkle) ] from Hostilities in Sumner County, Tennessee, up to Cane Ridge and Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky; and Logan County, Kentucky, either before or after John Purviance (a son of John & Mary Jane Wasson Purviance) was “scalped” in Sumner Co., Tennessee, in 1792. 

     [The John Purviance who was “scalped” and died tragically in 1792 was a son of Revolutionary War soldier John Purviance and wife Mary Jane Wasson (Purviance).  His wife Martha "Mattie" King Purviance then married WILLIAM McCORKLE, died 1818, a son of Alexander McCorkle & "Nancy" Agnes MONTGOMERY (McCorkle)]

       More work needs to be done looking for McCorkles' tracks in Kentucky, certainly around Cane Ridge and Paris,Kentucky;

and at Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church near Lexington

   --and once having been established in Kentucky:

(6)      some family members, such as church “elder” David Purviance (another son of Rev. War Lt. [“Colonel”] John Purviance and Mary Jane Wasson  Purviance), remained in Bourbon County, Kentucky, then later on moved farther north to Preble County, Ohio, to “New Paris.”  It was from New Paris that church "elder" David  Purviance founded Miami University of Ohio and often served as its president pro tempore.  (Today's young Garner Huie, son of Joseph Headden Huie & Ann Livingston Huie, is a recent graduate of Miami University of Ohio.) This David Purviance was a brother to Elizabeth Purviance Thomas, the mother of Mrs. Edwin Alexander McCorkle of

 Dyer County, Tennessee (née Jane Maxwell Thomas). 

(--I think Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle was named after her Purviance-Thomas mother's sister, a  Mrs. Jane Purviance Maxwell.  This Jane Purviance Maxwell lingered a while in Dyer County in West Tennessee, but removed westerly to Benton Co., Arkansas.)

     As examples of the nomadic nature of these pioneers,

     of the nine (9) children born to Joseph McCorkle, a son of Alexander & Agnes Montgomery McCorkle-- that is, of the children born to Joseph McCorkle & wife Margaret (Snoddy) McCorkle:

       (1)  an Agnes McCorkle was born 1778 in Rowan County, NC, but died in Miami County, Ohio;

       (2)  a John McCorkle (d. 1829) and

       (3)  a Martha McCorkle, b. 1788, were born in Fayette Co., Ky.

       (4)   a Mary McCorkle [Edwards] was born in Bourbon Co., Ky.

       (5) and an Amanda McCorkle was born ca. 1802 in perhaps Tenn. & died in Cass County, Indiana.

—The source for the previous sentence about Joseph McCorkle's children is Carol Byler.

Another good example comes from the Morrison family.  Andrew B. Morrison, born 18th July 1780 in Iredell County, NC, died in 1853 in Preble County, Ohio.  His marriage was in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  --This Andrew B. Morrison's father, Andrew Morrison, 1754-1780, was a 1st cousin to our Margaret MORRISON McCorkle (1770-1848).

--By the way, it is an uncle of "our" ancestor Andrew Morrison (the father of Margaret Morrison McCorkle)  who is buried at Thyatira Presbyterian Church cemetery. That means that the Andrew buried at Thyatira was born to "first inhabitor" of Loray Community in what became Iredell Co., NC (carved from Rowan Co.), William Morrison, 1704-1771.

The Andrew Morrison (uncle of our Andrew Morrison, who with wife Elizabeth SLOAN was the father of Margaret Morrison McCorkle) who is buried at Thyatira was a brother to the William Morrison (1704-1771) who settled Third Creek in what is today in Iredell County, but was then Rowan County.   --;

(7)      but with others—such as Robert McCorkle (1764-1828) & his 1st wife Lizzie Elizabeth Blythe McCorkle, and Robert's brother William McCorkle [1st wife Peggy Blythe] and William’s 2nd wife (“Mattie”)  Martha King McCorkle, the widow of the “scalped” John Purviance), and we think “colonel John Purviance

& wife Mary Jane Wasson Purviance—going back southward, either from the environs of Bourbon & Logan Counties, Ky., or Preble County, Ohioto the area of Gallatin and Lebanon in Middle Tennessee.

          "Colonel" John Purviance & wife Mary Jane WASSON Purviance are buried somewhere in Middle Tennessee, we think, but we do not know where.

     Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache wrote that her father Robert McCorkle (1764-1828) and her uncle William McCorkle (d. 1818) lost their wives after moving back down to Middle Tennessee, and that William’s 2nd wife “Mattie” King died on the way from North Carolina in what was then wilderness and was buried on the trail in a “rude grave.”  James M. Richmond, however, thinks there is evidence Martha King (widow of the John Purviance who was scalped in 1792,  then Mrs. William McCorkle) may be buried at Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church’s King Cemetery near Gallatin.  (Perhaps Elmira would have considered that, at the time, a "rude grave.") Then, in Sumner County, Tennessee, in 1800 William McCorkle was to marry a 3rd wife, Jane or "Jennie" Graham.

William’s brother Robert McCorkle, 1764-1828, trekked back to Rowan County, North Carolina, to marry “Peggy” Margaret Morrison (McCorkle) and fetch her westward, eventually to Middle Tennessee--Rutherford County in or near Murfreesborough.  By then at least, in Rowan Co., NC,  certain Morrison lands adjoined certain McCorkle lands;

(8)      then, receipt by brothers Robert & William McCorkle of their father Alexander McCorkle’s 2400+-acre Revolutionary War land grant which, they thought, had been set aside for them in Rutherford County (Murfreesborough), Tennessee 

Recipients of land grants had to get precise plats identified and set aside for them, and often claims conflicted; if so, the race became a question of who got the claim recorded first. 

 These McCorkles , and some of the associated Morrisons including Margaret Morrison McCorkle's sisters -- spinster Rebecca Morrison  and  Mary Morrison Morrison, who married her 1st cousin John Morrison, a son of her uncle Patrick Morrison) settled on Bradley's Creek and/or   Stone’s River.

 The Revolutionary War land grant to Alexander McCorkle I was to be lost circa 1826 in title-dispute litigation.  This Rutherford County land had been devised to the two brothers, Robert 1764-1828 and William d. 1818,  upon their father’s death in 1800 in Rowan County, NC.  The father Alexander McCorkle  I , 1722-1800,  was interred at Thyatira Presbyterian Church beside the wife who predeceased him, “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery McCorkle, and beside his 2nd wife and widow Rebecca [McNeeley?] Brandon (McCorkle).

A certain letter in the U North Carolina Archives in Chapel Hill under the RAMSAY PAPERS collection is of interest to us.  It was written by Alexander McCorkle II in the year 1820, from Giles County, Tennessee (Giles County was formed in 1810 from Maury County and was, and is, bounded on the south by Alabama) back to homefolk in Rowan County, NC.  Alexander II states indirectly that his brother ROBERT McCORKLE -- 1764-1828 -- was blind.  Alexander wrote that Robert had recognized him, his brother Alexander,  only from his (Alexander's) voice, when Alexander had paid Robert & family a visit in Rutherford County, Tennessee.  From that letter one concludes that Robert McCorkle was blind at least as early as 1820. 

 -- Robert's brother Alexander McCorkle II married Katie Catherine Morrison (a 1st-cousin-once-removedto Margaret Morrison McCorkle, 1770-1848).  Alexander II's niece Elmira Sloan McCorkle (Roache) said her uncle Alexander II was "emotional in character and joined the Methodists."  (My mother Joyce Cope Huie, born 1915, remembers when some of the Methodists used to shout. ) Alexander who by now referred to himself as "Alexander Snr" moved on from Giles County a bit north to Henry County, Tennessee, in or near the site of the town of Paris.  --;

(9)         then Robert McCorkle , 1764-1828,  but not his brother William McCorkle who had died in 1818 in Rutherford Co., Tennessee -- removed westerly to Dyer County in the newly opened western district of Tennessee to claim land granted in lieu of land from which they had been disseised in Rutherford County litigation—with their nearby towns in West Tennessee being first Yorkville (Gibson County, Tennessee) and then, after the Civil War, Newbern (Dyer County), Tennessee.  

        Robert McCorkle died in the spring of 1828 (April, we think), very soon after removing to Dyer County in the newly opened Western District.  His is the first grave in the McCorkle Cemetery in Dyer County, about 5 miles east of today's town of Newbern, just north of the Newbern-Yorkville Highway.  We didn't know until recently that Robert McCorkle's elder brother, Samuel Eusebius McCorkle,  long the preacher at Thyatira Presbyterian Church in Rowan Co., NC, had a claim on the land grant that ended up being for land in Dyer County, Tennessee.  We don't understand this claim, for in Alexander McCorkle's will (1800, Rowan Co.) he left his land-grant claim to his two sons, William and Robert McCorkle.  Nevertheless, Samuel Eusebius McCorkle's daughter, Harriet Evelina McCorkle (Mrs. Amzi McGinn) removed from Charlotte, North Carolina, to the Newbern area under Samuel's claim on a land grant for Dyer County.  At some point, Harriet McGinn moved back easterly, to a daughter's in Cannon Co., Tennessee.  Recently, Ann Huddart of Florida, a descendant of Harriet McCorkle McGinn sent us a copy of a letter written by Vada Gregory Wyatt about 1920, in which Vada states that her parents (Margaret LATINA McCORKLE Gregory --daughter of Edwin Alexander McCorkle & Jane Maxwell Thomas McCorkle-- & John T. Gregory) had lived east of Newbern on land formerly owned by Harriet Evelina McCorkle McGinn;

(10)       "Nancy" Agnes McCorkle (Ramsay)  --was one of Robert McCorkle d. 1828 and William McCorkle’s  (d. 1818) sisters.        Alexander McCorkle, our immigrant who came over as a child, married "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery, and one of their children was Nancy Agnes McCorkle Ramsay. 

Agnes remained behind in Rowan County, North Carolina. Her surname was first spelled Ramsey then RAMSAY.  (Agnes became Mrs. Robert Ramsay).  Agnes McCorkle Ramsay  and her husband and progeny engaged in correspondence with family members who had removed westward into Tennessee.  These RAMSAY papers lie in the Archives at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and are not included here. One should also check the Archives under the name of William McCorkle (died 1818)

.--And don't forget that the University of North Carolina itself has a McCorkle Place named after a founder:  Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, a brother to, e.g., "our" Robert McCorkle, 1764-1828, who removed to West Tennessee.

Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle 's  children included Samuel Eusebius McCorkle about whom much has been written .  Samuel Eusebius also remained behind in North Carolina. Samuel, a founder of UNC, was a Princeton graduate (actually, of the precursor to Princeton, Nas(h)ua Hall) and recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania.     Samuel's wife Margaret Gillespie McCorkle was a daughter to Elizabeth Maxwell (the widow Gillespie) Steele, 1733-1790.  Elizabeth Maxwell Gillespie Steele was a  patriot notable who kept an inn (an "ordinary") in Salisbury, where she encouraged General Nathaniel Greene in the dark hours of the Revolutionary War and for the war effort gave him all the specie she owned.  --We think we've read that General Washington stopped off at this inn on a ceremonial trip to Salisbury. -- The local Rowan Co. DAR group is the Elizabeth Maxwell Steele Chapter of DAR.

Margaret Gillespie McCorkle's father,  Mr. Gillespie, was killed in an Indian uprising at Fort Dobbs just outside today's Statesville, NC (Iredell County).  Elizabeth Steele & daughter Margaret Gillespie McCorkle--Mrs. Samuel Eusebius McCorkle-- are buried  in Thyatira Presbyterian Church. Cemetery; 

(11)       one of Robert McCorkle’s putative paternal uncles, although not in our records, may have been a Francis McCorkle.  (We doubt it, because we don't think our Alexander McCorkle's --1722-1800-- father was either a Matthew McCorkle or  a Samuel McCorkle. )

Francis McCorkle was uncle to our Robert McCorkle (1764-1828) only if Robert's father Alexander McCorkle I was sired by Matthew McCorkle, which we  rather doubt, although we do believe Alexander & Francis McCorkle were surely cousins.  Whatever kin he was, this Francis McCorkle was a major in the Revolutionary War “patriot” army, surviving

the battles of  Ramseur’s Mill --or Ramsour’s Mill--Cowpens, King’s Mountain, and Torrence’s or Tarrant’sTavern

     It is not yet accepted that this Major Francis McCorkle was a brother to, inter alia, “our” Alexander McCorkle, Sr., the latter having been buried at Thyatira Presbyterian Church in 1800.  Others’ records (not ours) say that Francis came over with his immigrant parents and is buried beside what is now Lake Norman (created by Duke Power Company circa 1960) in a McCorkle family cemetery  near NC Hwy 150.

      We’ve not yet researched the kinship, if any, of the second wives of Alexander McCorkle [Sr., 1722-1800] and of Major Francis McCorkle: viz., Rebecca [ possibly: McNeely] Brandon McCorkle,  the second Mrs. Alexander McCorkle (buried Thyatira Presbyterian, beside Alexander & Alexander McCorkle’s 1st wife Agnes “Nancy” Montgomery McCorkle) and Elizabeth “Betsy” Brandon McCorkle, Mrs. Francis McCorkle, buried near NC Hwy 150 beside Francis.  We wouldn't be surprised, though, to learn these two Brandon-McCorkle women were sisters.

One anonymous listing on www.ancestry.com shows Rebecca as Rebecca (McNeely) Brandon (the 2nd Mrs. Alexander McCorkle); We do not know about this McNeely name.  Betsy Brandon [Mrs. Francis McCorkle], daughter of “Squire Richard Brandon, as a 14-year-old girl in 1791 prepared breakfast for General George Washington, by then President, although she knew not his identity until he had eaten and was to depart for his reception at Salisbury, some 6 miles away. The President had ridden from Charlotte on his way to Salisbury.  [NC Highway Marker at US Highway 29.]

Who was the immigrant father of his immigrant son Alexander McCorkle I ?  --Was he Samuel McCorkle? Matthew McCorkle? James McCorkle?

Possible Choice One:  Samuel McCorkle:

Our West Tennessee records do not definitively state the name of the father of Alexander McCorkle, 1722-1800,  but some other records name Alexander McCorkle's father as Samuel [We do not know about this SAMUEL business, but doubt it.] 

Choice Two:  Matthew McCorkle of Mecklenburg County, NC:

Update added in 2007:  this winter I found at my mother Joyce Cope Huie's old house on the Dyer-Gibson county line in western Tennessee a leaf of paper handwritten in pencil by Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache (daughter of Robert McCorkle, 1764-1828, & Margaret Morrison (McCorkle), 1770-1848.  Elmira's husband originally from North Carolina, you will recall, was a physician:  Dr. Stephen Roache (Stephen Roache was a junior).  The leaf mostly chronicles the contagion of cholera and its rapid deaths in her community, presumably in Gosport, Indiana (It's not certain that the location was Gosport, as Elmira lived in numerous places after leaving North Carolina & Tennessee).  On one page of this leaf, someone else's hand, presumably Elmira's sons or one of her grandsons, has written in pencil beside the name of our Alexander McCorkle (died in 1800):  "father: MATTHEW McCORKLE."

This is interesting but not dispositive of the issue of Alexander McCorkle's parentage, as mistakes recur in the genealogy as written by the descendants of the two long-surviving sons of Elmira (viz., Addison  Locke Roache, Snr., & Robt. Quincy Roache).

Choice Three: James McCorkle

I think I've read that Roman Catholic priest Louis McCorkle identified the father of Alexander as James McCorkle; but I don't have Msgnr. McCorkle's book.  Based on my awareness of his intensive genealogical studies, I would tend to go with his decision, although once circa 1980 I dared to telephone him in his monastery(?) --living quarters--in Missouri (?), I think it was; and he was grumpy with me; he did sound aged, though, and perhaps he couldn't hear me very well.  Unfortunately, at that particular time in my life, I thought I didn't have the extra money to spend frivolously on buying his McCorkle book.  Now of course I wish I had splurged....

Quaere:   Who was the Simeon McCorkle listed beside "our" 1722-1800 Alexander McCorkle on the Tax Rolls of Rowan County?  Was he the father of Alexander?  a brother?  a cousin?

     I’ve tempted time by waiting over 20 years to make all this information publicly available. The good thing about my procrastination is the advent of the Internet, which has afforded us much more genealogical  information than our mere old family records kept in West Tennessee (Yorkville-Newbern).

     Photographs of my husband and of me follow.  We live most of the time in San Antonio, Texas, but part of my heart is on the county line between Dyer and Gibson Counties, Tennessee. My theory in publishing now, finally in 2006, is that it’s better to make a full effort, replete with errors of commission and omission, than it is to wait for a perfect edition.  

Any person discovering an error, will confer a favor by making it known to marshahuie@aol.com


Samuel Finley, President of Princeton University, 1761-66.

What kin was he to John Finley, the father of Martha Finley Montgomery, who was the mother of "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle?

   --All of this compilation is sponsored by my husband’s work ethic. Ralph maintains that he, in 2007 A.D. aged 60 also, will never retire, to which I respond, “Hear. Hear

Provenance of the McCorkle-Roache Papers Preserved & sent to me in West Tennessee by “Casey” Bowden Cason McCorkle of San Leandro, California:


The Roach(e) line of ELMIRA SLOAN MCCORKLE ROACH died out in California, to which state ADDISON LOCKE ROACHE, JR., had moved from Indiana, along with some sisters—and finally toward the end the aged father, former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Addison Locke Roache, SR. moved to California, too.  Thus did Addison Locke Roache Senior make the lifetime journey from the east coast (state of NC) to California, as far westward as he could travel.


In California some of their McCorkle cousins inherited their papers. Perhaps it was Mada McCorkle Montgomery, daughter of Finis Alexander McCorkle & Finis’ 2nd wife Mag Hart (McCorkle); or, more likely to me, it may have been either of Finis Alexander McCorkle's grandsons (by Finis’ 1st wife Sarah Josephine Jackson McCorkle) living in California by the time of the end of the last McCorkle-Roaches, viz., Gentry Purviance McCorkle, Senior and Homer McCorkle, half-brothers to Mada [variously Maida].  Gentry Purviance McCorkle, Junior, at one point added some handwritten notations to the collection of old papers. Gentry Jr. may have turned over these papers to Homer McCorkle.

--At any rate,  I presume Homer McCorkle was given the letters by the descendants of Elmira Sloan McCorkle (Roache), because it was his son Casey McCorkle who handed them down to me.  –However they came into his hands, the old letters & papers came into the hands of Casey McCorkle, who preserved them and left them to me, and therefore to all who care to read them. 


Solicitation of funds for keeping up the McCorkle Cemetery east of Newbern, Tennessee:

These old papers reveal that all these California emigrants from West Tennessee continued to contribute to, and corresponded with, trustees of the Dyer County, Tennessee, McCorkle Cemetery Please note the crafty way in which I here solicit funds for our cemetery from all whose ancestors lie therein.


AGNES Montgomery McCORKLE 

Children of Alexander McCorkle, born circa 1723, emigrant from Northern Ireland, who died in 1800, and his 1st wife “Nancy” Agnes Montgomery, who died in 1789…. Each was an emigrant from Northern Ireland, coming over to the colonies, some records say, on the same ship; and each is buried at Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rowan County, North Carolina: 

 --  Alexander McCorkle’s 2nd wife:  After Agnes “Nancy” Montgomery McCorkle predeceased Alexander McCorkle, he married Rebecca Brandon (not the mother of his children); and Alexander died in 1800. –Evidently, from other sources, not ours in West Tennessee,  Francis McCorkle may have been a brother to this Alexander. (?)  If so, did brothers, Francis & Alexander, marry Brandon sisters?  REBECCA BRANDON was the 2nd wife of Alexander McCorkle (our ancestor); and  in Rowan County, NC, Francis McCorkel” married ElizabethBrandon on 12 April 1789, with witnesses Matthew Brandon & B. Booth Boote Early NC Marriage Bonds, 000127335    000887    02-280.

I'm not certain where to place the following entries, notices of deaths placed in a publication of the Restoration Movement (Christian Church). I believe these two people are men, because the "Mrs." title of respect was added back if the subject was a woman:

  "McCorkle, B       Holland's Grove, Illinois          1836
   McCorkle, E.     
 Dyersburgh, [sic] Tenn.         1832 "  - - Who would this be?

More deaths reported to the Restoration Movement publication:

1.   McCorkle, Richard Blythe is brother of Saml. Montgomery McCorkle (1835);  Tazewell  county, Illinois. Mar. 20, 1836.  [Sons of Generation II. William McCorkle.]

2.  McCorkle, S. M.  Springfield, Mo 1841;  article in July 1844 issue, no place given.
3.  McCorkle,
 Mrs.,  death reported by her son John McCorkle of Bloomington, Ind. She died Feb. 8, 1842, in the 75th year of her age "'without a groan or a struggle after an illness of 8 days."

First son of Alexander & "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery McCorkle:

    II.1  Samuel  Eusebius McCorkle, D.D., 23 August 1746-died 21 June 1811 He 

married Margaret Gillespie in 1776.  Born in what was then Harris Ferry, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on 23 August 1746, Samuel was educated at a precursor of Princteon College, and received a  Doctor of Divinity degree (honorary, I think) from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. –He founded a classics school in Rowan Co., NC, Zion Parnassus, and was a founder of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His wife Margaret Gillespie McCorkle was a daughter of Elizabeth Maxwell Gillespie Steele, heroine of the Revolutionary War in North Carolina.  Elizabeth Steele's 1st husband had been killed at Fort Dobbs during a Cherokee Indian uprising.  -- A 2004 article about Samuel Eusebius McCorkle examines his reactions to the Great Revival: Peter N. Moore; JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN HISTORY, Vol. 70, 2004, entitled :Family Dynamics and the Great Revival: Religious Conversion in the South Carolina Piedmont .   Also, there’s a “Steele Creek Presbyterian Church” in the vicinity of Salisbury, NC. 

Early North Carolina Marriage Bonds:  Samuel McOrkle  [SAMUEL EUSEBIUS McCORKLE]      Elizabeth Gillaspie  [Gillespie]  Bond Date: 29 Jun 1776   Bond Number: 000127350 North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868  Image Number: 002942   Rowan County; Record Number: 02 281  Witness:  Adlai Osborn .   --


Another Rowan County marriage that may be of interest, but I do not know how, is that of Lewis McCorkle & Nancy Cowan in 1815.

II.2    John McCorkle                   m.        “Katy” Catherine  Barr

[ "« John an elder in the church[121] and member of the Legislature, useful and much beloved, died in the prime of life leaving an only son who walked in his father's steps and enjoyed his honors.--quoting Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, John’s niece. –Quaere: Is son Joel McCorkleof Rowan County, NC,  in NC legislative records anywhere? did Joel ever stray as far as Bloomington, Indiana? (I don't think so. Some of Joel's writings are in the Robert/Agnes McCorkle Ramsay collection of papers at the UNC Archives in Chapel Hill.)]

 www.mun.ca/rels/restmov/texts/resources/index/indexm.html   :   Is this John  grandfather of the John McCorkle of Bloomington, Indiana, who reported the 1842 death of his mother, a Mrs. McCorkle,  to the Christian Church Restoration Movement literature?  --"McCorkle, Mrs.,  death reported by her son John McCorkle of Bloomington, Ind.   She died Feb. 8, 1842, in the 75th year of her age, "without a groan or a struggle after an illness of 8 days."  -- I really think the John who reported his mother's 1842 death was a son of Generation II. James McCorkle, but the dates of the mother's death do not jibe with what someone has placed on www.ancestry.com  -  All 3 wives of Generation II. James McCorkle (brother of Robert et al.) have the 1st name of Elizabeth ["E"]:  viz., Elizabeth Hall, a 2nd Elizabeth Hall, and an Elizabeth Hanna.

II.3.         Joseph  McCorkle       m.        “Peggy” Margaret Snoddy

[A «Joseph moved to Ohio at an early day B was a man of ability B but rather eccentric.”»  -- quoting his niece Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache

The following is is not my work but that of Carol Snoddy Byler..andGerald  K. Byers.  Her web pages are on the internet at


csbyler@bellsouth.net  See also: www.rootsweb.com/~tnsumner/snoddy2.htm SnoddyFamily Album Entry …SAMUEL SNODDY was born circa 1720 possibly in Northern Ireland. ... a few weeks later signing the marriage bond for his sister Margaret to JosephMcCORKLE. ...—Much Snoddy family information is posted on the web by byGerald K. Byers, who wrote the following:

 “On February 11, 1775, Samuel Snoddy was appointed one of the commissioners to lay off a road from the provincial road at Morrison's Mill [begun by William Morrison, 1704-1771, near today's Loray in Iredell Co, NC] to the Lime Kilns on the Catawba River.  On February 21,1775, Samuel's daughter, Sarah Snoddy (age 22), married Andrew Mitchell in Rowan County, NC.  Sarah took the place of her sister (Margaret) Snoddy who eloped with Joseph McCorkle after a license was issued for Margaret to marry Andrew Mitchell.  This was a scandaloushappening for the strict Presbyterian ideals of 1775.

“[The following is a quote from John Mantle Judah:] "The well-known story of the elopement and marriage of my grandparents is that Joseph [McCorkle] was one morning at work, roofing a house. His father came and said, 'Joe, that old fool Snoddy is going to marry his girl Margaret[Snoddy] to so-and-so tomorrow. Maybe you'd better go and see about it.'   Whereupon, Joe hastily clambered down, put on his coat and galloped off several miles to the Snoddy place. That night after the stern old father was asleep, Margaret handed out her bridle and saddle through a window and herself followed. She never saw her parents again, for old Snoddy never forgave her, leaving her a shilling* in his will. The story goes on to say that a younger sister was willing to supply Margaret's place to the bereaved groom [Andrew Mitchell], so that a wedding took place nevertheless."  (Samuel Snoddy's will actually left his daughter Margaret five shillings, the same amount he left his other six children.)    

       JOHN SNODDY m. AGNES NIBLOCK. [Marsha Huie adds: Gracie or Gracy Niblock was a NC Huie cousin to Julius M. Huie, who migrated to West Tennessee, son of Benjamin Huie & Lavinia Cowan Huie.  Gracey Niblock in NC & Julius Huie's daughter SophroniaFronie” Huie Thompson [in West Tennessee] regularly corresponded: ] [ WALNUT HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NEAR LEXINGTON, KY ]     In 1778, Samuel Snoddy's son, John Snoddy (age 20) married Agnes Niblock in North Carolina.  Around 1780, John Snoddy migrated to Kentucky and in June of 1787, John and Agnes were admitted to the Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church near Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County).  Agnes died between 1792 and 1795, leaving John with six young children.  He moved to Bourbon County circa 1795and on February 22, 1796, John Snoddy married Nancy Neel/McNeel.  He remained there until circa 1829-30 since he was in the 1800 census and land records show he purchased 133 acres on Rockbridge Creek on April 16, 1803.  At this time, he moved to Owen County, Indianaand bought 60 acres in Wayne township, near Gosport.  [Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache, Joseph McCorkle & Margaret Snoddy McCorkle's niece through her father Robert McCorkle, at one time lived in or near Gosport, Indiana. ] He (John Snoddy)  is listed in the 1830 census and [John Snoddy] died there on March 22, 1843.

“In Wilkes County, North Carolina on March 4, 1778, William Snoddy, Sr. (at age 29) entered 300 acres on the north side of the Yadkin River.  On May 6, 1778, Samuel was appointed a "justice".  "In November 1778, William was a chain-bearer on a survey of land in Wilkes Countyfor his brother-in-law, Joseph McCorkle."  On February 5, 1779, he entered 300 additional acres on Blue Ridge, near the head of the Buffalo and Elk Rivers.  On May 6, 1779, he was appointed overseer of a road "from Kerr’s bridge on 3rd Creek through Captain [James?] Purviance's district, along with Matt Troy, Joseph Steel and James Brandon."

“On February 10, 1822 Thomas Snoddy (son of Samuel) sold 701 acres in NC to ? Alexander for $2100.  (This was part of the state grant to Samuel [Snoddy] and part of a grant from Earl of Granville to Andrew Morrison in 1762.)  ”   [Andrew Morrison was father of Margaret Morrison McCorkle, inter alia.] Information from Heritage Book of Iredell County, North Carolina - Volume II, page 131.  Item #136 – ”

 [End of quoted material from Carol Snoddy Byler….]

 Another useful web site: McCorkle Marriages in Ky, NC, & Virginia :

----- Joel McCorkle [son of the John McCorkle who was a  brother of our Robert McCorkle] m./Polly Fauster [Forster?] [Foster?]  

------John F. McCorkle / Elizabeth Brown

-----Joseph McCorkle / Margaret Snoddy. http://www. freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~lcgs/mcrkmarkyncva.htm


II.4.  Alexander  McCorkle II       m.        Catherine “Katy” Morrison

* Aleck was emotional in character and joined the Methodists  » -- quoting his niece Elmira.

I think this Alexander McCorkle, a Jr., migrated west first to Giles County then northward to Henry County, Tenn., in or near Paris, Tennessee. I think Katy Morrison (McCorkle) would have been a first cousin-once-removed, that is, a generation removed, to Margaret Morrison McCorkle (Mrs. Robert), and a first cousin to Margaret Morrison McCorkle's father, the Andrew Morrison who m. Elizabeth Sloan(e).  Margaret Morrison McCorkle was Alexander McCorkle II's sister-in-law. --This Alexander McCorkle II referred to himself after the death of his father and the birth of his son as "Alexander Snr." At least one of his letters posted from Giles County, Tennessee, and addressed back home to NC lies in the Ramsay Papers in the UNC Archives at Chapel Hill.


III.1             Nancy McCorkle,                  b. circa 1780.

III.2             Mary McC ,                           b. 4th  Oct  1781 Rowan Co, NC; d. 6th June 1783 Rowan  Co.                                                            (Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cemetery).

III.3.            James Morrison McCorkle,  b. 24th Seprember 1783.

III.4.            Alexander McC, III                      b. circa 1789  [note the 6-year hiatus. (?) ]

III.5.            Lewis                     ,              b. circa 1790.

III.6.            James H.               ,              b. Abt. 1792.

III.7.            John McCorkle      ,              b. circa 1793, Rowan Co, NC; d. Oct 12, 1813, Rowan Co.                                                                              (Thyatira Cemetery)

III.8.            Catherine McC                      b. circa 1794.

III.9.            Samuel McCorkle ,                b. Jan 01, 1795.

II.5.  William  McCorkle          m.      1st “Peggy” Margaret Blythe and 2nd Mattie” [Martha]] King [widow of John Purviance, Jr.,  who was scalped in 1792], and 3rd in 1800 Jane or Jennie Graham.  This Margaret ‘Peggy’ Blythe was a sister to the first wife of our Robert McCorkle, who is listed immediately below.  Robert McCorkle first married Elizabeth Blythe (“Lizzie”).     [“William, following Barton Stone, set his negroes free and went to preaching.”—quoting William’s niece Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache.] William McCorkle died in1818 in Rutherford County, Tennessee; so we know he did not remove to Dyer County, West Tennessee, with his brother Robert, who died in 1828.    

--It may be that some papers of this William McCorkle lie in the archives of UNC at Chapel Hill; I've not checked yet.

[A Restoration Movement publication reported the following death of interest here:

McCorkle, Richard Blythe is brother of Saml. Montgomery McCorkle (1835);  Tazwell County, Illinois, Mar. 20, 1836.]

The modern authority on William McCorkle is James M. Richmond of Napierville, Illinois, whose wife is William’s descendant.

William’s children by 1st wife “Peggy” Margaret Blythe:

III.1.                            Samuel Montgomery McCorkle, born circa 1789.

  –Is this the Montgomery McCorkle about whom Elmira Sloan McCorkle Roache writes; Montgomery is up in Indiana with or near to Elmira, a 1st cousin, if Elmira’s “Montgomery” is this son of William McCorkle.

III.2.                            Richard Blythe McCorkle, born 1786 in Rowan County, N.C.

[A publication of the Restoration Movement reports that Blythe McCorkle died in 1836 on 20th March:  "McCorkle, Richard Blythe is brother of Saml. Montgomery McCorkle (1835);  Tazwell co. Ill. Mar. 20, 1836."

III.3.               Asenath McCorkle, born 27th Oct. 1789

William’s child by his 2nd wife “Mattie” Martha King McCorkle:

III.4.                          Miles McCorkle, born circa 1796.  Miles McCorkle was a physician in Lebanon, Wilson County, Middle Tennessee.


William’s children by 3rd wife Jane “Jennie” Jane Graham, whom he married in Sumner Co, Tenn., in 1800:

III.5.            John McCorkle, born circa 1802

  -- I do not think this is the “Cousin John McCorkle” about whom Margaret Morrison writes, saying that he is coming to Dyer County, Tennessee, to make and crop and will probably take care of Thomas, Jr. ???  I think that "Cousin John" was a son of James McCorkle.  If so (Margaret referred to her brother-in-law James McCorkle's descendants) that gives us a SLOAN family clue;  Margaret Morrison McCorkle's mother was born Elizabeth SLOAN.  That may just mean that Margaret's brother-in-law James McCorkle's wife Elizabeth Hall whose mother was a Sloan was kin to Margaret Morrison McCorkle's mother.  =  Sloan family clue...

III.6.            Amelia McCorkle, born circa 1805.

III.7.            Blanche Locke McCorkle, born circa 1807.



II.6.         Robert McCorkle, 1764-1828  m. 1st Lizzy Elizabeth Blythe, 2nd Margaret ‘Peggy’ Morrison.   Robert McCorkle was born 29 Oct. 1764 & died in April, in the spring of 1828.

Parenthetically, 1828 is the date of the founding of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Memphis, where one finds traces of  Robt. & Eliz. Blythe McCorkle’s granddaughter, Martha D. Anderson Leath, Mrs. James T. Leath.)

Robert McCorkle moved from Rowan Co., NC, to Kentucky.  According to his daughter Elmira, Robert forayed into Kentucky "in the second company" of white men's incursion into Kentucky.  Carol Byler writes that Robert joined Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church’s congregation in1789, a church also joined by Robert's brothers Joseph (who m. Margaret "Peggy" Snoddy) & William McCorkle. Our West Tenn. records do not mention Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church.

 Then, Robert moved back down to northern Middle Tennessee (I think);  I know he returned to Rowan Co. to claim and marry his 2nd wife; then with the 2nd wife removed to the area of Stone’s River, near or in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and we know his brother William went to Stone's River too, in order to take up their father Alexander McCorkle I ’s Revolutionary War land grant; and finally Robert (but not William, who died in 1818) removed farther west to Dyer County, where he died in 1828.  --Again, according to his daughter Elmira, Robert, who began life in Rowan Co., NC, may not even have lingered in Middle Tennessee upon leaving Rowan Co., but forayed directly into Kentucky. This latter point is unclear.

     We do know that other of Robert McCorkle's relatives, circa 1792, removed up to Kentucky from Middle Tennessee, from the environs of Lebanon and Gallatin, to escape Indian depredations in Sumner Co., Tenn.  They landed particularly in Bourbon County (near Paris), Kentucky; and that is why they were at Cane Ridge meeting house in 1801-4, and attended the birth of the Christian Church / Disciples of Christ/ Church of Christ / at Cane Ridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky. 

     Robert had 2 children by his 1st wife “Lizzie” Elizabeth Blythe, viz.,  1.  infant “Aleck” Alexander McC, born and died circa 1790; and 2.  Elizabeth McCorkle (Mrs. Thomas Anderson), born 1791.  Elizabeth McCorkle Anderson at death was living in Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tennessee, I think in the home of her daughter Elizabeth Anderson McMurry (the daughter Elizabeth was the wife of a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, John Mitchell McMurry).

 I think Thomas Anderson had had a first wife before marrying Elizabeth McCorkle, daughter of Robert & Lizzie Blythe McCorkle.--Thomas Anderson's mother was née Mebane, and there is today a town of Mebane, North Carolina, west of Durham.

Robert’s children by 2nd wife Margaret “Peggy” Morrison, a daughter of Elizabeth Sloan(e) & Andrew Morrison (and a paternal granddaughter of William Morrison, 1704-1771, & Margaret (maiden name unknown) Morrison) were: 

III.3.                                   Rebecca Cowden McCorkle (Thompson)

born 28th Dec 28 1795 in Rowan Co., NC &  died 1829 in Middle Tennessee, some 2 years after the death of her husband Gideon Thompson. -- Rebecca & Gideon Thompson left two orphaned daughters, 1st Jane M. Thompson (Mrs. Benjamin Williams); Jane M. ThompsonWilliams died in 1850 & is buried in the McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer County, Tennessee, as "Jane Williams, consort of Benj. Williams." The 2nd daughter of Rebecca Cowden McCorkle was Mary “Polly” Thompson (Mrs. Matthew Dickey).  

III.4.     Elmira Sloan(e) McCorkle (Roache) (Mrs. Dr. Stephen Roache),

born 13th Feb. 1797 in Rowan Co, NC; and died 2nd August  1890, either in Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana, at the home of her oldest son Justice Addison Locke Roache; or in the town of California in the state of Missouri at the home of a younger son “Quincy” Robert QuincyRoache.  It is mostly to Elmira and the record-keeping of her progeny that we owe this present collection of old correspondence.  [Added later:  "Uncle" Joseph Smith JOE McCorkle of Yorkville and his descendants retained their McCorkle-Morrison papers, also.  We owe much to Uncle Joe's great-granddaughter Carol Branz of Spokane, Washington.]

III.5.            Edwin Alexander McCorkle, born 18th March 1799

in Rowan County, NC, and died 10th January 1853 in Dyer County, Tennessee. Married Jane Maxwell Thomas of Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee, who died in 1855 in Dyer County, Tennessee. Edwin is my great-great grandfather through my father [Howard] Ewing Huie, 1907-1971.

III.6.                  Jehiel Morrison McCorkle “JEM,” born 3rd Jan. 1803, buried in the Dyer County, Tenn., McCorkle Cemetery. Born in Rowan Co., NC, he died in 1849 in Dyer County, Tennessee.  Married "Betsy" Elizabeth Smith in Rowan County, NC.  Member of the first Dyer County Court. –I have his children listed elsewhere; and I note elsewhere Jehiel & Betsy McCorkle’s loss of at least three sons to the Civil War.  --One of Jehiel's sister Elmira's grandsons has written in pencil on Elmira's old records that he believed Betsy Smith (Mrs. Jehiel Morrison McCorkle) was probably a niece of his father, Dr. Stephen Roache; unfortunately, I do not know about this, but doubt it ....

Somehow--we don't know how--some of Jehiel Morrison McCorkle's papers have landed in the University of Tennessee at Martin archives in the late 20th century, in connection with records of the early Dyer County court.   He was an early member of the first Dyer County militia. He died in 1849 so we know this was not Civil War-connected.  And evidently Jehiel kept the minutes for the Dyer County Court, which would have made him today's equivalent, I guess, of the County Court Clerk; but the truth is hazy. -- Nor do we know how some of John Edwin McCorkle's papers arrived there.


James "Jimps" Scott, son of James Scott (1777-1853) & Sarah Dickey Scott (1777-1853) was born, I think, in 1808 or 1809.  He died, I think, in 1886, aged about 76 years--so, I got his dates of living wrong on the new tombstone (above).  Jimps Scott married Violet Barry Roddy (Scott); a granddaughter of Brigadier General Charles Moore of Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Violet's BARRY name comes from an aunt who m. a Barry man. Catherine or KATE BARRY was a Paul Reviere to the Whigs in her area during the Revolutionary War and is considered a war heroine.

III.7.            Margaret Permelia McCorkle (Scott)              (as of 1st Jan. 1833: Mrs. Lemuel Locke Scott),  b. on the 14th of June 1805; d. 19th November 1853, a few months after the death of her brother Edwin A. McCorkle in January of 1853. Husband Lemuel Locke Scott: 2nd Sept. 1804-17th Sept. 1866  They lived in Neboville-Yorkville area of Gibson County.

               IV.7.1.            John A. Scott                                       b. 3rd November 1833.  

               IV.7.2.            Leander Scott                                      born 3rd  July 1835.  --Tuberculosis caused him to move, under doctor's advice, to the mountainous area of Spencer, Van Buren County, Tennessee, during which time his 1st cousin John Edwin McCorkle (my great-grandfather) acted as Leander's guardian in West Tenn.  Quaere:  Is Leander Scott buried in Van Buren County, Tennessee?

Two wives:  the second was Addie Fernandez (Scott), who at one point appears in the early membership rolls of Lemalsamac Christian Church (as Addie Scott).  [Wm. AARON Scott and brother GLENN Smith Scott  of Yorkville-Nebo descend from Leander Scott's son Lemuel Scott who m. Ella Bernice Smith (Scott).  Aaron and Glenn Scott's father Lemuel Scott--a grandson of Lemuel Locke Scott & Margaret Permelia McCorkle (Scott)--instructed them never to trust a "Campbellite" [this is kind of a pejorative term for a member of the Disciples of Christ-Christian Church-Church of Christ] because his, Lemuel's, uncle Bob--yes, a Campbellite--upon the early demise of Bob's brother Leander Scott had tried to do Leander's heirs out of their rightful inheritance of land.  By now, though, all is forgiven in the interest of family harmony.]

               IV.7.3.            Bob” Robert Quincy Scott , 1837-1907. 

Bob Scott was born 18th January 1837 d. Jun 05, 1907; m. Sallie Jane Owens on 21st May 1867; and she died 22nd June 1936 in Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee.--  I think Bob had a daughter named Elma Faye Scott, born 1853 died 1950, aged 97; and a son James Herbert Scott, 1878-1923, who wrote the weather column for the Memphis newspaper, the Commercial Appeal.  And there was a James Herbert Scott, Junior, 1914-1928; and a Byron Estelle Scott, 1906-1946.  This last information about Bob's children comes from Glenn Scott.

             IV.7.4.            Sallie L. Scott  (Rodgers) ( Locke).                Sallie was born 22nd  Feb 22, 1838.

 I would hazard a guess that her real Christian name was "Sarah." (?)

 In Gibson County, she married  John A.  Rodgers).  (Quaere:  Did John A. Rodgers die in the Civil War?)

Then, Sallie L. Scott married again and became  Mrs. Richard W. “Dick” Locke)

She is buried McCorkle Cemetery, Dyer County, Tennessee, where her parents Margaret Permelia McCorkle Scott & Lemuel Locke Scott are buried.

Although I know Dick Locke served as a trustee for the McCorkle Cemetery, and although I think Dick Locke's other wife is buried in the Old Yorkville Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, I have not located a tombstone for Richard W. "Dick" Locke.  As he served as a trustee for the McCorkle Cemetery, he should have a memorial erected there, even at this late date.

               IV.7.5.            James J. Scott                                     b. Mar 19, 1840

 [presumably named after Lemuel Locke Scott’s father, James Scott, 1777-1853].

               IV.7.6.            Margaret E. Scott,                  born 18th Dec. 1841.

 Presumably named after Margaret Permelia Scott & her mother Margaret Morrison McCorkle. 

               IV.7.7.            David E. Scott                                       b. 3rd May 1845.


[Now back to children of Robert & Margaret "Peggy" Morrison McCorkle:]


III.8.                Robert Andrew Hope McCorkle [Robert A H or RAH], born in Iredell County, NC; and died in Dyer County, Tennessee. Married Tirzah Scott.  Robert was born 20th March 1808, Iredell Co, NC; d. 26th  Sept 1873, Dyer Co, Tennessee.  He and Tirzah Scottmarried in Gibson County, Tenn., in 1828.

Children of RAH & Tirzah Scott McCorkle:

   IV.8.1.            Sarah Elmira McCorkle (Algea

--  I don't want to write her husband's name because Sarah had to leave separate herself from him and continue to live, along with her 2 Algea children, with her father RAH and mother Tirzah Scott McCorkle. --Well, I guess I must: Jonathan Francis Algea, M.D. --but according to a letter of his brother-in-law Joe McCorkle, Mr Algea was defrocked from doctorhood. (Please see in these materials the Affidavit of Joseph Smith McCorkle, Sarah's brother, regarding the shenanigans of Jno. Francis Algea.  --Uncle Hiram McCorkle's antebellum journal entries reveal close friendship as young men with  a "Francis" who I think was Jno. Francis Algea.)

   8.2.            Addison Alexander McCorkle, died young.

                                  His father wrote about his death, “Addison’s flesh mortified.”

   8.3.            Susan L. McCorkle (McNail)  --The last McNail about whom I knew anything was Maurice M. McNail, who died in Detroit, Michigan, in--I think--the late 1980s.

   8.4.            James Scott McCorkle, M.D., in Newbern, Tenn.;  m. Elizabeth Obedience Clements of Weakley Co.  (Obviously, he was named after his mother Tirzah's father, James Scott of Pennsylvania, then York County, South Carolina, then Gibson-Dyer County, Tennessee (1777-1853).)

    8.5.           Robert Eusebius McCorkle, died young; McCorkle Cemetery beside his parents.  Others write his name as “Robert EDWARD McCorkle” but I’m sticking to Robert EUSEBIUS.

   8.6.            ?I’m not sure there was a son born named John McCorkle? –some records have him, some don’t.

   8.7.            Joseph Smith “Joe” McCorkle, died Yorkville, Tennessee; buried McCorkle Cemetery. Note the Mormon name. My father Ewing Huie, 1907-1071, was a pallbearer for his "Uncle Joe McCorkle" who was in fact a 1st cousin to John E. McCorkle, maternal grandfather of Howard Ewing Huie.